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So this is basically a copy/paste from tumblr, where I have talked in the tags of various posts about things, so this isn't a complete picture of my thought. It's very close though, but it is stream of thought, and so terribly late. It's also 3.5k long.
I love the fact that in the first five minutes, they made us love Sam. I was expecting that scene to come after the ship scene, but no, it was first. (A lot of the war-related trauma and RSA (or whatever the American version is called) went over my head, except for the fact that war is a terrible thing and they both experienced it.) And they just lead in with how Sam has a sense of humour and is understanding and valiant and compassionate.
He's a pretty good 'foil' for Steve too, because his quest for righteousness in the world, while on a smaller level, starts with the personal rather than the national/global. I really want to see what he thinks about Steve's quest to find (and rehabilitate) Bucky, because while that is a personal scale motive, Sam isn't going to be concentrating on Bucky, he's going to be focused on Steve and how it's affecting him.
And a note about this being set in DC: I watch Bones, it's set in DC, there's lots of semi-romantic stuff with the cenotaph/memorial in the distance and the reflecting pool and the Lincoln thing. Plus I watched X-men: First Class and the very subtext laden chess game on those steps RIGHT WHERE THE CAMERA WAS FOR STEVE AND SAM RUNNING.
Basically a ton of stuff I've watched associates that shot of staring down the pool at the memorial with establishing relationships and reaffirming them. Maybe it's the only place film crew are allowed to shoot from, but that shot definitely went a long way to establishing Sam/Steve as a valid ship for me.
Natasha sharing most of the funny lines with Sam was lovely )
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Spoilers for Brave, obviously )

Oh, and go see Brave as the emotional plot line is more mature than you think, the animation and music are gorgeous, there are hilarious moments and yay! Two wonderful female main characters as well.

ETA: There's entries under the TBA section of future Disney films for Into the Woods and The Graveyard Book. Eeeee! (Okay, so the Mary Poppins spin-off, Oz prequel, Maleficent, the unannounced Marvel character and Doctor Strange movies are also exciting to hear about, but nowhere near as much as the above two are.)
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So, as I have been reading far too much X-men fanfiction recently and I don’t follow X-men at all outside of the movies (of which I’ve only seen three, First Class included) and the second animated series I decided to look at Wikipedia to inform me. Also, I wanted to check whether the fact Nightcrawler’s hair is grounds for a Sandman crossover. (X-men is Marvel, Sandman is DC so er… in-universe is out, BUT IT’S SO CURLY and exactly like Desire’s hair and now I want to read something that involves the two of them.)
Which lead to me looking at Magneto’s timeline and… holy crap. I don’t think I’ve got enough suspension of belief for the comic canon. I’ll just stick to movie/cartoon canon and fanon. It’s er… kind of more believable. Though the House of M storyline does seem kind of cool. Also, Magneto has a case of twins in the family tree. Both his kids and his grandkids have pairs of twins in them. His grandkids seem the coolest out of the lot though, with a fan favourite – Wiccan – and the cutie Luna (whose mother is called Polaris and eee, geeky celestial name love!) being two of them. It almost makes me sad that in my headcanon (which is pretty much hybrid genetics) that they wouldn’t have children. Although… yeah, if there are great-grandkids in a storyline the story’s been going on far too long. Especially if the great-grandparents are still alive. And er… comics shouldn’t HAVE complex family trees.

And I found out more stuff about Magneto, including how Ian McKellen ALSO wishes that Magneto and Professor X got together )

I then talk about Moira, beards, history and how I REALLY want a crossover featuring Canton the III )

Followed by Raven, yet more rambling about how horrible comic book family trees are as well as more wishing for a Doctor Who crossover. )

Suddenly a distraction! Or a demon named Azazel who has a kid in New Zealand and is played by an actor who did a remake of a British sci-fi pioneer and worked with David Tennant, thus proving that every English actor ever has worked with every other English actor. )

Also, Mark Gatiss is awesome. And there should be a Doctor Who and Haruhi Suzumiya crossover of a kind. )

And that pretty much sums up my exciting adventure through Wikipedia. If you find such things as interesting. I know I found it interesting, even though I went on tangents galore and isn’t it such a pretty thing to see how my mind works.
//shutting up now

But wait, there's footnotes! )

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So a week ago I watched the new X-men movie.
Which is supposedly bad if you follow the comics at all, but I've only really seen the first and third movies and a sizeable chunk of the animated series in 2005. So to me as a person not too invested in the series, it was fairly shiny and explody but not BAD even though there wasn't quite enough focus on the parts I wanted.

I still tightened my slash goggles though, you know, just in case it was bad as people had been screaming on the internet and I needed some hilarity.

