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Filling out the New Zealand election review submission form like it's an exam. Because I'm awkward like that and with questions phrased like "Should the 5% threshold be kept or changed? Why? If you recommend change, what should it be and why?" it's really hard not to. Although some questions are poorly worded, such as "Is this a problem, and what should be done to fix it?", as that invites people who don't think it's a problem to not even answer and thus makes it a question where there would be informal opinions/votes.

I love democracy though. It allows me to do such a thing as tell the electoral comission that I'd really like a lower threshold and that publicly alterable party lists would be rather nice. 

Even if almost all the names on both the five-minute and full submissions pages seem to be men. :/

And yes, I'm not dead. Mostly because I am in an ongoing battle to clear my Chrome tabs out, and I log into LJ on Sleipnir. Also, all the fandom noise seems to have moved elsewhere/Tumblr, which makes me sad. Because Tumblr definitely has pretty, but it's so... noisy.
There is a link post burgeoning with links in the works though and several well overdue media-response posts. 

But in the meantime, if you are a New Zealand person, go say something in the MMP review. Also, my tumblr is csgcreative. Note that I will only follow you if you reblog/post interesting things, so uh... yes. Please tell me if you have a tumblr anyway!

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Why did I not know that Anthony Horowitz has been chosen to write a new Sherlock Holmes novel?
But but but, guh. He knows how to write detective stories. I believe this will turn out better than that Winnie-the-Pooh 'sequel'. Also, Conan Doyle's estate is pretty nifty and rather cool and (used to, at least) send back IC letters if you sent them stuff asking about Sherlock Holmes. This makes them more awesome than most authors' estates (except maybe J. R. R. Tolkien's, because his family was/is actually kind of supportive of his writing, unlike every one elses' family, who got terribly embarrassed as kids) so I would think they know what they're doing.

In other news, I am terribly distraught that the largest bookstore (which sucks, because it only stocks bestsellers and has a pitiful fantasy selection) in NZ may be shutting down. )

In regards to the horrible earthquake in New Zealand that you may have heard about: I do not live in Christchurch and all/most of the people I know who have family and friends there have confirmed they are safe. The whole event is rather alarming and concerning though, especially because Christchurch isn't a city built on volcanoes or numerous multiple fault lines. And makes me wish there were an adjusted Richter scale that takes into account the depth of an earthquake.
I am also terribly sad that the Christchurch Cathedral is in ruins.
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So. Post-exam cosplay picnic CNZ meetup thing will probably be happening again.
It seems to be Pokemon themed.

I may, depending on whether I do some black on black unpicking, find some purple hair dye and a tacky red necklace, be tempted to go as Misdreavus.

And shush, I know it's a blue-green black, but we're talking closet gijinka cosplay here.

Yay? or Nay?
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Firstly, go check out the Pixiv tag for Doctor Who. (You need an account to see the pictures large. I trust you can google how to sign up.)
It's only six pages but that isn't too bad for a foreign import with amusing dubbing (for those who know the original actors' voices anyway).
Of particular note are these fanarts. (There's stuff by feriowind, there's Amy and PLENTY of Ten. Oh, and of Eleven too. But mostly, almost entirely Ten.) The Amy + Doctor stuff is awfully cute though.

Secondly, I just discovered this, which is basically Paul McGann showing off the 'new' costume for Eight at Armageddon Auckland and a 11-ish Sonic apparently made by Weta.

I'm a little wary, as Armageddon Auckland is kind of a small 'con' (it's technically an expo) internationally, despite being the largest in New Zealand. (Stats for Saturday put attendance at 45k.) And it is, in the words of Bill (the event organiser, whom all the NZ cosplayers seem to know) "Pauls costume is not BBC approved, it's his interpretation of what he wants the costume to be" and "the new Paul McGann costume is totally unofficial. It was designed by Paul and arranged by bill Geradts in NZ" but Weta were involved, as was Bill but I just can't help but be excited.

Because while all of it may turn out not true or not eventuate, I am exploding with glee at the mere thought of Doctor Who, Eight/Paul McGann (who seems a wonderfully nice person and is now rather quite sad that Eight didn't get picked up for a series) and Weta Workshop possibly planning something, which may be happening in my country.

*should stop being so excited at this time of night*

Here, have more pics from the tweetstream: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9.

In related, but different news, Robert Llewellyn - the guy who was Kryten on Red Dwarf and hosted Scrapheap Challenge and currently does the odd presenting job, including his own chatshow and green car promoting - is attending next year.
This means I might be able to persuade my dad to come along.

