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Or what I thought of the last three episodes in the first part of Doctor Who’s season six. Yes I am a week late and I have perfectly good reasons for being so.

The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People were a bit… less interesting. Exciting sure, especially seing Matt Smith act with himself, but for the most part Issac Asimov’s Clone of My Own filk was running through my head. And yes, I was wondering why the obvious solution wasn’t being explored. (Hint: It’s referenced in that song. Yes, I am a little hedonistic.)
However, it was nice seeing what circumstances prompted a theory about the Doctor's death at the start of the series )

A Good Man Goes to War however, was much more satisfying. )

As to reason why I'm late? Well, there's that Red Nose Day special which distracted me for a bit and there's a Inda/The Fox post being written and a VERY long chronicle about an adventure I had browsing Wikipedia one night. I may or may not also be trying to finish some fic off. Anyone want to beta for me?

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So, I now have a sticky post, along with a nice 'grass_angel : semi friends only' banner type thing.

And you know, I was going to use a fandom image for it, except I change fandoms far too often, so I just went with something simply.

Except along the way, I had to play with an image of Yuuko's seiyuu cosplaying as Yuuko and...

these things happened )


But yeah, fic banner for a fic that doesn't exist.
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For the facts that K-9 from Doctor Who (and The Sarah Jane Adventures) is ridiculously cute, that Elisabeth Sladen has NOT changed much at all in the last thirty years and that I am finding everything vintage absolutely hilarious (oh eighties, oh seventies) I post this video.

Behold the line trace graphics, the just-out-of-the-seventies fashion, the clipping together of limited shots, the random drinking of wine and the obivious fanservice that is the aforementioned female actor runnning in a tank top and short skirt and... the observation of gravity upon such an object.

*can't help but giggle at this*
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So... Neil Gaiman tweeted about this BBC Audiobooks America (I was all "Bebecaw-what?" for a moment before I realised it was BBC America. Which I find odd in itself, because America was all "Noooo! They be taking away our libertiez!" three hundred or so years ago but now some are going "Fuck yeah! Britain!" and slurping the culture up.) round-robin audiobook writing thing on Twitter. Not interested as I live on the other side of the world and thus TIME ZONES are my enemy, but I found it amusing I went 'Fuck no' at the Torchwood radio plays in the sidebar but went 'Oooh! Shiny' at the H2G2 one.

Unfortunately, I then looked over at my flist and saw a Bya/Ren fic being posted to at least three comms I follow and the Torchwood!No and Bleach slash combined and Renji's now bothering Ianto while Jack is befuddled by this person who is wholly focused on their paperwork and is TOTALLY SILENT AND IGNORING THE RENJI.

Slightly better than zombie pastry chefs but hey.

Oh world...

May. 5th, 2009 01:10 am
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So, the news tonight. I can't remember most of it, so it must be some mixture of yesterday's and tommorrow's news.


Which is weirder, the news commenting on the Minister of Health's jacket/shirt/tie combos or someone buying a kiwi(bird) shaped feijoa for $1000?

To be fair, at least the feijoa wasn't in the shape of the Virgin Mary or something and the clothing combos were pretty atrocious, one of them being wide-striped jacket, pinstriped shirt and a checked (RAINBOW) tie.
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funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures


I am slightly creeped by this lolCat.
Kitties need to be grey though for maximum effect.
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I fear, that after starting A Companion to Wolves and after watching the 2009 Brit TV music awards, I will have really weird dreams tonight.
Possibly involving Ianto and teddy bears from Harrods.

P.S. A Companion to Wolves is hilarious fun, possibly made even more so by the heavy references to Nordic myth. (But yet is something Ben would never, ever read.)


Feb. 3rd, 2008 05:30 pm
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This photo post gets a special entry.

Mokona abound! )


Jan. 18th, 2008 09:44 pm
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It's Tokyo Babylon, but WTH?!

