Jul. 9th, 2017

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So in the tradition of documenting my end of series response to the BBC worldwide consumer/fan panel, here’s the one for s10.
Where I try not to cry too much about Missy’s everyone’s death or departure, even when the standard questions they ask start to hit too close to my bundled up feelings. (And if you also want to cry into surveys on a regular basis, you can sign up on their main page, or send me a message with your email if you want an extra chance at a voucher thing)

And I should’ve put this into the final question response, since it does relate to Doctor Who and the surveys, but I really do enjoy participating in the panel because I can see how my responses have shaped the series. I think I was putting a lot of ‘meh’ responses for series 7 and 8, but for the last one and this one, it’s been creeping up. There hasn’t been an absolute clunker of an episode (except for specials) since The Caretaker, which I literally was falling asleep during (and said so), and it makes me really happy and proud that the panel’s comments and criticisms have been listened to.

I’m kind of proud that Moffat grew a writer and obviously began to take criticism on board. I now longer have a use for my Statler & Waldorf gif grilling him about not liking it!
Some of that might be PCap basically being the second showrunner/director at times (in which case he fucking deserves the break, though like... can he stay on as script consultant? assistant director? assistant producer?) but I do think Moffat went ‘maybe I should pay attention to what half the internet and my kids are roasting me for’ and read up on some social justice theory. It might have taken him a godawful amount of time to learn, but he started doing so and also learned to collaborate more and to allow other people demonstrate their skill and expertise.

It’s a shame it took so long and it’s a shame his previous attitude colours Doctor Who and Sherlock so much, and this still shaky change isn’t going to make me any more likely to watch the Dracula adaptation (I prefer my vampires to be women, please and thank you), but it is satisfying to see that it happened and that in some small way I might’ve contributed.

So what follows is literally a cut and paste from all the text fields in the survey they allow you fill out, plus some notes on how I filled the ‘describe in 2-5 words’ questions

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