Also of interest to Wellingtonians, The Dreamstress' talk 'From Pompeii to Paris' is having a redux at Massey on the 18th of November.
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Hey~ I already know of two people who have volunteered for Pastry course overflow duty, does anyone else want to volunteer?
Participants must be willing to receive texts between 12-1:30 and be willing to receive such goods via pick up or drop off that day. (Drop offs only possible if you reply by 1:30)

Disclaimers apply - generally not suited for vegans, dairy/wheat/gluten intolerant unless you are willing to suffer etc etc. I need to have your number if you want to be contacted. You need to be living in Wellington/Lower Hutt. (As much as I would love to send some of you other guys tasty food that I've made.)

Keep in mind that this won't be everyday, just when I have too much stuff that my family can't eat.
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Well, it isn't pictures of ladies scandoulously dressed in floor length night gowns, but it is pretty much Victorian (and Edwardian) slash in America.
Actually it's more EPIC BROMANCE. With, you know, men draping themselves over other men.

A lot of text to accompany the photos but it's interesting historical stuffs.

I would kind of love to see a steampunk photoshoot based on the attitudes of the era. Just, you know, for the applied subtext of our era.
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I've more or less just come back from watching a performance of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

Oh god the lulz. We're talking crossdressing because Mozart wanted a mezzo and then CROSS CROSSDRESSING because Cherubino crossdresses in the plot. Said Cherubino is maybe something like fourteen and is hopelessly infatuated with every female he sees (but only pays attention to Susanna and Rosina/Lady Almaviva.)
Susanna is kind of awesome. Just, downright awesome. She outwits the Lord and confuses her husband (who is in turn trying to outwit the Lord Almaviva) and do I really need to say anything more.
Figaro himself was rather okay, but more because he was rather amusing and was a perfect match for Susanna than anything else. (Also, he recognises Susanna in the fourth act because of her slaps voice. This is AMAZING in opera terms but fun because it's obvious they have a Slap Slap Kiss relationship.) Figaro apparently also has a birthmark in the shape of a spatula, which I have only just learnt.

There was of course, the many humorous moments in the play (it is a comedy) but I particularly liked the moment when Marcellina and Bartolo realise they're Figaro's parents and there is a round of "She's his mother? *nod* His mother" x5 because Susanna steps in at exactly the wrong moment and there is a REASON why soap operas are called soap operas. (Knowing the meta makes it funnier.)
There was also the scene in which Rosina and Susanna attempt to dress Cherubino as a girl. Cherubino sings one of the more famous songs from the opera beforehand but as they're stripping him down... Susanna gets to sing something involving the line "Kneel down in front of me". So, funny because it's crossdressing and cross crossdressing and all the implications that stripping down a rather pretty fourteen year old to his underwear entails.
Also funny was in the last act where the Lord Almaviva was doing a very good BATMAN impression with his cloak. Though that might have been more to do with technical aspects...

The technical bits being the gorgeous stage which had lovely vertical 'rooms' that could move and rearrange, a corridor wall-like curtain which had doors in it, A CONVEYER BELT TO MOVE FURNITURE DURING ON STAGE SCENE CHANGES and Rosina's bedroom which had a window that looked like the moon and whose back doubled as the garden.
And the costumes. They had a corsetier on production staff. That should give you an idea of the visual style of the costumes. Even the men's pants and waistcoats had lacing up the back. *swoons* My father thought that keeping the late 18th century costumes was a very good idea – I agree as well, but mostly because they're so PRETTY. (Have a link to the dress rehearsal photos so you can see how awesome they are. The back-stage video is equally hilrious.)
Oh, and Cherubino wears baby blue Converse. And Lord Almaviva looks a bit like Lord Vetinari.

So, reasons to see if you are in Wellington (they had a few seats spare tonight and I think there is another day or two to go): the costumes and set are amazing. The performers are similarly amazing.
Reasons to see it in your lifetime: It's better than The Magic Flute. Seriously. Half the play is spent on switching clothes with other people and LYING, not on religious allegory. (Although you do kind of need awesome performers.) Nor is half the opera devoted to someone going mad.
The meta is fun too, especially all the tropes.

Now I wish there was an opera fandom which wasn't based on the performers.
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So, tommorrow is that second to last assessment.

Steak, beans and pommes marquise.

Wish me luck~

[ profile] shadowsinfire I may finish early, in which case, do you want to meet up during your free period?

Also, is anyone free and wanting to meet up on the 13th in town? I have to make my own way in and it'll be WEIRD just going in for 5:30. So does anyone want to meet up during the day? (And possibly track down slightly cheaper tickets to the talk?)
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So... twenty minutes away from a new year over here.

