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 I’m struck with a sudden and poignant longing for Donna Noble as a companion. Well, not that sudden, as it’s been a thing for a couple of months with my MPQ alliance mates that there are Wrong™ opinions about companions with the two camps being roughly anti-Donna and pro-Donna.

But what I miss most about Donna is that she was treated as an equal, a peer. Or rather, she demanded that treatment, because the series sure as hell didn’t let her forget she was just a human. She pushed and pulled at the Doctor in the best ways whilst being so utterly platonic and practical with him.

I think that’s what I mourn most for post-season 10 with Missy. 
Yes, Bill’s relationship with the Doctor was delightfully platonic, but it was still very much a student/teacher relationship and all the power imbalance it contains doesn’t facilitate Bill questioning the Doctor’s actions that much. There’s flickers of that dynamic being questioned in episodes like The Pyramid at the End of the World and Thin Ice, where Bill either directly calls the Doctor out or completely overrules him, but it wasn’t with the regularity that Donna did. Like literally there’d be a point in just about every Donna episode where she’d confront him about something: to be more kind, to save someone, to understand better.
There’s something of that confrontational relationship with Clara, but it wasn’t platonic and it constantly felt like they were trying to one up each other and prove themselves to be the best.

Which Donna didn’t. She knew what she was capable of, and while the Doctor did have to push her limits at times, it wasn’t about either of their egos.

I wanted Missy to be the friend that the Doctor needs, the peer who keeps him in check and makes him consider his actions fully, the one who declines certain adventures because they're boring or because the slime lions really are disgusting. I wanted Missy to be that companion that the Doctor could bounce off of, because they know each other, because they can work together.

And like... I wish we could've seen that half season's worth of the Doctor and Missy working alongside one another, being friends who have each others back. I kind of hope that Chibnall will see that's what the Doctor needs and will give Thirteen a solid partner, a good friend and ally, an equal. (And as I write that, I just want him to give her Missy. Just give Thirteen Missy and I'd be happy.)

Because gods, I want the Doctor to have a friend again.

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predictably, I got a survey asking my opinions on the announcement of 13.
and to document the good fight and all, the three questions and responses are below

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So in the tradition of documenting my end of series response to the BBC worldwide consumer/fan panel, here’s the one for s10.
Where I try not to cry too much about Missy’s everyone’s death or departure, even when the standard questions they ask start to hit too close to my bundled up feelings. (And if you also want to cry into surveys on a regular basis, you can sign up on their main page, or send me a message with your email if you want an extra chance at a voucher thing)

And I should’ve put this into the final question response, since it does relate to Doctor Who and the surveys, but I really do enjoy participating in the panel because I can see how my responses have shaped the series. I think I was putting a lot of ‘meh’ responses for series 7 and 8, but for the last one and this one, it’s been creeping up. There hasn’t been an absolute clunker of an episode (except for specials) since The Caretaker, which I literally was falling asleep during (and said so), and it makes me really happy and proud that the panel’s comments and criticisms have been listened to.

I’m kind of proud that Moffat grew a writer and obviously began to take criticism on board. I now longer have a use for my Statler & Waldorf gif grilling him about not liking it!
Some of that might be PCap basically being the second showrunner/director at times (in which case he fucking deserves the break, though like... can he stay on as script consultant? assistant director? assistant producer?) but I do think Moffat went ‘maybe I should pay attention to what half the internet and my kids are roasting me for’ and read up on some social justice theory. It might have taken him a godawful amount of time to learn, but he started doing so and also learned to collaborate more and to allow other people demonstrate their skill and expertise.

It’s a shame it took so long and it’s a shame his previous attitude colours Doctor Who and Sherlock so much, and this still shaky change isn’t going to make me any more likely to watch the Dracula adaptation (I prefer my vampires to be women, please and thank you), but it is satisfying to see that it happened and that in some small way I might’ve contributed.

So what follows is literally a cut and paste from all the text fields in the survey they allow you fill out, plus some notes on how I filled the ‘describe in 2-5 words’ questions

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Or what I thought of the last three episodes in the first part of Doctor Who’s season six. Yes I am a week late and I have perfectly good reasons for being so.

