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So! Commentary for Iron Man 2 ahead!

I unfortunately do not have, at a glance, any of the fonts used for the Stark Expo logo.

D'aww, he's grandstanding so much at that Senate hearing. The only thing that would be more awesome would be a R!63 version doing exactly the same thing and getting exactly the same amount of applause. (With perhaps extra dirty looks from the Senator.)

I kind of like fanfiction's predilection to expand out Dum-e and U into words rather than stick on decals. Also, JARVIS sounds consistently too young to me. And the guy's voice acting is just a little off. (By which I mean I expect Ellen McLain levels of voice acting for JARVIS and it's odd. The guy isn't using inflection but is using pacing. ..btw, does anyone else kind of ship GLaDOS/JARVIS/the TARDIS? Just I find their names so similar and the moralities between the three would be interesting.) Because his voice just goes out one ear and out the other and my brain translates it as Laurence Fox aka the guy on the right.
And that CEO moment is right where I think Pepper fell in love with Tony. Or possibly all mama bear.

Though that no she directs at Tony wanting Natalie as his assistant does sound awfully possessive.

That is not the direction the corner table was in. It segues nicely into the next scene but Natalie what are you doing. And I'm not sure it's a good idea to be licking that toxic blood you just tested.
Natasha, you are either a very good actor or you genuinely didn't anticipate Tony running off to race that car. (Your note of panic is very well done Scarlett Johansson.)

This race is a pretty good for like the random sponsorship/product placement things though. Mostly because I always find the real-life companies that sponsor sports events hilarious because they're so... diverse.
Now I want to know the history of the Stark Industries logo and letterhead. Shame the car's getting ruined and all that lovely plastering of said logo is getting ruined. There's a red boomerang thing? And the same futuristic display font as always?

Why aren't the crowds fleeing though? They're taking a really long time to do so. And please tell me those other drivers managed to escape.
And more poi feels.

Okay. Pepper is panicking and wow, her demeanour has changed since then. (Although I suppose knowing that such things can't harm her does help.)
She is wearing Iron Man red nail polish though. (Does Tony have a stash of touch up enamel somewhere that Pepper uses?)

And the suitcase suit is ridiculous because Tony is now doing a magical girl transformation sequence where apparently time doesn't matter. 20 seconds movie time, maybe half that considering it's suit porn and multiple things are happening at once, but that is still 5 seconds too long.
But ooh! that is a good cable looping. Good character study. Tony Stark knows how to loop cables so kinks and twists don't develop in them. Yes. Very good.

My French is very rusty. I only got five minutes from that. And that Ivan is wearing a crappy wig though.

Aww, Tony fails at saying 'I need you'. Though ow Pepper, did you have to bring up the arc reactor?

Is this Hammer guy related to Mycroft? It's not quite abandoned warehouse but rather close.
Though wow, he talks a lot.

D'aww he wants his bird. Seriously, stop making the villains in Iron Man somewhat relatable.

And that's a wine fridge in the basement. Well, drinks. But boy has it grown.
I love product placement via drinks bottles and food containers. Even though it is pretty much the only branding I ever recognise. (And then laugh and then vow never to purchase.)

I do have the Hammer company logo font though.
And seriously, stop making the villains personable. Though I think Hammer is supposed to be a caricature of Silicon Valley dot com boom entrepreneurs? He's coming across as one with all his gaudy 'noveau riche' ostentatious mannerisms. Like the ones with the ideas that aren't that great but somehow manage to convince investors to give him money anyway?

Did Tony just get handed something? Technically took if you asked I'm sure, but oh wow, you do like Natalie don't you?
And I think that was a bit of Natasha there. Or at least advice from Natasha rather than Natalie.

*overly anxious about Pepper and Rhodey's anxiety*
I was actually thinking about how much allowance there is in the internal suspension in the suits so that they can seemingly be worn by pretty much everyone. Like maybe a couple of inches all around, even though there's obviously not that much room in the helmet, because I'm assuming Tony accounted for things like dinner parties and wearing business suits.

Tony Stark has a sauna. Why does that not particularly surprise me. (But tackle hugs are the best kind of tackle.)
Hahaha, Queen.
Seeing Rhodey's learning curve for the suit is awesome though. Also this seems completely familiar to them. Like they do this every now and again, with Rhodey caring aggressively about Tony's behaviour.

I'm kind of surprised it took three movies to completely destroy the mansion.

I like the little whirs from the suit.
And awww, I'm pretty sure Fury doesn't usually put arms around his agents and introduces them courteously but he does to Natasha and I think it's the cutest thing ever. Behind him wearing warm turtle necks and worn-in black jeans. He just treats her so gently. I mean fanon? suggests Clint brought her in, but I think Fury was the one who got her to actually join. (I really hope how she joined SHIELD is covered in CA2. And that something like that is revealed.)
She's read all the manuals too! But she's also really short. (I kind of forget most of the time that 5' 6" is on the shorter side for women only in New Zealand and that it's 'tall' elsewhere.)