A little bit nervous, because OH MY GOD, TIME IS MARCHING EVER ON, but really hopeful it will be better than this one, at least in terms of academic success. (Although I could do without the work experience and I still don't know if I want to wake up at five in the morning for five months. And nineteen feels so old when you're looking at yourself and realising you're an adult and should be doing stuff like making money and meeting people.)

So yeah. 2010 had better be a brilliant year, otherwise I'll be tempted to bandsaw off its balls or something else appealingly alliterated.

Happy New Years from New Zealand everyone!
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Lace trimmed scarves

Ruffly umbrella
I want to do this. When I get an umbrella that isn't plastic. Isn't it the cutest?

Button brooches
Yay, something to do with the buttons in the button tin. Even though I don't have any really pretty shank buttons. (Unless kitties count.)

Not a specific tutorial link, but a blog's tag for 'dolls' and awesomely cheap ways to make clothing and accessories for dolls. (The dolls the posts are written for are American Girl style dolls, but dolls are dolls, right?)

And that is it.

ETA: Except this is a rather fascinating photo. You can see a fake tooth!
Also, 'x-ray kissing' sounds like the name of a band.

My feet are still recovering from this last week in the bistro at course. Spending four days in which 6-7 hours were spent on my feet has convinced me that I really do not want to do restaurant work.
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So. Not dead. Nor a zombie, but hey, it's Halloween and I thought it'd be fun to use that as a subject title.
I've just been very, very busy.

This weekend is, thankfully, mostly free, but the second weekend of October was my birthday, the weekend after that was DubDub's birthday party and the weekend after that was my mum's.

Couple with the fact this week I had my first proper driving lesson, that MONDAY is the last assessment for the diploma part of my course (and yeah... we need to do a lot. INCLUDING CANAPES, the most fiddly thing ever. Even if they are pretty.)

Uh... I also have some other things hanging over my head, like correspondance work that I should be doing and finishing and putting up fic and... just writing in general; sewing, although it's mostly altering, not crafty stuff :(
I should also make some ginger choc chip cookies sometime again.
A couple more birthdays coming up too...

Why does life have to be so full? *is doing displacement activities with Facebook games and crossover fanfiction*

Which reminds me, I found some gems of crossovers and regular non-crossovered fanfiction! )

Also, I have new pyjamas (I do not look good in pyjama SHORTS but eee, new pyjamas!) and have Unseen Academicals and the new Audrey Niffenegger book to read. *is excited*
Oh and there may be a few secrets popping up on fandom_secrets that are very obviously me. If you pay attention to these entries that is.
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I'm so glad my last entry made everyone smile.
But bleck, tomorrow is back in the kitchen after a week out of it, we had a four day weekend because it turns out they didn't need Thursday as much as the other days to teach us about costing.
AND I'm going to see the World of Wearable arts tonight, which will be fun and astounding and great experience but... I hate it when my life is full like this.

Post from mobile portal
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So, we have about twelve tutors for my course. We do have a tutor assigned as our group tutor, but so far that seems to mean that we get them even less often than anyone else.
And so far, we’ve only had around eight of them in the kitchen and in theory. Maybe. It’s trouble enough keeping track of them and I can only remember my three favourites and my group’s tutor. It doesn’t help about five of them are from England, three from Scotland and I have no idea where the other four are from. ACCENTS MEAN NOTHING.
But I’m getting off track.

Monday was our first day back in kitchen after three weeks of theory. We got a shiny new tutor. Who is almost literally shiny. He likes pots being clean after we use them. (We spent half an hour in clean up scrubbing black gunge off the pans…)
He’s also the ‘truffle tree guy’, one of the few non-British tutors (a New Zealander actually :o), one of the tutors who wears one of the stick-y up paper hats because it makes them look taller and who also bears a resemblance to James Marsters.

Well, not exactly. The cheekbones aren’t painful to look at and there’s something off with the forehead/cheekbone ratio that if you actually pay attention means there’s only a little resemblance. But still, the resemblance is there and I lol at it. Because, you know. It’s hard not to when one of your cooking tutors looks like a pop culture actor.
He is also named Trevor.

By the way, our theory classes are still teaching us how to cook humans. )

Although I find it slightly annoying that we're being taught classical French cookery yet TOMATOES feature prominently... )


Here, have some completely unrelated sketches and doodles I've been doing in theory. )
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Both of them came about because I was commenting on overused artistic motifs.

