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Whoo! My bi-yearly icon change around. I still need a few more I think. Something slashy, switch around the Pokemon one, another cute thing and maybe either something shiny and sciency.

ANYWAY. The episode.

Which had gloriously Neil Gaiman-y music even. )

Things that I am glad for from this episode. )

As a consequence of the TARDIS being put into a human, I now kind of ship... well, what I said in the title. Also, my hair can do crazy. We all know what that means. )

Tangentally, if I were to have a ride in the TARDIS... )

The unrelated bits at the end:
I keep hearing dubstep in TV programs. This is somewhat disconcerting, as it's a very NOT mainstream kind of genre. Except it kind of is, but not... it's somewhere between popular and obscure and bits of it float through and those floating through bits mystify me. Especially because they're original bits of dubstep, not dubstep mixes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory songs or the lines the turrets say or Nyancat.

There should be a "I Want You Gone" and a "The Humans are Dead" mashup. I keep listening to the former and partway through singing "Binary solo! Zero zero one." during an instrumental bit.
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So. Post-exam cosplay picnic CNZ meetup thing will probably be happening again.
It seems to be Pokemon themed.

I may, depending on whether I do some black on black unpicking, find some purple hair dye and a tacky red necklace, be tempted to go as Misdreavus.

And shush, I know it's a blue-green black, but we're talking closet gijinka cosplay here.

Yay? or Nay?
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So, the aftermath of the busy-ness is that I am up one cat tail and useless set of cat ears and have 87.5% (or 17.5 out of 20) on my assessment.

The picnic was fun, as all cosplay events usually are, and for once I did not crash and sleep for two hours afterwards.
Both of these facts are probably influenced by the fact that it wasn't exactly sunny on Saturday.

I still need to finish my kitchen design.

*may spam later on with book posts*
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This is kind of a book post except not.
The books currently on my bedside include Corambis, which has many bookmarks and you will be getting a post of squealage for; Deep Secret, which I am actually reading, as opposed to skimming it when [ profile] shadowsinfire handed it to me two years ago or whenever it was; and the first volume of Vampire Hunter D, which isn't as bad in the 'D is beautiful' prose as I have been lead to believe.

First book is fine, I'm absolutely SQUEEING over every fifth page and CRAP I'm shipping Felix/Mildmay again they're so cute. (Just when I had gotten over that ship as well...)

Second book is more than fine because, possibly because I skimmed most of it one day, but I'm still getting the warm "you're back home" feeling from reading it. Rupert reminds me, in general, of Good Omens a bit much. And another book which I can't remember but was yay fun as well.
I so need to re-read The Merlin Conspiracy...

And Vampire Hunter D is... meh. I understand that translating a Japanese novel into English is kinda hard BUT OH GOD, it's so dense.

Also, why did I just randomly watch some YGO & Vocaloid cosplay skits? It just reminds me that I should really do something about completing one.
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Well, it’s been quite the epic making this fishy. Constant re-evaluations of technique and plenty of thoughts of ‘What I would do next time’, though I hope there won’t be. (But way up on the top of that list would be to do the painting with an airbrush. Blending acrylics on a non-flat surface KILLED me.)

So, this first batch of pictures was taken in October last year. Several areas are simply blocked in for blending and some were completed.
When you see a cut, there is photos. Lots and lots of them )

These next ones were taken a couple of days later… I’d finished the blending on both sides of all the fins and was completing the last side’s blending.

Another cut... )

Then a couple month’s break and I’ve finished the blending and eyes and just left it there for a while.
After having a text conversation with [ profile] shadowsinfire, I then changed my plan of painting scales on to just painting in Fishy’s stripes and adding the fin detail.

That’s what I completed two weeks ago. The below pictures are just copies of the ones I showed everyone, but this is an archive post…

A bit more numerous )

And then we have these photos, which are the fully completed and sealed ones of Fishy. They aren’t on a proper background and are only a few select photos, but still…
There’s nothing else for me to with it, aside from set up its display properly.

I TOOK A LOT OF PHOTOS. (And sorry about the glare, fignerprints and dust on Fishy.) )

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So I’m going to ask you lot whether I should stop at this point.

Sorry I don’t have better, non-glary pictures but YOU CANS SEE FISHY NAO?

FISHY! aka Borghal Rantipole )

That last one? That was so you could kind of see the interference paint I used for the blue bits. Trying to decide too if I want to do more sparkles like that and whether I can cheap it with gold!sparkles from watered down gold paint or if I should go get some gold/yellow interference paint.

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I have nothing better to do, aside from maybe touching some fics... but anyway, a piccy post!

first is my new glasses! )
Tanpopo progress! )

No piccys of fishy, as I haven't done much more to him.
I have however, completed another machine-felted scarf in pretty orange/red colours. No pics this time though...


And a bonus doodle )
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Ignore the manFaye and Sailor Man on the post somewhere in the middle, but the pug here, is kinda cute.

If you don't want to risk your eyes... here


Sep. 7th, 2008 01:18 am
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Just as I posted my last entry, ANN's Answerman answered a question about kids and fandom.
basically an extension on my previous entry )

This still doesn't answer the question of when dressing up becomes cosplay.
But at least that lesbian couple who cosplayed as Naruto and Sasuke (raising yet again the question of if that's yuri or yaoi) for an informal marriage ceremony (gay marriage wasn't legal where they were) won't be at risk of having any kids spontaneously.
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This is pure archival picture posting of my progress on Borgy/Fishy.
Borgy, otherwise know as Borghal Rantipol, AKA 'Fishy' at final stages of polymerization )

Priming, ready to fire )

First stages of colouring )

Bonus Mokona shots )

Workspace shots )
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This is for Rhi, who I am kinda making a Delirium fishy for. I have a wire armature in place, as well as fin-wires under the two sheets which form the hollow body.

I still have the body to build up, the fins, gradation and everything else. I am considering pressing some net into the fishy before it goes into the oven for a final bake on the body to give it scales.
Um... and it's hollow.



Fishy pictures! )

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