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31 fandoms that are, somehow, in my head, linked to each other.

To read:

- Fandoms with white inner rings are central fandoms in any of the other maps.
- Any fandom overlapping or residing another fandom operate by the same/similar rules or have thematic links.
- Striped backgrounds are purely for decoration. Outlined fandom names are for readability.
- A few fandoms appear twice. This is due to limits of space being what they are/the proximity of other fandoms connecting them to their other related fandoms would've required the bending of space/overlapping fandoms which they shouldn't.
-  Sandman and His Dark Materials, as well as a handful of other fandoms not represented, should in theory be all encompassing. I have not done this as it would give me a headache.

This is subject to change, as fandoms will be added and shifted, but it is nice to have a nice set of images to refer people to.

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The Fic; a smallish selection )

The Videos; a good sized selection of music and music videos )

The Rest - assorted stuff ranging from interesting links to tutorials; rather long... )

A good couple of months worth of links. Including a lot of miscellaneous that I couldn't be bothered sorting into other categories.

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Firstly, I rediscovered the Hubble Site in my bookmarks! So that means I spent an hour downloading gorgeous pictures of nebulae and galaxies.
My favourite has to be this nebula: Pismis 24 and NGC 6357

Secondly, blood stain pillows. I seriously want to make one. I may very well do.
(I like the 'Wish' laser-cut card as well.)

I love this site. So many links.
Transforming furniture
Unique bookcases II
Unique bookcases I
Weird bedroom design For some reason I can imagine Gwen liking the bat and sheild table.
Chairs! Interesting ones!
Interesting lights!
I could continue linking to that site, but I shouldn't. It is amazing though.

And I've done some more tag organising...
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I totally need more Janto icons. Or slash icons in general. Or even quote icons with slashy quotes. (I was sorely tempted, with my current DoL high, to have a quote icon about brothers. I restrained myself.)

I had too much trouble choosing icons this replacement round. (As you can imagine, competition is tough, very tough)
The sad thing is, if I ever upgrade, I will STILL have the problem of choosing which icons I want and will use. *doesn't subscribe to the "it's pretty! I'll upload it!" school of thought* *or even the "hey, I might use it" school*

There needs to be more desaturated icons. There needs to be more desaturated HAPPY icons. Or at least more non-blinding happy icons. *considers this a challenge for her next batch*

So yeah, suggestions for icon places with Janto, slash, slash-related quote or stock icons? Preferably in muted colours, but not too fussy over that.

And yeah, I kinda went overboard with the keywords. But, the clever thing is, that some icons should automatically be replaced if I use a certain keyword. Also, the cursed red cups will be appearing everywhere for a while.
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I think way too much about characters' hair. I come up with far too many drabble/fic ideas for hair.
I will now have a hairfic tag, since I am now not only writing a Bleach sentence thingy about hair, but also a Clow/Yuuko and their hair.

EDIT: Pesh and Dondochakka's devotion to Nell is so sweet! Can't wait for next weeks chapter. (For there will be more flashback)
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I've updated my tags, so now, not all of those things will work. Unless LJ has some sort of automatic exclusion thing...
Okay, all non-interesting entries are now marked 'entry'.

Which this one will be tagged with.

Oh and if you spot any unnecessary tags, plase tell me.

Oh and suggestions for me getting rid of any of my user icons or adding new ones would be appreciated!

EDIT: Oh, and I'm off to watch ep 110 of Bleach (well.. the end of it) and read the latest FMA.

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