Firstly, but the one that I came across second, a Doctor Who actress is the youngest British actress to play Alice in a sound or television adaption. And it seems the production of Through the Looking Glass must either be British or contain very young actresses to NOT mush Wonderland into the storyline.
But now I want to watch all the productions that are 'unabridged' and don't smush. I have epic love for both those qualities when one is discussing Alice in Wonderland. Also, there are several parts which I am very sad to see omitted from popular versions which make me very sad. I, of course, blame this on Disney, because their version cuts out the Duchess and Bill and the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon and smushes in the flower garden. No one knows who Bill is.

Secondly, but first to find: I was looking up what the correct term for the number cards in a pack of cards was. I know what the suit cards are in tarot are the minor arcana. (They don't get the love they deserve at all.) And I was fairly sure of what they were in a normal deck. But I double checked.
They are pip cards, if you wish to know.

However, some people also call them spot cards. And when I clicked on the wiktionary link for 'spot' in the etymology, what should I see?
Oh, Old English, how I hold geekery for thee and almost wish to learn you. Especially when you apparrently have a good spattering of Old Norse in you as well.
As an aside on British place names, there are far too many -shires. I don't care if they're historical names, there are too many of them.

So yes, minor geekery, a minor desire to learn (yet another) dead language and something else to add to my life's to-do list.
And in a couple of minutes, I shall be posting a book commentary post. Whee!
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17th )
18th )
20th )
21st )
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Today, something disatrous happened.

My phone's screen broke. Which kind of happens when you accidentally step on it.
But now the screen is quite fractured and while Obento (my phone's name, which I hardly ever use, but seems easier to use for the purposes of this entry) is fully functional, I can't READ half of what is on the screen.
Well, unless I tilt it towards a light source at a precise angle and the contrast between text and background is sufficient.

BUT. She is broken. My lovely Obento is broken. She was a wonderful Nokia 6288, all slidy and not a flip top. (I can't stand flip tops and after Obento, I think I'm spoiled for standard handsets.)
She's gotten through being dropped on concrete, damp shower hands and being slipped down my top. I'm going to miss her, if she can't get fixed.

But yes, my dad's going to see if she can get fixed first. And if it will cost less than $650, she will be, otherwise I'll be getting a new phone and I shall viscerally miss Obento.
If I do have to end up choosing a new phone... well, that'd be hard. It was hard when I was choosing Obento and it'll be hard this time too. I can't get a clone of her, as they aren't available in New Zealand anymore (Asia is a different matter altogether) and the nearest is kind of shit. I say kind of, because that's pretty much what you get for paying $650 (retail price) for a handset over here.

*checks TradeMe*
Oh wait, you can get a replacement LCD screen for only $85, so here's hoping that she can get repaired cheaply!
And even then, my replacement phones are much cheaper there too, as well as Obento clones. So hurrah for auction sites! (Although, I'm surprised no one is listing that phones are Vodafone, Telecom XT AND 2degree compatible. Just the first two at the moment.)

Oh, and tomorrow I have a big assessment for my course. *is nervous and sad and anxious and kind of utterly horrible in general*
*gets to use a shiny new icon*


Jul. 1st, 2009 03:39 pm
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Amidst all the tweets I saw on Saturday, one made me squeal and be entirely too happy.

Cut for the SQUEE )

In other news, I went to donate blood on Monday. The previous attempt failed miserably, but this time, as people who are Facebook friends know, I actually succeeded.
Well, the nurses succeeded. I just kind of sat there and bled for them. But that’s totally cool.

But it seems that even if I do warn them that my veins are hard to find, they don’t bother looking to the side of where they usually look. Where there apparently IS a nice large vein that is very visible. *head desks*
The first person did find a vein in both my arms, but they were too deep. The one he thought was better and tried to get to just ended with the needle missing and my arm feeling very weird for a couple of minutes. Then another nurse came and tried finding one on the other arm, except couldn’t. So they then brought over another nurse who apparently is quite skilled at these things and SHE found the one to the side of my arm.
I suspect that something similar will happen the next time I go, unless I manage to get the same nurse. Or they make a note in my file.
For those who are curious, I am not particularly phobic of needles. Getting injections or IVs is no big deal for me, but I do NOT like seeing the needle actually go into my skin. I suspect this would be the same of any needle to pierce my skin except for sewing ones. In which case I am glad that I don’t particularly want any piercings below my neck. (Except for nail piercings, which are weird but absolutely painless and use a drill bit instead.)

So, needle problems aside, I actually donated blood. Hurrah! This also means I eventually get to find out what my blood type is. Either by getting a letter in the mail or when I visit next time.
Also, no vampire jokes please. I'm reading my way through Vampire Knight again. Missing kick-ass vampires currently and girls who have will. Yuuki, after reading about Maree? She can't even hold a candle to her. (Pun not intended but a very nice one regardless.) Will post about that later.

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