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Chloe. Twenty. Involved in fandom. Writes. Creates. Bakes. Procrastinates.
Has tendecies towards biology, history, social studies, motherliness, graphic design and English pedanticism. Mostly harmless, unless given a hammer/knife/other weapon, then she only looks dangerous. Dislikes arguements, especially when they're red useless. Has far too many thoughts running through her head. Is entirely too geeky for her own good.

Wants to save the world from bad book covers, ugly advertising, poorly worded posters and corporate ignorance of fandom. Also wants to make sure that the vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free of the world can have their cake and eat it too.

Believes the world – the entire universe – is beautiful and that is enough faith for her. Believes that everyone is a person first, not a label. Believes that love isn't limited by anything – gender, sex, numbers, age – and that it's not just about sex.
sarah monette. diana wynne jones. catherine webb. melissa marr. terry pratchett. neil gaiman. jennifer rardin.
twilight series. doctrine of labyrinths series. fire and hemlock. howl's moving castle. good omens. coraline. tithe. ironside.
bleach. xxxHOLiC. clover. legal drug. spice and wolf. zombie loan. tsubasa reservoir chronicle. ghost hunt. air gear. cardcaptor sakura. pokemon special. neil gaiman's sandman. owly.
tv shows/movies
doctor who. torchwood. sarah jane adventures. bones. mythbusters. antiques roadshow UK. time team.
the jacket. mirrormask. spirited away. princess mononoke. v for vendetta. inception.
games/other media
pokemon: main series. echo bazaar. pokemon: mystery dungeon
Please comment if you add me. Otherwise I get twitchy if you just stalk me.

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