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First things first. I made this bag right at the beginning of the year.
I use it every day now, pretty much. )

Did you notice the buttons? No? Well, I got a whole bunch of neat ones. That I will show you.
I hope you don't have koumpounophobia. )

I promised photos of Tanpopo's cage progress. It's gotten a bit further than this, but it's pretty much permanently stalled at the moment...
I have not witty cut text for this. Really. )

And now for something completely different.
I have a DS lite. It was getting scratched up in my handbag (as seen above) so I made a case for it.
This is vaguely a step-by-step... )

The next project I did was because the bags we get given (for free) at course are ugly and everyone knows what type of course you're doing because they have the school emblazoned on the front.
Cut, because they really are ugly. As is the carpet. )

Cake. Sponge. Cream. Jam. Pink Lemonade. I haven't really taken any more pictures of things I've made. (That are on my laptop.)
Those photos are a lie, but not this cake! )
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Hey~ I already know of two people who have volunteered for Pastry course overflow duty, does anyone else want to volunteer?
Participants must be willing to receive texts between 12-1:30 and be willing to receive such goods via pick up or drop off that day. (Drop offs only possible if you reply by 1:30)

Disclaimers apply - generally not suited for vegans, dairy/wheat/gluten intolerant unless you are willing to suffer etc etc. I need to have your number if you want to be contacted. You need to be living in Wellington/Lower Hutt. (As much as I would love to send some of you other guys tasty food that I've made.)

Keep in mind that this won't be everyday, just when I have too much stuff that my family can't eat.
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And I am finished!
Well, except for work experience and exams.

We got the pastry tutor as our assessor rather randomly. It was vaguely alarming in the way that you think they're sizing you up.
HOWEVER, despite marks off for slightly undercooked rissotto that needed more seasoning and more garnish needed, he quite liked my dessert. Even though it did need more height.

(I shall post a phone pic of it sometime later. It is muchly pretty.)
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So, we have about twelve tutors for my course. We do have a tutor assigned as our group tutor, but so far that seems to mean that we get them even less often than anyone else.
And so far, we’ve only had around eight of them in the kitchen and in theory. Maybe. It’s trouble enough keeping track of them and I can only remember my three favourites and my group’s tutor. It doesn’t help about five of them are from England, three from Scotland and I have no idea where the other four are from. ACCENTS MEAN NOTHING.
But I’m getting off track.

Monday was our first day back in kitchen after three weeks of theory. We got a shiny new tutor. Who is almost literally shiny. He likes pots being clean after we use them. (We spent half an hour in clean up scrubbing black gunge off the pans…)
He’s also the ‘truffle tree guy’, one of the few non-British tutors (a New Zealander actually :o), one of the tutors who wears one of the stick-y up paper hats because it makes them look taller and who also bears a resemblance to James Marsters.

Well, not exactly. The cheekbones aren’t painful to look at and there’s something off with the forehead/cheekbone ratio that if you actually pay attention means there’s only a little resemblance. But still, the resemblance is there and I lol at it. Because, you know. It’s hard not to when one of your cooking tutors looks like a pop culture actor.
He is also named Trevor.

By the way, our theory classes are still teaching us how to cook humans. )

Although I find it slightly annoying that we're being taught classical French cookery yet TOMATOES feature prominently... )


Here, have some completely unrelated sketches and doodles I've been doing in theory. )
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Um... does wanting an ice cream cafe which has a vegan/vegetarian/gluten/wheat/dairy-free friendly menu count as a 'theme'?
Because yeah. I'd so want to open that.
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So, I got my shiny new camera about a month ago and I have been taking quite a few photos. None yet of the bush behind the house or just around but a lot of baking based stuff. Oh and the usual random stuff.

But this is baking post. So is filled with yummy.

First is chocolate cake.

This cake is NOT a lie )

Now, cookies. These are explicitly for you [ profile] princesspikeru, cute little sugar cookies made with a cookie press.

With cute little demarara sprinkles as well. )

So, I hope I didn't make you too hungry there.
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The Blood donation centre are having a holiday break and don't open again until the 5th.

BUT before I go afurther, I must mention, with complete spazziness, that Terry Pratchett has made it onto the New Years honours list. This means he is, more or less, officially a knight.

Back to failed attempt at donating blood: so me and my dad will go back again on Monday, get me all signed up and maybe I will be able to donate blood then, maybe not. But my dad will at any rate.
Reason why I'm going to donate blood )

Upside of getting up early = I did some baking and ice cream making. The ice cream is double chocolate swirl. Haven't had the chance to taste it, but the custard was good, so I'm betting the final product will be heavenly.
The baking was some bizarre mix between apple pie and apple crumble and a slice. It turned out surprisingly good.

I shall have to take pictures of both when I get my new camera. (Which should arrive soon~)

Random stuff on way to closed donation centre:
There was a shop called "The Lily Shop". I did a double take for a moment, to make sure the name was not 'Yuri' (because, I believe, that is the translation of yuri...) and then to see what it actually sold.
It sold flowers. It was a florists.
Obviously I have dug far too deep into the depths of anime/manga pervertism.

I saw a dog.
This is not an unusual occurrence, but the thought process was not and went something approximately like this: We go on and on about animal cruelty, especially to unwanted kittens and puppies being abandoned but we're also comitting animal cruelty by spaying and neutering. We're denying them the right to reproduce and if you went up to people and said "Sorry, but we're going to have to sterilise you because there are too many humans on the planet" (and then proceeded to do so) you'd get tried for human rights violation.
However, I do understand why (In a whole prevention rather than reaction thing. Condoms vs. abortions, that kind of thing.) so, if I ever get a cat or dog I will do my bit and have it spayed/neutered. But I'll still get a bit sad that I'm denying it the right to procreate.
(However, I will do my best to prevent any such pet from killing birds, especially if I don't move overseas.)

Also, see previous entry. That Tui ad was so asking for me to go fangirl on it's ass. (Literally, I think?)

more ramble )

Day sept

Dec. 13th, 2008 10:34 pm
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1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it’s just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

What Made Me Happy Today: FINAL DAY OF MEME. (Actually, I'll do another day, just because)

But what really made me happy was the pizza for dinner. We usually get Domino's, which is okay, but not brilliant. Today though, we got some pizza at Wholly Bagels.
And it was DELICIOUS. We got the New Yorker size, which was HUMONGOUS and was barely finished by the three of us. (My dad, my mum and me) The cheese was good but the crust was excellent. Mmm... recomending it to everyone.
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I have nothing better to do, aside from maybe touching some fics... but anyway, a piccy post!

first is my new glasses! )
Tanpopo progress! )

No piccys of fishy, as I haven't done much more to him.
I have however, completed another machine-felted scarf in pretty orange/red colours. No pics this time though...


And a bonus doodle )

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