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Spoilers for Brave, obviously )

Oh, and go see Brave as the emotional plot line is more mature than you think, the animation and music are gorgeous, there are hilarious moments and yay! Two wonderful female main characters as well.

ETA: There's entries under the TBA section of future Disney films for Into the Woods and The Graveyard Book. Eeeee! (Okay, so the Mary Poppins spin-off, Oz prequel, Maleficent, the unannounced Marvel character and Doctor Strange movies are also exciting to hear about, but nowhere near as much as the above two are.)
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Why did I not know that Anthony Horowitz has been chosen to write a new Sherlock Holmes novel?
But but but, guh. He knows how to write detective stories. I believe this will turn out better than that Winnie-the-Pooh 'sequel'. Also, Conan Doyle's estate is pretty nifty and rather cool and (used to, at least) send back IC letters if you sent them stuff asking about Sherlock Holmes. This makes them more awesome than most authors' estates (except maybe J. R. R. Tolkien's, because his family was/is actually kind of supportive of his writing, unlike every one elses' family, who got terribly embarrassed as kids) so I would think they know what they're doing.

In other news, I am terribly distraught that the largest bookstore (which sucks, because it only stocks bestsellers and has a pitiful fantasy selection) in NZ may be shutting down. )

In regards to the horrible earthquake in New Zealand that you may have heard about: I do not live in Christchurch and all/most of the people I know who have family and friends there have confirmed they are safe. The whole event is rather alarming and concerning though, especially because Christchurch isn't a city built on volcanoes or numerous multiple fault lines. And makes me wish there were an adjusted Richter scale that takes into account the depth of an earthquake.
I am also terribly sad that the Christchurch Cathedral is in ruins.
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I read these two books shortly after each other and now I am dead from it.

Ink Exchange, along with Wicked Lovely, are the two stand alones in the series. Meaning you can read those independent of each other and still get what’s going on. The other three, you need to have read those two books to understand.
With that in mind, yes you can read Ink Exchange first but then you don’t get a superior feeling of knowing what happened with Aislinn and an ‘oh!’ when you realise who was in the tattoo shop that time.

So... on Ink Exchange... )

Now, Fragile Eternity. This was… interesting and made me yo-yo between being angry at Seth and squeeing at him. It also made me really dislike Keenan as well. Not that I ever liked Keenan in the first place, but it drives home the fact he’s a manipulating bastard, which we only got to see a little bit of in Ink Exchange. (And not at all in Wicked Lovely, which makes sense as Aislinn is completely blind to that side of him and that book is hers.)
I found more to comment about in this book. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s Seth’s book or because it’s the first book that is actually part of the series rather than a stand-alone. Because on one hand it’s SETH and I usually find something to say about my favourite characters but on the other there’s PLOT and threads of war and betrayal. Or perhaps it’s got characters becoming a bit more human as well as becoming a bit more inhuman.

So, as I mentioned above, Seth was my favourite character and this book made him swing rather violently in and out of my good graces... )

Three books

May. 4th, 2009 03:35 pm
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These review thingies are so overdue for these books. I finished them a month ago… orz

Chalice – Robin McKinley )
Wicked Lovely – Melisa Marr )
The Birthday of the World and Other Stories – Ursula K. Le Guin )

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