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Firstly, thank you I suppose for taking your time to read this and get a better idea of who I am and what I enjoy. My tumblr is probably a better place for a more current snapshot of my fannish interests, however here and my AO3 are reasonably decent at outlining my general fannish proclivities. (Here is a little outdated however.)
Dig into my AO3 bookmarks or my tumblr fic rec tag if you really want to know what I like. (Or if you're procrastinating.)

  • I will give most things a chance aside from: High School AUs, falling in love plots and plot that has porn or vice versa.

  • I don't mind porn or explicit scenes, I just don't like an explicit scene in the middle of a more emotional/plotty fic to read like porn and I don't like my PWP to have too much plot or emotional context (beyond expressing consent of course) to bookend it. While I'm not comfortable listing all my kinks here, if you do feel compelled to write PWP for any of my fandoms, you can't go wrong with size kink or threesomes. Or turning the porn that was in a plot to fluffy coital/post-coital nonsense.

  • I'm okay with slash, femmeslash, het, poly, everyone is single, whatever. I don't like pairing the spares however.

  • Tropes are fun! Baby fic, pretend marrieds, someone is turned into a cat, fairytale mash up, all those things are enjoyable and great.

  • Crossovers, fusions and AUs are things I find awesome. You can see a map of my crossover headcanons here.

  • I'm not very fond of omegaverse unless it's are managed in a very particular way and address issues of consent clearly. I do not read D/s 'verses unless it's merged with omegaverse in a certain manner. Think more how wolves actually pair up (alpha/alpha, beta/beta, the alphas always get to pup but lower ranked pairs don't unless hunting is good), literal pecking orders in birds and how some species of fish change gender depending on the ratios of the shoal. I have a tag on my tumblr which contains some of my headcanon on the subject of an omega & Dom/sub 'verse. None of the following fandoms have strong Omegaverse, but I am very picky with what I read in this 'verse, so if you absolutely would love to write something A/B/O for one of them, please read a bit into what I prefer.

  • Little science-y or historical diversions/details are interesting. If you've done research for a thing, I don't mind seeing some of the more technical details come through. I'm a little bit more wary about political viewpoints however.

Bulletproof likes include: AUs, fusions and crossovers! In depth looks at how those altered mechanics change things especially. Fluff! Platonic, familial or romantic, I don't care. Children! Whether it's babies or some accident concerning deaging; pre-canon, accidental adoption or they have kids at some point anyway, they're all cute. Female friendship! Women and girls talking to each other about books and politics or men and makeup, guarding each others asses or having a competitive rivalry. OT3s and/or polyamory! Sharing time nicely with their partners or just plain soppy love puddles. Magic! Discussion of, exploration of and academics of.

Dislikes: Dub/non-con, rape (past rape/dub-con experiences are okay if they're mentioned in passing, especially given some of the histories of characters in the fandoms I've requested, but dub/non-con situations in fic or past situations explored fully are no goes), BDSM, whump, death-fic, D/s-verse, in general anything with the express purpose of causing angst.

Below are the fandom specific wishlists/optional details are optional. These details and wishes are specifically if you don't have already have a bunny that you believe that I may enjoy or wish to write something special just for me. A lot of it is already copy and pasted from what I filled out in the AO3 form. I give options for both specified characters as well as more general prompts and wishes.
Some fandoms I am a bit more exuberantly enthusiastic about, but please don't let that deter you if you are more familiar with one of the other fandoms listed.

The Night Circus )
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters )

Wallander )

Doctrine of Labyrinths )

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries )
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So Campbell Live, a post-news opinion/fluff show did an informal poll last night asking whether New Zealanders supported same sex marriage. This is relevant because yesterday the Marriage Equality act was drawn from the ballot box to be discussed and voted upon next month.
The results were a disappointing 42% in favour and 58% against. However, that was an informal poll weighted towards those who don't immediately switch channels after watching the news and who cared enough to text in. There may have been some voting no because of how TV3 used 'same sex marriage' rather than 'marriage equality'. Other polls, including a formal one, have 63% in favour, 6% undecided and 31% opposed, with the undecideds flopping one way or another if only two options are given. The TV3 interview polling also had similar numbers, although they only interviewed like sixty people.

But it was really disheartening to see those numbers. I returned to some thoughts I had previously – that for all that New Zealand loves to project this warm and welcoming, clean, green and liberal image, there are still some nasty pockets of xenophobia, sexism, classism and other types bigotry lurking in our society. It was nice to see that most of the under-30s interviewed were all 'why not?' but quite a few of the older people interviewed were "I don't like that sort of thing, it doesn't belong here" in that supercilious tone that grates on my nerves.

