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So Campbell Live, a post-news opinion/fluff show did an informal poll last night asking whether New Zealanders supported same sex marriage. This is relevant because yesterday the Marriage Equality act was drawn from the ballot box to be discussed and voted upon next month.
The results were a disappointing 42% in favour and 58% against. However, that was an informal poll weighted towards those who don't immediately switch channels after watching the news and who cared enough to text in. There may have been some voting no because of how TV3 used 'same sex marriage' rather than 'marriage equality'. Other polls, including a formal one, have 63% in favour, 6% undecided and 31% opposed, with the undecideds flopping one way or another if only two options are given. The TV3 interview polling also had similar numbers, although they only interviewed like sixty people.

But it was really disheartening to see those numbers. I returned to some thoughts I had previously – that for all that New Zealand loves to project this warm and welcoming, clean, green and liberal image, there are still some nasty pockets of xenophobia, sexism, classism and other types bigotry lurking in our society. It was nice to see that most of the under-30s interviewed were all 'why not?' but quite a few of the older people interviewed were "I don't like that sort of thing, it doesn't belong here" in that supercilious tone that grates on my nerves.

I also wonder if the thing that discomforts people about marriage equality, is that the 'traditional' marriage has a man owning a woman (for... most of history actually) and having power over her, and what brings them to say that 'marriage should be between a man and a woman' is that the thought of a man owning another man is bizarre and why would one man submit to another? A woman having ownership and power over another woman is just as bizarre a thought and both of these situations are as inconceivable as the idea that maybe, perhaps, both parties in a marriage should have equal power and that marriage is a mutual agreement.

I'm just rambling now, but it honestly scares that this thought process might actually be valid for some people, tucked away deep in their minds, not even conscious of how they've reached the conclusion that marriage equality is a bad thing. I have no words as to how incredibly sad that the issue may just revolve around deep-set misogyny and sexism and not religion. I can respect religion, I think people who have unshakeable faith in their chosen belief are pretty cool and that people who fight with their beliefs, e.g. Picasso, are some of the most amazing people, but it isn't churches and religious institutions who are arguing whether or not marriage equality should be a thing.
It's government. It's a law that sets out how a contract between two people exclusively (for the moment) is to be constructed and what lawful and monetary benefits and privileges are obtained as a result of that contract and partnership. It's not asking for a god's blessing over a union, it's a legal binding of two otherwise unrelated people (well, first cousins maybe, depending on local laws and no one really keeps track of second cousins let alone third cousins) done primarily out of love. If it had a different name and you could get a similar contract with your flatmate or best friend, nearly no one would complain.

Marriage used to be a mechanism to ensure that a man had a child who was his that he could pass on his land to. It's not like that any more. We have wills and other complex legal documents that mean that blood and birthright isn't how property is divided any more. Some people don't even want to pass on property. Marriage, in the 'traditional' sense between a man and a woman, is socio-legally outdated.
And yes, I do hope that with marriage equality for homosexual couples there's move toward the concept of marriage beginning to step away from the sexual/romantic concept it currently is to something much more pragmatic that allows for best friends to be labelled as next of kin or long term house mates to manage their house and finances more easily or perhaps plural marriages. But marriage equality for all gender combinations is a good start.
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So, as I have been reading far too much X-men fanfiction recently and I don’t follow X-men at all outside of the movies (of which I’ve only seen three, First Class included) and the second animated series I decided to look at Wikipedia to inform me. Also, I wanted to check whether the fact Nightcrawler’s hair is grounds for a Sandman crossover. (X-men is Marvel, Sandman is DC so er… in-universe is out, BUT IT’S SO CURLY and exactly like Desire’s hair and now I want to read something that involves the two of them.)
Which lead to me looking at Magneto’s timeline and… holy crap. I don’t think I’ve got enough suspension of belief for the comic canon. I’ll just stick to movie/cartoon canon and fanon. It’s er… kind of more believable. Though the House of M storyline does seem kind of cool. Also, Magneto has a case of twins in the family tree. Both his kids and his grandkids have pairs of twins in them. His grandkids seem the coolest out of the lot though, with a fan favourite – Wiccan – and the cutie Luna (whose mother is called Polaris and eee, geeky celestial name love!) being two of them. It almost makes me sad that in my headcanon (which is pretty much hybrid genetics) that they wouldn’t have children. Although… yeah, if there are great-grandkids in a storyline the story’s been going on far too long. Especially if the great-grandparents are still alive. And er… comics shouldn’t HAVE complex family trees.