As a result, I kinda ship Darwin/Havoc and of course Erik/Xavier. The latter of which had a similar amount of subtext supertext the level of the Doctor/the Master.
I assume you don't want a whole lot of rambling about their subtext clogging your flists. And me going on about other stuff in the movie too. )

Go into a movie expecting it to be crap and with your slash goggles strapped on very firmly and a movie will be HILARIOUS. Even when it isn't bad and actually kind of fun because you don't care too much about the canon anyway.
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Whoo! My bi-yearly icon change around. I still need a few more I think. Something slashy, switch around the Pokemon one, another cute thing and maybe either something shiny and sciency.

ANYWAY. The episode.

Which had gloriously Neil Gaiman-y music even. )

Things that I am glad for from this episode. )

As a consequence of the TARDIS being put into a human, I now kind of ship... well, what I said in the title. Also, my hair can do crazy. We all know what that means. )

Tangentally, if I were to have a ride in the TARDIS... )

The unrelated bits at the end:
I keep hearing dubstep in TV programs. This is somewhat disconcerting, as it's a very NOT mainstream kind of genre. Except it kind of is, but not... it's somewhere between popular and obscure and bits of it float through and those floating through bits mystify me. Especially because they're original bits of dubstep, not dubstep mixes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory songs or the lines the turrets say or Nyancat.

There should be a "I Want You Gone" and a "The Humans are Dead" mashup. I keep listening to the former and partway through singing "Binary solo! Zero zero one." during an instrumental bit.
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Firstly, go check out the Pixiv tag for Doctor Who. (You need an account to see the pictures large. I trust you can google how to sign up.)
It's only six pages but that isn't too bad for a foreign import with amusing dubbing (for those who know the original actors' voices anyway).
Of particular note are these fanarts. (There's stuff by feriowind, there's Amy and PLENTY of Ten. Oh, and of Eleven too. But mostly, almost entirely Ten.) The Amy + Doctor stuff is awfully cute though.

Secondly, I just discovered this, which is basically Paul McGann showing off the 'new' costume for Eight at Armageddon Auckland and a 11-ish Sonic apparently made by Weta.

I'm a little wary, as Armageddon Auckland is kind of a small 'con' (it's technically an expo) internationally, despite being the largest in New Zealand. (Stats for Saturday put attendance at 45k.) And it is, in the words of Bill (the event organiser, whom all the NZ cosplayers seem to know) "Pauls costume is not BBC approved, it's his interpretation of what he wants the costume to be" and "the new Paul McGann costume is totally unofficial. It was designed by Paul and arranged by bill Geradts in NZ" but Weta were involved, as was Bill but I just can't help but be excited.

Because while all of it may turn out not true or not eventuate, I am exploding with glee at the mere thought of Doctor Who, Eight/Paul McGann (who seems a wonderfully nice person and is now rather quite sad that Eight didn't get picked up for a series) and Weta Workshop possibly planning something, which may be happening in my country.

*should stop being so excited at this time of night*

Here, have more pics from the tweetstream: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9.

In related, but different news, Robert Llewellyn - the guy who was Kryten on Red Dwarf and hosted Scrapheap Challenge and currently does the odd presenting job, including his own chatshow and green car promoting - is attending next year.
This means I might be able to persuade my dad to come along.

Also of interest to Wellingtonians, The Dreamstress' talk 'From Pompeii to Paris' is having a redux at Massey on the 18th of November.
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I saw it.

Somewhere, there is a very unhappy Dream wondering what the hell is happening to his realm. There also needs to be more crossover fic with HOLiC as well as stuff exploring thaumaturgical architecture/architectural thaumaturgy and the Khloidanikos (from the Doctrine of Labyrinths series).

It was not that confusing. I survived and manage to help map out a timeline for Tsubasa. Inception is... comparable, but doesn't involve nearly as many stable time loops or paradoxical almost incestuous relationships. Um... it may have also helped I went expecting it to be "IT WAS ALL A DREAM" and thus it was a bit less than what I had expected.

This is probably spoilery )

Also a very odd movie if you can, or have ever, lucid dreamed. You find yourself mentally shouting at the screen about denying the situation and just willing a change.
The sensation of exiting a dream is also more like falling [into a black hole and becoming infinitesimaly dense], not falling prompts the exiting of a dream.
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So, End of Time and the start of a new season. Be warned, spoilers and opinions ahead.

End of Time, part one. )

End of Time, part two. )

On Matt Smith as the Doctor... )

TARDIS and other technical stuff )

On the episode itself )

Yes, EoT write up horribly late (and the Sarah Jane and Torchwood ones shall be done eventually I promise) but first episode of the new season... a bit less so.
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So, today was mostly spent in town with friends. Followed by an hour long talk/reading session by Neil Gaiman
Well, that and two and half hours spent waiting in line to get my copy of Coraline signed by said author. But now I have a picture of a rat drawn in that book and the possibilty that I slightly bewildered an author by thanking him for signing my book.