I also wonder if the thing that discomforts people about marriage equality, is that the 'traditional' marriage has a man owning a woman (for... most of history actually) and having power over her, and what brings them to say that 'marriage should be between a man and a woman' is that the thought of a man owning another man is bizarre and why would one man submit to another? A woman having ownership and power over another woman is just as bizarre a thought and both of these situations are as inconceivable as the idea that maybe, perhaps, both parties in a marriage should have equal power and that marriage is a mutual agreement.

I'm just rambling now, but it honestly scares that this thought process might actually be valid for some people, tucked away deep in their minds, not even conscious of how they've reached the conclusion that marriage equality is a bad thing. I have no words as to how incredibly sad that the issue may just revolve around deep-set misogyny and sexism and not religion. I can respect religion, I think people who have unshakeable faith in their chosen belief are pretty cool and that people who fight with their beliefs, e.g. Picasso, are some of the most amazing people, but it isn't churches and religious institutions who are arguing whether or not marriage equality should be a thing.
It's government. It's a law that sets out how a contract between two people exclusively (for the moment) is to be constructed and what lawful and monetary benefits and privileges are obtained as a result of that contract and partnership. It's not asking for a god's blessing over a union, it's a legal binding of two otherwise unrelated people (well, first cousins maybe, depending on local laws and no one really keeps track of second cousins let alone third cousins) done primarily out of love. If it had a different name and you could get a similar contract with your flatmate or best friend, nearly no one would complain.

Marriage used to be a mechanism to ensure that a man had a child who was his that he could pass on his land to. It's not like that any more. We have wills and other complex legal documents that mean that blood and birthright isn't how property is divided any more. Some people don't even want to pass on property. Marriage, in the 'traditional' sense between a man and a woman, is socio-legally outdated.
And yes, I do hope that with marriage equality for homosexual couples there's move toward the concept of marriage beginning to step away from the sexual/romantic concept it currently is to something much more pragmatic that allows for best friends to be labelled as next of kin or long term house mates to manage their house and finances more easily or perhaps plural marriages. But marriage equality for all gender combinations is a good start.
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Or what I thought of the last three episodes in the first part of Doctor Who’s season six. Yes I am a week late and I have perfectly good reasons for being so.

The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People were a bit… less interesting. Exciting sure, especially seing Matt Smith act with himself, but for the most part Issac Asimov’s Clone of My Own filk was running through my head. And yes, I was wondering why the obvious solution wasn’t being explored. (Hint: It’s referenced in that song. Yes, I am a little hedonistic.)
However, it was nice seeing what circumstances prompted a theory about the Doctor's death at the start of the series )

A Good Man Goes to War however, was much more satisfying. )

As to reason why I'm late? Well, there's that Red Nose Day special which distracted me for a bit and there's a Inda/The Fox post being written and a VERY long chronicle about an adventure I had browsing Wikipedia one night. I may or may not also be trying to finish some fic off. Anyone want to beta for me?

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First things first. I made this bag right at the beginning of the year.
I use it every day now, pretty much. )

Did you notice the buttons? No? Well, I got a whole bunch of neat ones. That I will show you.
I hope you don't have koumpounophobia. )

I promised photos of Tanpopo's cage progress. It's gotten a bit further than this, but it's pretty much permanently stalled at the moment...
I have not witty cut text for this. Really. )

And now for something completely different.
I have a DS lite. It was getting scratched up in my handbag (as seen above) so I made a case for it.
This is vaguely a step-by-step... )

The next project I did was because the bags we get given (for free) at course are ugly and everyone knows what type of course you're doing because they have the school emblazoned on the front.
Cut, because they really are ugly. As is the carpet. )

Cake. Sponge. Cream. Jam. Pink Lemonade. I haven't really taken any more pictures of things I've made. (That are on my laptop.)
Those photos are a lie, but not this cake! )
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My parents and I had the most TERRIBLE luck when Children of Earth ran on TV2. It was on a 10:30 at night on a Wednesday, which is a bit too late if one intends to wake up at 6 the next morning, so we taped most of them.

First episode we completely missed, either to the fact I mis-read the day or that they changed the day at the last minute.
Then for the next two episodes, the video recorder chopped off the last five minutes because it ran past the time it said on the digital schedule thing.
For the fourth episode, my dad had left the TV on mute, so there was no sound. (Luckily, the episode had been subbed for the hearing impaired.)
And for the final one, we decided to stay up late, but if we hadn’t, the timer would have worked WONDERFULLY as I had figured out how to alter the digital schedule thing.