The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People were a bit… less interesting. Exciting sure, especially seing Matt Smith act with himself, but for the most part Issac Asimov’s Clone of My Own filk was running through my head. And yes, I was wondering why the obvious solution wasn’t being explored. (Hint: It’s referenced in that song. Yes, I am a little hedonistic.)
However, it was nice seeing what circumstances prompted a theory about the Doctor's death at the start of the series )

A Good Man Goes to War however, was much more satisfying. )

As to reason why I'm late? Well, there's that Red Nose Day special which distracted me for a bit and there's a Inda/The Fox post being written and a VERY long chronicle about an adventure I had browsing Wikipedia one night. I may or may not also be trying to finish some fic off. Anyone want to beta for me?

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Whoo! My bi-yearly icon change around. I still need a few more I think. Something slashy, switch around the Pokemon one, another cute thing and maybe either something shiny and sciency.

ANYWAY. The episode.

Which had gloriously Neil Gaiman-y music even. )

Things that I am glad for from this episode. )

As a consequence of the TARDIS being put into a human, I now kind of ship... well, what I said in the title. Also, my hair can do crazy. We all know what that means. )

Tangentally, if I were to have a ride in the TARDIS... )

The unrelated bits at the end:
I keep hearing dubstep in TV programs. This is somewhat disconcerting, as it's a very NOT mainstream kind of genre. Except it kind of is, but not... it's somewhere between popular and obscure and bits of it float through and those floating through bits mystify me. Especially because they're original bits of dubstep, not dubstep mixes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory songs or the lines the turrets say or Nyancat.

There should be a "I Want You Gone" and a "The Humans are Dead" mashup. I keep listening to the former and partway through singing "Binary solo! Zero zero one." during an instrumental bit.
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It was mostly disappointing. Mostly because I had spoiled myself more than a little, but also because it just couldn't compare to the fast paced action and mystery of the first two episodes.
It also doesn't quite compare to the PotC movie. Which has more awesome mermaids, although Spoilers, maybe. But probably not though I feel obliged to anyway. )


Why isn't LJ auto-posting my tweets? I don't want to back these up by hand AGAIN.
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Firstly, go check out the Pixiv tag for Doctor Who. (You need an account to see the pictures large. I trust you can google how to sign up.)
It's only six pages but that isn't too bad for a foreign import with amusing dubbing (for those who know the original actors' voices anyway).
Of particular note are these fanarts. (There's stuff by feriowind, there's Amy and PLENTY of Ten. Oh, and of Eleven too. But mostly, almost entirely Ten.) The Amy + Doctor stuff is awfully cute though.

Secondly, I just discovered this, which is basically Paul McGann showing off the 'new' costume for Eight at Armageddon Auckland and a 11-ish Sonic apparently made by Weta.

I'm a little wary, as Armageddon Auckland is kind of a small 'con' (it's technically an expo) internationally, despite being the largest in New Zealand. (Stats for Saturday put attendance at 45k.) And it is, in the words of Bill (the event organiser, whom all the NZ cosplayers seem to know) "Pauls costume is not BBC approved, it's his interpretation of what he wants the costume to be" and "the new Paul McGann costume is totally unofficial. It was designed by Paul and arranged by bill Geradts in NZ" but Weta were involved, as was Bill but I just can't help but be excited.

Because while all of it may turn out not true or not eventuate, I am exploding with glee at the mere thought of Doctor Who, Eight/Paul McGann (who seems a wonderfully nice person and is now rather quite sad that Eight didn't get picked up for a series) and Weta Workshop possibly planning something, which may be happening in my country.

*should stop being so excited at this time of night*

Here, have more pics from the tweetstream: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9.

In related, but different news, Robert Llewellyn - the guy who was Kryten on Red Dwarf and hosted Scrapheap Challenge and currently does the odd presenting job, including his own chatshow and green car promoting - is attending next year.
This means I might be able to persuade my dad to come along.

Also of interest to Wellingtonians, The Dreamstress' talk 'From Pompeii to Paris' is having a redux at Massey on the 18th of November.
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I've been watching Nico 'I dance' videos all evening. That is still no excuse for this. )

And it doesn't quite explain why it makes me want to write about Amy fighting off some alien armed only with a similarly alien glow worm.
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I know there are people on my friends list who have things about accents and being read bedtime stories. Which I totally do not fault them for, as being read bedtime stories is nice and accents can be cool.