So I am happy and more than a bit tired and seriously considering bringing three litres of water as some people recommend when attending a fan gathering because I had a headache until I had some panadol half an hour ago.

And hoping very fervently that Neil Gaiman will come visit Wellington again and maybe talk about different stuff and read new things.

The next big fanthing that I will be possibly attending (but only if people (AKA friends, not just people I reconise from the cosplay picnic) I know are going) will be Armageddon, the local convention-like event. (It's officially an expo and most of the main floor is vendors. But it seems to be better this year, with more events organised, especially THREE cosplay ones.)
I am tempted to make a cosplay to make it worthwhile (Toeto version of Megurine Luka) but sewing and finding wig makes me just think that I may just finish my cat ears properly.


Feb. 7th, 2010 04:46 pm
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Neil Gaiman.
Is. Writing. (Or has written)

*dies from fangirly glee*

So, so, so need to get those writers week talk tickets.
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I got to watch ‘Waters of Mars’ last Sunday.
And it was good. As good as people were saying.

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What it is a site for those dorky baby/pet print sets. However, that has to be one of the most unfortunate website name/website design combination I have ever come across. (The site owner gives a little blurb about why it's named 'jacobella' but really, the name and header had me going D: for a moment as to why a Twilight-related site was linked to in a fairly serious craft blog.)

Anyway... I passed my assessment on Monday. 84% or so. So yay!
Next week is fairly messed up schedule wise though. Two days 2:00pm to 8:00pm and two days 8:00am to 2:00pm.
Then the week after that is a mixture of production kitchen and front of house. Fun.

In slightly more exciting news, Neil Gaiman is coming to New Zealand!
Here's the link to the event details.
I shall have to see if I can make it at all, but either way, I'm still excited a FAVOURITE author is coming to New Zealand, to WELLINGTON even.

In yet more fandom related news, I'm right now composing a enquiry feedback form thing for TVNZ as they still haven't aired Torchwood: CoE three months after it's airdate in the UK and about seven months after they said they would when I sent my first feedback form to them.

This is my query... and I'll let you know when I get a response. )

Yes, I know I am being rather persistent in hounding them... )
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So, we have about twelve tutors for my course. We do have a tutor assigned as our group tutor, but so far that seems to mean that we get them even less often than anyone else.
And so far, we’ve only had around eight of them in the kitchen and in theory. Maybe. It’s trouble enough keeping track of them and I can only remember my three favourites and my group’s tutor. It doesn’t help about five of them are from England, three from Scotland and I have no idea where the other four are from. ACCENTS MEAN NOTHING.
But I’m getting off track.

Monday was our first day back in kitchen after three weeks of theory. We got a shiny new tutor. Who is almost literally shiny. He likes pots being clean after we use them. (We spent half an hour in clean up scrubbing black gunge off the pans…)
He’s also the ‘truffle tree guy’, one of the few non-British tutors (a New Zealander actually :o), one of the tutors who wears one of the stick-y up paper hats because it makes them look taller and who also bears a resemblance to James Marsters.

Well, not exactly. The cheekbones aren’t painful to look at and there’s something off with the forehead/cheekbone ratio that if you actually pay attention means there’s only a little resemblance. But still, the resemblance is there and I lol at it. Because, you know. It’s hard not to when one of your cooking tutors looks like a pop culture actor.
He is also named Trevor.

By the way, our theory classes are still teaching us how to cook humans. )

Although I find it slightly annoying that we're being taught classical French cookery yet TOMATOES feature prominently... )


Here, have some completely unrelated sketches and doodles I've been doing in theory. )
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Rhiannon and Tamsin, I finally finished this a couple of weeks ago. I’ll probably even go and re-read The Merlin Conspiracy because it’s been a while since I did read it.
If you are not the two above, they had been needling me to read it. ‘It’ being Deep Secret, the book that comes before The Merlin Conspiracy and is kind of a prequel except not. I do believe though, that they are both listed as being part of Diana Wynne Jones’ Magids series.

The entire book is fun. It has random sci-fi/fantasy references and all the adventure happens at a convention. How could it not be absolute win? It even has Sandman references and this was written mere years after the series finished.
The obvious 90’s feel of it all also kind of added to the fun. I am not sure all the trials and tribulations concerning computers and disks would be as amusing if you weren’t imagining floppy discs and Windows 3.1.