I don't know what's up with the shooting stars/gold streaks.
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 I am ridiculously excited after finishing Eclipse.
And kind of glad I didn't catch up until now, as Breaking Dawn is scheduled for release in Spring next year. Not that six months makes much difference but... it makes a difference to me? *shakes head instead of shrugging*

Oh and be glad I didn't post a comment from my phone EVERY TIME I found something to comment on.
I seriously have eleven temporary bookmarks wedged into the last two thirds of Eclipse. And I am so going to comment on it now.
Of course, you will also be treated to another rant about Bella's haemophobia. It's worse than some of the vegetarians/vegans I know. Mind you... they mostly react to animal blood... though I do know a couple of people who react badly to human blood, though not something as minor as a cut. So. Bella has REALLY REALLY REALLY bad case of haemophobia. And apparently Tsunade from Naruto has a case of it too.

Well, there's your factoid for today. *has only just looked up haemophobia on Wikipedia*

Also, 3vil_m3xican, your phobia must be related to trypanophobia, which is the fear of injections/needles. Maybe it's trypanhaemophobia.

Anyway... must not get distracted by her site... but it looks as if we will be lucky if it did come out Spring (for us southern hemispherers).

I am still disappointed by lack of hitsuzen or consecutive kismet mentions. Although I would think that any of the other characters might've done. (Namely, Alice)


The actual bits I bookmarked )More Twilight series rambling )more rambles, including about Life is Like a Boat and the mighty CLAMP/Bleach crossover )

Now, to write about Legal Drug and Hogfather and... something else. Damn my memory.

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Today was the last day of winter term. Two wonderous weeks to get around to doing stuff or just lazing around. (I vote for the latter)
There will be a to-do list somewhere in here, hidden amongst the photos of Aizen-cookies and Zombie maths.

Warning: lots of piccys )

I fail.

Jan. 17th, 2007 02:09 am
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As a response to [profile] fyredra's X-mas crack challenge I wrote, or should I say, attempted to write a Hitsugaya/Ishida drabble thing.
My attempt to *wink wink nudge nudge* is here.

Did I mention I fail?

Title: untitled HistuRyuu (the only one... I think)

Rating: PG (because I fail)
Warning: Takes place in episode 105 when Ishida's lying injured on the floor of the Tenth division office. I KNOW that Inoue healed him... but it was a quick job by his own insistence.
Eh... This is crack, it doesn't MATTER.


The fail )
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Why I regret introducing Lina to the world of Bleach:

1) I make the mistake of introducing her via IchiIshi

2) Having supplied her with a source of ficcage I almost make the mental promise to tell her if I write any.

3) Later, while inking a birthday card for my cousin, this backfires on me dangerously as the god of the plot bunnies decides to smite me, leaving me with a very IshiIchi idea.

4) The damn bunny is GNAWING on my arm and threatening to chew it wholy off if I don't at least use some of it.

5) And so, to avoid that, I risk injury to my eardrums or my head the next time dawnduskdancer comes in contact with me.

And so, I shall briefly sketch out my idea here. Or fully write it as it's now being insistent that I feed it.

Please don't hurt me danduskdancer. *cowers* At least Ishida's dom here. *cowers again*

6) It contains intergenerational IshiKuro CRACK.

7) It makes me laugh.

But at least...

8) I got rid of that "Why the hell does Ichigo have a Quincy cross on his bedsheets?" and that quincy collar idea I had ages ago. Even though I'll probably expand this.


9) I ficced for the first time this year.

And that is a superbly good thing.

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Reasons why Chloe shouldn't have weird dreams in the middle of the day and then read the yaoi advent calendar:

She gets weird art ideas involving Ishida holding up a loin cloth and saying "I think this is yours Kurosaki"  (She doesn't even want to explain in her dream, Ishida, Ichigo and a couple other random characters were trying to find their clothes because of a tidal wave) from a bin labeled "Sereitei laundry service"

She gets another idea with Renji and Byakuya right before Renji and Rukia leave for Hueco Mundo, 
Byakuya: *holding a knife* "If you so much as touch her, I'll kill you." 
Renji: *smooch*  "Love you too pumpkin"

And she remembers she needs to write about Ed coughing up soot.
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Oooh, the joys of spending half my day using Photoshop and making icons for the pictures that Lege left me.
Much fun, even though I have no idea what's going on.

But the animation thing is going weird at me and won't let me make a swirly Hanatarou animation or two others that I've been wanting to do.
Especially the "Ah! Angst over gay guys who've been taken". Which is going to be funneh!

At least I got some more done. *is happy*

And sometime within the next hour or so, I should be posting them here in an impromptu icon table.

As well as dozens of ficlets and drabbles.


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