Which is pretty much why I went *FLAIL* over these videos when I found them.

David Tennant reading bedtime stories. Yes. EXACTLY. )
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So. Wait. Does the time rewrite thing mean that CoE could NEVER HAVE HAPPENED?
Because I think it does. Oh yes. I think it does.

Also, I will place something metaphysical down on Amy being the Pandorico/Pandorical.
I am also giggling somewhat over that it's a "Fairy tale" as the Trickster is apparently just that and... well he make Sarah Jane's life a misery on a regular basis, so... (And I so want to write little!Master and Doctor trying to scare each other by telling each other Gallifreyan fairy tales. I will, someday.)

River's teleport looked rather like Haineko's shikai release. You know, just randomly.

The end? Just. No.
I wanted to slap her but then the Doctor slithered out of it and I cheered for him.

possibly spoilery )

And the companions thing? Totally why this fic is one of my favourites.
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There will be a fic post later. (First time in over a year~ oh god) Possibly just a link pointing to my fic comm, but maybe backed up here too.


I found one of Torchwood's only g-rated fics. Reception Difficulties

It was crossposted to [ profile] tardis_children, which is the cutest little comm in that it's for child friendly fic and discussion and things people have done with their kids and things their kids have done concerning Doctor Who.
There is a gorgeous illumination-style picture of the Bad Wolf.
There are some that I wouldn't let a five year old read because of big words and situations that I would just plain feel skeevy giving them to read or have read to them, but in general, it is very nice comm full of things to show to under-12s and perhaps a starting point for those a little older.

Oh and for those who are rather a bit older and just don't want to read porn.
(The second link there by the way, is a rather awesome Torchwood/Discworld crossover featuring the Nac Mac Feegle.)
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This is just a link dump. No ratings or warnings given for fic, so please read the headers/click at your own risk.

fanfictions (includes Torchwood, Doctor Who, Discworld, TRC, Harry Potter, Tortall series, xxxHOLiC, Naruto and/or crossovers of the above) )

fun things (mostly online flash games, although there are a few odd ones out) )

(I will likely do another one of these sometime in the future. This was simply getting a little long.)
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So, End of Time and the start of a new season. Be warned, spoilers and opinions ahead.

End of Time, part one. )

End of Time, part two. )

On Matt Smith as the Doctor... )

TARDIS and other technical stuff )

On the episode itself )

Yes, EoT write up horribly late (and the Sarah Jane and Torchwood ones shall be done eventually I promise) but first episode of the new season... a bit less so.
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So, I now have a sticky post, along with a nice 'grass_angel : semi friends only' banner type thing.

And you know, I was going to use a fandom image for it, except I change fandoms far too often, so I just went with something simply.

Except along the way, I had to play with an image of Yuuko's seiyuu cosplaying as Yuuko and...

these things happened )


But yeah, fic banner for a fic that doesn't exist.
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For the facts that K-9 from Doctor Who (and The Sarah Jane Adventures) is ridiculously cute, that Elisabeth Sladen has NOT changed much at all in the last thirty years and that I am finding everything vintage absolutely hilarious (oh eighties, oh seventies) I post this video.

Behold the line trace graphics, the just-out-of-the-seventies fashion, the clipping together of limited shots, the random drinking of wine and the obivious fanservice that is the aforementioned female actor runnning in a tank top and short skirt and... the observation of gravity upon such an object.

*can't help but giggle at this*


Mar. 2nd, 2010 11:44 pm
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So, today in course we learnt about game meat.
And we learnt that, in order to be tender(er) and tasty, game needs to be hung/aged for a few days up to several weeks.

This made me frown.

Because in sword and sorcery fantasy, everyone knows that rabbit is tough and STRINGY but still edible if you've just killed it.
This does NOT make sense.
Yes, it will be tough (but oh so tasty) because it is wild (which could be mitigated by long, slow cooking) but it will be EVEN TOUGHER if you don't allow the carcass to relax out of rigor mortis.

This fact will now annoy me whenever I read that situation in a story.

And randomness, mostly about what is on TV )

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