I almost ended up paying $50 for a Blu-Ray disc of CoE that I might not have been able to watch as well, except I nicely asked the lady behind the counter, and there was a regular version, so luck was with me then, fortunately.
So… it’s kind of pointless for me to do an episode by episode thing, seeing as I still haven’t gotten around to watching the DVD and what I did see was compromised in someway.
Thusly, in vaugely chronological order:

Warning, spoilers. But you know, mostly vague ones that are comments really and not too specific. )

All in all, I'm kind of glad that the current season of Doctor Who means that maybe Children of Earth never happened... )

Hilarious ETA )

The entry on The Sarah Jane Adventures should be up in a couple of days? Hopefully.
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In... lets see... just under NINE hours, I'll be taking one of the two exams for my course.
And if it weren't for the fact that I had a dream last night that I only answered five questions right in the 100-question long exam, I wouldn't be so nervous.

But that compounded by the fact they've pulled a switcheroo on us and are sitting the hardest first... and I have sucessfully procrastinated in revising until today and yesterday I'm asking for luck over the next three days.

Ugh, wish me luck~ (or at least wish me wakefulness)
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I've more or less just come back from watching a performance of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

Oh god the lulz. We're talking crossdressing because Mozart wanted a mezzo and then CROSS CROSSDRESSING because Cherubino crossdresses in the plot. Said Cherubino is maybe something like fourteen and is hopelessly infatuated with every female he sees (but only pays attention to Susanna and Rosina/Lady Almaviva.)
Susanna is kind of awesome. Just, downright awesome. She outwits the Lord and confuses her husband (who is in turn trying to outwit the Lord Almaviva) and do I really need to say anything more.
Figaro himself was rather okay, but more because he was rather amusing and was a perfect match for Susanna than anything else. (Also, he recognises Susanna in the fourth act because of her slaps voice. This is AMAZING in opera terms but fun because it's obvious they have a Slap Slap Kiss relationship.) Figaro apparently also has a birthmark in the shape of a spatula, which I have only just learnt.

There was of course, the many humorous moments in the play (it is a comedy) but I particularly liked the moment when Marcellina and Bartolo realise they're Figaro's parents and there is a round of "She's his mother? *nod* His mother" x5 because Susanna steps in at exactly the wrong moment and there is a REASON why soap operas are called soap operas. (Knowing the meta makes it funnier.)
There was also the scene in which Rosina and Susanna attempt to dress Cherubino as a girl. Cherubino sings one of the more famous songs from the opera beforehand but as they're stripping him down... Susanna gets to sing something involving the line "Kneel down in front of me". So, funny because it's crossdressing and cross crossdressing and all the implications that stripping down a rather pretty fourteen year old to his underwear entails.
Also funny was in the last act where the Lord Almaviva was doing a very good BATMAN impression with his cloak. Though that might have been more to do with technical aspects...

The technical bits being the gorgeous stage which had lovely vertical 'rooms' that could move and rearrange, a corridor wall-like curtain which had doors in it, A CONVEYER BELT TO MOVE FURNITURE DURING ON STAGE SCENE CHANGES and Rosina's bedroom which had a window that looked like the moon and whose back doubled as the garden.
And the costumes. They had a corsetier on production staff. That should give you an idea of the visual style of the costumes. Even the men's pants and waistcoats had lacing up the back. *swoons* My father thought that keeping the late 18th century costumes was a very good idea – I agree as well, but mostly because they're so PRETTY. (Have a link to the dress rehearsal photos so you can see how awesome they are. The back-stage video is equally hilrious.)
Oh, and Cherubino wears baby blue Converse. And Lord Almaviva looks a bit like Lord Vetinari.

So, reasons to see if you are in Wellington (they had a few seats spare tonight and I think there is another day or two to go): the costumes and set are amazing. The performers are similarly amazing.
Reasons to see it in your lifetime: It's better than The Magic Flute. Seriously. Half the play is spent on switching clothes with other people and LYING, not on religious allegory. (Although you do kind of need awesome performers.) Nor is half the opera devoted to someone going mad.
The meta is fun too, especially all the tropes.

Now I wish there was an opera fandom which wasn't based on the performers.
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Apparently young people do not read Greek myths any more. Which is why critics say Percy and the Lightning Thief is a good thing, as opposed to Hercules or Xena.
I am vaguely confused by this, as I knew who Zeus was before I was eight. Okay, so I can't name all the Argonauts but the fact that I know what the Elysian Fields are is apparently ODD.

Basically what I really wanted to say is: I'VE READ HERODOTUS, I KNOW MORE PLACE NAMES THAN YOU DO.