But aside from the general geek/nerd squee, it also reads very much like home. Which sounds very odd but it’s one of those books that immediately feels comfy and warm as soon as you get a few pages into it. There are only a few authors and a few series which read like that for me. Mostly fantasy authors and series, and okay, Diana Wynne Jones is  one of those few authors but warm fuzzies from books! It makes me want to read them over and over again, because that warm fuzzy feeling is just so addictive. (Also, books are a bit less weird to get that feeling from than a movie which has

Unfortunately the combination of the two points above thus make me think this happens in the same universe as Good Omens. Yeah, I’ll just leave you with that image.

And I’d have a lot more squee here if I hadn’t returned the book two weeks ago. But I’ll settle for eyeing Rupert and how he went on about Rob and Nick’s prettiness way too much. Okay, so he also went ‘admire admire’ at Maree too, but… yeah, bi-dar activate!
Or something.
Except all the ‘ships/pairings were kind of ‘meh’, unless they were sibling relationships, in which case they were cute. (Yeah, both the Venables and Koryforian heirs.)
Keeping that in mind, I will admit Maree was unabashedly awesome.

That's it really... I wish I could say more aside from “It was really fun to read!” but yeah.


Jul. 1st, 2009 03:39 pm
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Amidst all the tweets I saw on Saturday, one made me squeal and be entirely too happy.

Cut for the SQUEE )

In other news, I went to donate blood on Monday. The previous attempt failed miserably, but this time, as people who are Facebook friends know, I actually succeeded.
Well, the nurses succeeded. I just kind of sat there and bled for them. But that’s totally cool.

But it seems that even if I do warn them that my veins are hard to find, they don’t bother looking to the side of where they usually look. Where there apparently IS a nice large vein that is very visible. *head desks*
The first person did find a vein in both my arms, but they were too deep. The one he thought was better and tried to get to just ended with the needle missing and my arm feeling very weird for a couple of minutes. Then another nurse came and tried finding one on the other arm, except couldn’t. So they then brought over another nurse who apparently is quite skilled at these things and SHE found the one to the side of my arm.
I suspect that something similar will happen the next time I go, unless I manage to get the same nurse. Or they make a note in my file.
For those who are curious, I am not particularly phobic of needles. Getting injections or IVs is no big deal for me, but I do NOT like seeing the needle actually go into my skin. I suspect this would be the same of any needle to pierce my skin except for sewing ones. In which case I am glad that I don’t particularly want any piercings below my neck. (Except for nail piercings, which are weird but absolutely painless and use a drill bit instead.)

So, needle problems aside, I actually donated blood. Hurrah! This also means I eventually get to find out what my blood type is. Either by getting a letter in the mail or when I visit next time.
Also, no vampire jokes please. I'm reading my way through Vampire Knight again. Missing kick-ass vampires currently and girls who have will. Yuuki, after reading about Maree? She can't even hold a candle to her. (Pun not intended but a very nice one regardless.) Will post about that later.
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For this, this makes the Bleach and Naruto chapters pale in comparison. Well, except for Ishida's grab of Orihime. That was cool too. (And entirely too reminiscent of Soul Society...)

Does this mean they're the kids or what?

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I reread The Will of the Empress this last week. And OMG I forgot how much I loved the Emelan universe. I love all four of them and they’re such a happy family.

I still don’t know why people want to ship any of them together. There are a whole heap of instances where you could see, if you were particularly over-zealous, shipping, but it’s mostly just cute stuff. Have people not heard of familial kisses? (Briar and Tris falling asleep on Daja’s bed while waiting for her to craft the ear beads and spectacles made me squeal “They’re like puppies!”)
And really, Daja’s quote:

“We are closer than you can begin to imagine — Sandry, Briar, Tris, me. We are the same person in a way you have never heard of”

sums it all up.


Also, new crack pairing! Briar/shakkan. It was seriously too cute all the times he fell asleep with it near him.
Briar in general is too adorable when he gets protective. (Yes, he is my favourite character, but only after Tris.)

I should make an effort to remember the herb name droughtwort, in case I do ever decide to write about how it works.


Totally off-topic but I really want to write a Circle/Doctrine of Labyrinths crossover.  Briar and Mildmay would really get along and Mildmay would love Daja for all the stories she could tell. Meanwhile, Tris and Felix would be chatting away awesomely. I’m not sure if Sandry would get along with either of the brothers though…

*puts the books on her permitted books to buy list*

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So I still haven't finished The Mirador. Technically. But I listened anyway.

And as much as I love the voice Sarah Monette uses for Mildmay, he's still going to have the lovely 'uh' vowels in my head.

I squealed over Felix and Mildmay being more like brothers. It's so cute.
Wish I could drag Felix into a Montessori classroom though, just to show him Mildmay's intelligence is something beautiful.

There be spoilers here )

This is going to be interesting.

And Mildmay and Felix are back in their journey arrangement of sharing a bed/blankets.
(This is actually quite amusing when Felix gets a flaily!nightmare.)

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