And I found out more stuff about Magneto, including how Ian McKellen ALSO wishes that Magneto and Professor X got together )

I then talk about Moira, beards, history and how I REALLY want a crossover featuring Canton the III )

Followed by Raven, yet more rambling about how horrible comic book family trees are as well as more wishing for a Doctor Who crossover. )

Suddenly a distraction! Or a demon named Azazel who has a kid in New Zealand and is played by an actor who did a remake of a British sci-fi pioneer and worked with David Tennant, thus proving that every English actor ever has worked with every other English actor. )

Also, Mark Gatiss is awesome. And there should be a Doctor Who and Haruhi Suzumiya crossover of a kind. )

And that pretty much sums up my exciting adventure through Wikipedia. If you find such things as interesting. I know I found it interesting, even though I went on tangents galore and isn’t it such a pretty thing to see how my mind works.
//shutting up now

But wait, there's footnotes! )

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In response to this:

Every mid-year cinematic season feels like it's filled with comic book adaptations. And are mostly superhero ones at that, which is generally why I don't watch them. Thor is really the only one I was curious this time around in seeing that I hadn't already seen others of. Mostly because eeee! Norse Mythology! Also, Australian actor who vaguely kinda looks like this Wellingtonian cosplayer and thus makes me do a double take. But eeee! Norse Mythology! Even if people do confuse Thor for Odin more times than I can count... (And a friend will probably force me to watch Iron Man at some point. But that showed ages ago and thus doesn't count for this mid-year season.)

Anyway, that list is nice though. There's interesting back story and graphic novels and plain old interesting characters. (I would've liked to have seen more graphic novels personally, but that's mostly because I don't read many regular comics outside of webcomics.)

I do vaguely wish that the list composer hadn't dismissed manga and anime out of hand. )

I still want a 3D animated Pokemon film though. )
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I should do a proper what's been happening with me entry but the final xxxHOLiC (Rou) chapter has me whatting so much I need to just expunge all my frustrations in more than 140 characters.

Firstly, the time skip? There was a fic floating around reasonably recently in which Doumeki's grandson stepped up to do the groceries.
Which I can't find and is annoying me greatly. I want to point at it and laugh at how right it is.

Here be spoilers )
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Sometimes, when reading HOLiC fics, especially ones concerning Doumeki and Watanuki - though sometimes I get it when reading about Himawari and Doumeki - I get the urge to write a essay or fic or something about what they all have for each other. Like how Doumeki has loyalty-protection-love for Watanuki, while Himawari has fondness-notquiteyearning-love for him. And then Himawari and Doumeki have this weird relationship where they're figuratively each other's only port in a storm, as their third is too dense to figure out he has anything but fondness for both of them, and thus the only option for physical intimacy but they're still colluding together to make a happy OT3 work out.

I kind of wish everything HOLiC wasn't quite so angsty.
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My parents and I had the most TERRIBLE luck when Children of Earth ran on TV2. It was on a 10:30 at night on a Wednesday, which is a bit too late if one intends to wake up at 6 the next morning, so we taped most of them.

First episode we completely missed, either to the fact I mis-read the day or that they changed the day at the last minute.
Then for the next two episodes, the video recorder chopped off the last five minutes because it ran past the time it said on the digital schedule thing.
For the fourth episode, my dad had left the TV on mute, so there was no sound. (Luckily, the episode had been subbed for the hearing impaired.)
And for the final one, we decided to stay up late, but if we hadn’t, the timer would have worked WONDERFULLY as I had figured out how to alter the digital schedule thing.

I almost ended up paying $50 for a Blu-Ray disc of CoE that I might not have been able to watch as well, except I nicely asked the lady behind the counter, and there was a regular version, so luck was with me then, fortunately.
So… it’s kind of pointless for me to do an episode by episode thing, seeing as I still haven’t gotten around to watching the DVD and what I did see was compromised in someway.
Thusly, in vaugely chronological order:

Warning, spoilers. But you know, mostly vague ones that are comments really and not too specific. )

All in all, I'm kind of glad that the current season of Doctor Who means that maybe Children of Earth never happened... )

Hilarious ETA )

The entry on The Sarah Jane Adventures should be up in a couple of days? Hopefully.
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So, End of Time and the start of a new season. Be warned, spoilers and opinions ahead.