(This is vaguely aimed at the Doctor Who fandom/canon where appropriation of Greek names is rampant.)
(Also, the all-caps statement above does not apply to about half of my flist, as I know some of you could name all the Argonauts.)

Oh ninties

Apr. 30th, 2010 09:27 pm
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Tom the piper's son has a lot to answer for. Aside from stealing a pig and causing general mayhem, his rhyme also features in Beatrix Potter's 'Pigling Bland' and in what I'm obbiously currently catching up on, Kuroshitsuji.

That and I discovered, because I was being weird and this has been bothering me for a while, to look up Billie Piper's singing history. This is mostly because I once had to listen to one of her singles, on repeat, for three hours when I was 9/10. (I can also amusingly remember a music video, which may or may not have been hers it turns out, where there is DANCING IN ALLEYWAYS WITH POOFY DRESSES.)

And I learnt that she was rather popular in New Zealand (as in... all of her CDs were in the top 20 except for two) and that there was a track on the first Pokemon movie CD (the one that had no actual tracks from the movie, remember?) that was by her. It's... so very '90s.

Anyway, currently listening to all the English theme songs now. Oh god, nostalgia.
And oh god, the.... cheesiness.
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The thing about the New Zealand news being obsessed with RTDs, or Ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, is that my mind AUTOMATICALLY translates that into Russel T Davies. So I end up wondering for a moment why they want to ban an UK screenwriter, who probably does have an Agenda (notably the gay and the green it seems) but is otherwise harmless, until my brain catches up and realises they're talking about alcohol. (Alcohol being the glue that seems to hold together kiwi social interactions (because no one has heard of having fun and getting along apparently), which kind of sucks when you are a person who sees no appeal in that tingly alcoholic taste.)

Thank you fandom.

In more serious news, I have to come up with a dessert for my final assessment. I have narrowed it down to a few options, but I'm being horribly wishy washy about it, so if you could please take the following poll:

[Poll #1541931]

I ask this now because I will need to give my tutor an equipment list within the next week.


Mar. 2nd, 2010 11:44 pm
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So, today in course we learnt about game meat.
And we learnt that, in order to be tender(er) and tasty, game needs to be hung/aged for a few days up to several weeks.

This made me frown.

Because in sword and sorcery fantasy, everyone knows that rabbit is tough and STRINGY but still edible if you've just killed it.
This does NOT make sense.
Yes, it will be tough (but oh so tasty) because it is wild (which could be mitigated by long, slow cooking) but it will be EVEN TOUGHER if you don't allow the carcass to relax out of rigor mortis.

This fact will now annoy me whenever I read that situation in a story.

And randomness, mostly about what is on TV )
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80% or 24/30 (give or take a mark)
And the assessed items were very tasty. Although I got pinged for seasoning, yet again.

Here, have some music to celebrate.

The Brunettes - If you Were Alien )

Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring by the Sea )

Minuit - 25 BUCKS )

Giana Factory - Bloody Game )

Lucid 3 - AM Radio )
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Lace trimmed scarves

Ruffly umbrella
I want to do this. When I get an umbrella that isn't plastic. Isn't it the cutest?

Button brooches
Yay, something to do with the buttons in the button tin. Even though I don't have any really pretty shank buttons. (Unless kitties count.)

Not a specific tutorial link, but a blog's tag for 'dolls' and awesomely cheap ways to make clothing and accessories for dolls. (The dolls the posts are written for are American Girl style dolls, but dolls are dolls, right?)

And that is it.

ETA: Except this is a rather fascinating photo. You can see a fake tooth!
Also, 'x-ray kissing' sounds like the name of a band.

My feet are still recovering from this last week in the bistro at course. Spending four days in which 6-7 hours were spent on my feet has convinced me that I really do not want to do restaurant work.
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Usually I find it amusing when I rather accidentally stumble across something. This time I'm just kind of staring at the screen.

Firstly, I started off browsing some webcomics. Khaos Komix (even though the art style is messy... damn the story is compelling) was my start point and I got waylaid by Honeydew Syndrome (gorgeous art) and ended up reading Incubus Tales. (Not Safe For Work At ALL.) Perhaps a few others as well, but none memorable enough to link.

Anyway, one comic that kept up popping up in the links section of these webcomics was Crowfeathers, which, after looking at a few pages, I decided was not for me and decided to look at the non-comic pages to see if there was anything interesting.
The about page was rather interesting and in the music section there were two songs I know, one I didn't and couldn't be bothered to look up and one that sounded familiar.
So I looked that one up, got a load of hits for Cyndi Lauper, went to the Wikipedia disambiguation page and found out it rang a bell because I had probably looked it up while browsing stuff about the Prom(menade)s and because it's a tune used in a work by one of my ancestors.