Poor Rhodey. Having to obey orders he really doesn't want to.

And Fury's enjoying the sun and drinks at the palatial house.
'Riddle of your heart' though? That's really corny. You make up for it by dropping the metaphorical bomb that Howard helped found SHIELD but that was really corny. *sighs gustily over UNIT and Torchwood* And I was expecting an "I'm watching you" gesture from Fury.

Natasha, you sound even more like Natalie than you did before.

Urgh, that polished steel suit with cables is making me cringe about cybermen. It's so close and I'm not happy about it.
And he just keep rambling. Ugh. No one's impressed.

They reused some props for the case. And the video's recorded when Tony was three. Howard looks younger than I thought. I did the math and he's something like mid-50s/early 60s by the 70s if he's around the same age as Steve in WWII.
Tesseracts! And why the fuck wasn't there a reference to Meg Murry/Charles Wallace. There'd be like news of what happened in AWiT and AWitD. Although since in Marvel'verse terms I think Charles Wallace would be on the very cusp of being designated a mutant, that might be for the better.

Baby Tony! (And that looks like the nanny rather than Maria.)
"My ass" well some things are certainly inherited.
And oh, that clink of ice cubes in the glass. Like that isn't a call back to a minute ago with Howard.
That Howard is still way too young. And doesn't quite have a fixation on arc reactors yet it seems. But oh hey, props to having a similar balding pattern to Tony. (An ugh creation, not person.)

Pepper's work wallpaper amuses me for some reason. It's the Stark typeface but it's got a tree stuck in the middle for some reason.
Oh, Pepper's always been rescuing and saving Tony. And pushing back against him so he doesn't flip head over heels. Stabiliser. Yes, the little flappy or vent-y things that prevent airborne objects from doing loop-de-loops.

And I am forever loving the little gestures Tony uses to manipulate his holograms. The flicking and the swiping. *sighs*
He kind of just looks like a little kid going 'boom!' with his hands though when he explodes the atomic structure.

Hello again arc reactor concrete pads.
And fandom has completely changed Coulson. Canon characterisation has him as crisp as a white shirt.
Oooh, same shiny sound effect as the Tesseract!

Hammer, you are exactly like those tech entrepreneurs.

...I think that was the same effect that the Doctor Who effects team uses for regeneration. Like amusingly so. All glowy blue instead of gold.

And I do like Pepper and Natasha's matching outfits and looks of utter boredom.
Is that a variation upon the Captain America USO song? Or just random patriotic music?
:| :| I love their unimpressed expressions.

And Tony and Rhodey being friendly with each other. :) I am totally right about them sometimes fighting it out.
Plus more unimpressed looks from Pepper and Nat.

I swear that tower thing was actually in the house set.

Pepper squeaking at Nat restraining Hammer and then being HBIC. Best. There's thirty seconds between the two but yes, good adaptation Pepper.
Why isn't there more stuff about Happy & Natasha though? Like he respects her skills but is obviously otherwise dismissive of her because she's female. (And I'm just clapping at her ability to get changed in the backseat of a car. Into her battle outfit.)

Also just kind of admiring how her hair is so curly from being up, but wondering why she took it down in the first place. Aside from rule of cool/sexy.

Pretty battle music!
"You got your best friend back" so that's the line that reduces me to wibbling. And the smile she gives while praising Tony for improving his arc reactor! :D

Is that compersion or just you think Tony and Pepper are really good for each other? (Also, where's Happy gone?)
Heh, Hammeroid. And Pepper being loudly alarmed is growing on me.

Eeee! Competent!Pepper! Liaising with the police and having things under control. But Hammer's threat is not good, not at all.

Can I just go oh wow how CGI has progressed in the two years or so since this came out? Like there are parts in the battle sequences when I can tell the suits are CGIed on. Particularly when they're in flight.
And that is the most perfect music cue for rescuing Pepper.

"My body can't handle the stress." Congratulations Pepper, there's a cure for that in the next movie in your franchise.
And that is very atmospheric lighting for their kiss.

Rhodey! Yes you should be part of this little ot3 more often.

So, mostly I have nothing really to say. Except that I would love to see more of Natasha undercover and whether she did any other assessments for the Avengers initiative. And more of the day to day stuff that happened between Tony signing over CEO to Pepper and his birthday party. (Also the ~year between this and Avengers means that movie took place very close to his birthday, right? IM3 took place like six months after the Avengers.)

And I didn't know Laurence Fox was married to Billie Piper until I tried to look up videos of him speaking in Lewis and a great deal of his music and marriage to her popped up.

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