End of Time, part one. )

End of Time, part two. )

On Matt Smith as the Doctor... )

TARDIS and other technical stuff )

On the episode itself )

Yes, EoT write up horribly late (and the Sarah Jane and Torchwood ones shall be done eventually I promise) but first episode of the new season... a bit less so.
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I have no idea if this is intentional, but I do find it ridiculously funny that there is a section of a Wikipedia article labelled 'Over 9000'.
The article in question is the Roud Folk Song Index which is kind of staggering in its length. Over nine thousand indeed.

It's kind of interesting going through and clicking on song names that are interesting too. My favourite so far has been Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight which is awesome, because the titular lady kicks ass.

Another one that was delightfully diversionary was Sweet Polly Oliver, which I recognised of course from Monstrous Regiment and had fun looking at all the Female Wartime Crossdressers. *proceeds to list all the ones she likes* Ulrika Eleonora Stålhammar, Deborah Sampson, Christian Cavanagh/Kit Cavanagh, Maria van Antwerpen and finally, one that's a bit weird Enrique Favez.
I have to say, I'm particularly amused by the fact that quite a few got military pensions and several were praised for 'preserving their chastity' during service.

And, somehow, I ended up looking at macaroni penguins.
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Usually I find it amusing when I rather accidentally stumble across something. This time I'm just kind of staring at the screen.

Firstly, I started off browsing some webcomics. Khaos Komix (even though the art style is messy... damn the story is compelling) was my start point and I got waylaid by Honeydew Syndrome (gorgeous art) and ended up reading Incubus Tales. (Not Safe For Work At ALL.) Perhaps a few others as well, but none memorable enough to link.

Anyway, one comic that kept up popping up in the links section of these webcomics was Crowfeathers, which, after looking at a few pages, I decided was not for me and decided to look at the non-comic pages to see if there was anything interesting.
The about page was rather interesting and in the music section there were two songs I know, one I didn't and couldn't be bothered to look up and one that sounded familiar.
So I looked that one up, got a load of hits for Cyndi Lauper, went to the Wikipedia disambiguation page and found out it rang a bell because I had probably looked it up while browsing stuff about the Prom(menade)s and because it's a tune used in a work by one of my ancestors.

Not that I really paid much attention to what was written about The Beggar's Opera and how it seems to be a pivotal piece in musical theatre history and a work of satire.
John Gay seems very witty though, so perhaps I should take more of an interest in my ancestor and read some of his poetry.

Rambling aside, 'All through the Night' is a rather pretty tune, if predictable, and quite nice with lyrics as well if it isn't a chorus version.

Music under here )

(I swear, some countries have INSTANTLY identifiable sounds in their music. Doesn't the above just SCREAM 'BRITISH ISLES!' at you? Or at the very least 'THE COMMONWEALTH!'? I mean, I thought it was just New Zealand mainstream pop that it happened with, but apparently not...)

Also, I've also surmised, by virtue of jumping around to Discworld to check on the new TV adaption and then jumping to Neverwhere, that series like Midsomer Murders and Silent Witness and all sorts of those running serials are the life blood of British actors.
And I shouldn't get all excited because of the very same reason that one actor has appeared in Neverwhere, The Vicar of Dibley, My Family, Foyle's War, Midsomer Murders, Waking the Dead, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Because most of those roles were for only one episode.
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So, we have about twelve tutors for my course. We do have a tutor assigned as our group tutor, but so far that seems to mean that we get them even less often than anyone else.
And so far, we’ve only had around eight of them in the kitchen and in theory. Maybe. It’s trouble enough keeping track of them and I can only remember my three favourites and my group’s tutor. It doesn’t help about five of them are from England, three from Scotland and I have no idea where the other four are from. ACCENTS MEAN NOTHING.
But I’m getting off track.