Not that I really paid much attention to what was written about The Beggar's Opera and how it seems to be a pivotal piece in musical theatre history and a work of satire.
John Gay seems very witty though, so perhaps I should take more of an interest in my ancestor and read some of his poetry.

Rambling aside, 'All through the Night' is a rather pretty tune, if predictable, and quite nice with lyrics as well if it isn't a chorus version.

Music under here )

(I swear, some countries have INSTANTLY identifiable sounds in their music. Doesn't the above just SCREAM 'BRITISH ISLES!' at you? Or at the very least 'THE COMMONWEALTH!'? I mean, I thought it was just New Zealand mainstream pop that it happened with, but apparently not...)

Also, I've also surmised, by virtue of jumping around to Discworld to check on the new TV adaption and then jumping to Neverwhere, that series like Midsomer Murders and Silent Witness and all sorts of those running serials are the life blood of British actors.
And I shouldn't get all excited because of the very same reason that one actor has appeared in Neverwhere, The Vicar of Dibley, My Family, Foyle's War, Midsomer Murders, Waking the Dead, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Because most of those roles were for only one episode.
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So. Not dead. Nor a zombie, but hey, it's Halloween and I thought it'd be fun to use that as a subject title.
I've just been very, very busy.

This weekend is, thankfully, mostly free, but the second weekend of October was my birthday, the weekend after that was DubDub's birthday party and the weekend after that was my mum's.

Couple with the fact this week I had my first proper driving lesson, that MONDAY is the last assessment for the diploma part of my course (and yeah... we need to do a lot. INCLUDING CANAPES, the most fiddly thing ever. Even if they are pretty.)

Uh... I also have some other things hanging over my head, like correspondance work that I should be doing and finishing and putting up fic and... just writing in general; sewing, although it's mostly altering, not crafty stuff :(
I should also make some ginger choc chip cookies sometime again.
A couple more birthdays coming up too...

Why does life have to be so full? *is doing displacement activities with Facebook games and crossover fanfiction*

Which reminds me, I found some gems of crossovers and regular non-crossovered fanfiction! )

Also, I have new pyjamas (I do not look good in pyjama SHORTS but eee, new pyjamas!) and have Unseen Academicals and the new Audrey Niffenegger book to read. *is excited*
Oh and there may be a few secrets popping up on fandom_secrets that are very obviously me. If you pay attention to these entries that is.
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I'm so glad my last entry made everyone smile.
But bleck, tomorrow is back in the kitchen after a week out of it, we had a four day weekend because it turns out they didn't need Thursday as much as the other days to teach us about costing.
AND I'm going to see the World of Wearable arts tonight, which will be fun and astounding and great experience but... I hate it when my life is full like this.

Post from mobile portal
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I am made of many people, of many things, of tiny shards that make me who I am. I am so much greater than the sum of those fragments, yet those who are a part of me are even greater than I am.

So thank you everyone, everything, that I love and have made a little part of me. Thank you, even if it has hurt, even if we have forgotten each other.

I've been feeling this sentiment all day, and over all 'the whole world is wonderful' even though it's been rainy and I've just been blobbing and doing nothing much.

*hugs* I love you all.
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So, we have about twelve tutors for my course. We do have a tutor assigned as our group tutor, but so far that seems to mean that we get them even less often than anyone else.
And so far, we’ve only had around eight of them in the kitchen and in theory. Maybe. It’s trouble enough keeping track of them and I can only remember my three favourites and my group’s tutor. It doesn’t help about five of them are from England, three from Scotland and I have no idea where the other four are from. ACCENTS MEAN NOTHING.
But I’m getting off track.

Monday was our first day back in kitchen after three weeks of theory. We got a shiny new tutor. Who is almost literally shiny. He likes pots being clean after we use them. (We spent half an hour in clean up scrubbing black gunge off the pans…)
He’s also the ‘truffle tree guy’, one of the few non-British tutors (a New Zealander actually :o), one of the tutors who wears one of the stick-y up paper hats because it makes them look taller and who also bears a resemblance to James Marsters.

Well, not exactly. The cheekbones aren’t painful to look at and there’s something off with the forehead/cheekbone ratio that if you actually pay attention means there’s only a little resemblance. But still, the resemblance is there and I lol at it. Because, you know. It’s hard not to when one of your cooking tutors looks like a pop culture actor.
He is also named Trevor.

By the way, our theory classes are still teaching us how to cook humans. )

Although I find it slightly annoying that we're being taught classical French cookery yet TOMATOES feature prominently... )


Here, have some completely unrelated sketches and doodles I've been doing in theory. )

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