Monday was our first day back in kitchen after three weeks of theory. We got a shiny new tutor. Who is almost literally shiny. He likes pots being clean after we use them. (We spent half an hour in clean up scrubbing black gunge off the pans…)
He’s also the ‘truffle tree guy’, one of the few non-British tutors (a New Zealander actually :o), one of the tutors who wears one of the stick-y up paper hats because it makes them look taller and who also bears a resemblance to James Marsters.

Well, not exactly. The cheekbones aren’t painful to look at and there’s something off with the forehead/cheekbone ratio that if you actually pay attention means there’s only a little resemblance. But still, the resemblance is there and I lol at it. Because, you know. It’s hard not to when one of your cooking tutors looks like a pop culture actor.
He is also named Trevor.

By the way, our theory classes are still teaching us how to cook humans. )

Although I find it slightly annoying that we're being taught classical French cookery yet TOMATOES feature prominently... )


Here, have some completely unrelated sketches and doodles I've been doing in theory. )
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Honourably asked for from [ profile] terza_teabeef

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

1. Tea (mainly because of that one icon)
That one icon that I had for my default for ages. And only recently switched out of. Because Yuuko wasn't getting enough love
I had this icon as my default, mostly because I'd sometimes comment to a community which wasn't anime/manga based and I felt really stupid using an anime/manga icon. So I had one stock icon, and, since my previous default was some pretty pink flowers and also stock, I made it my default.
Also, jasmine tea is perfectly fine if you don't let it brew for more than twenty minutes.

2. Torchwood
I have been rambling about it a lot recently, haven't I? ^__^; And it's relatively new seeing as I only started watching it about half a year ago.
Knowledge of its existence actually goes about... two years back? I was looking up the mytical Kinsey scale on Wikipedia and by a bit of link hopping through sexuality and styles of love, I ended up looking up this TV show that had everyone as bisexual and one particular character as pansexual. I didn't quite make the connection with Doctor Who at that time, but I think I stared at the page for half aminute before deciding it was totally cool and it was a shame that I'd probably never see it on NZ TV.
And then I practically bounced when I saw the listing for it in the newspaper.
Fits nicely into my "Love people, not who or what they are" ideology too.

3. Fai
I have absolutely no idea when I started liking Fai.
It may have been when I was watching the anime on internet TV and I caught an Outo episode and there was that 'Big Kitty, Little Kitty' thing and he was making comments from the sidelines when Syaoran and Kurogane fight the demons.
Really not sure on this, because I watched a bit of the anime, then a bit later read the manga -entirely batch reading some parts, the result of which is that I entirely too hazy on the original Acid Tokyo arc- then tried watching the anime again and somewhere between Acid Tokyo and Celes, I started fangirling him.
I have been peripherally aware of Tsubasa for... eight years now (yay for CCS fansites that then became combination Tsubasa sites) and that episode of Tsubasa that watched would've been around the time I was aware of Bleach, so... about three years ago I first watched it.

4. Bleach
And then I start RAMBLING )
5. Reading
More rambling )
Wow... that was long. Will do a short book post and another meme and maybe a dreamlog later on. After some sleep.
Also, Tamsin, my family is going to see your play tonight.
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Well, yesterday's attempt at donating blood did not go well.
Because they couldn't find a vein large enough for the needle.
So that sucks and I will have to try again another day and perhaps I should point out the nice large one on the outside of my left elbow that you can see without the pressure band. (I have some rather nice veins which show up green because they're right under my olive-y skin.)

Went to see The Curious case of Benjamin Button afterwards.
It wasn't bad per se, but I definitely wouldn't be cajoled into watching it again. Was another 'meh' movie, although a bit more meh than Twilight. You could at least talk about more things you liked/disliked in Twilight whereas the only things to gripe about with Benjamin Button were: it was a bit too long, Daisy's accent was annoying (it was... TOO Louisiannan), there were obvious shots of Brad Pitt for the fans and HOW THE HELL DID A THREE HOUR MOVIE COME FROM A SHORT STORY?
Not a recommendation from me then.

BUT. Not quite the purpose of this entry.

A couple of days ago, I asked a friend why he started reading, promising him that I would give him my answer when he responded. (I also said it'd likely be in blog format, as it'd take to long to type in an email and I figure that it'd also prove interesting to you lot.)
So, on why I read )

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