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...and now ship Vili, Vé, Odin and Frigg all together in one happy brothers & wife family.

Although considering the context I'm basing this on is in Loki's rap battle against the other gods, who is not the most reliable of narrators, the canon's pretty shaky.

But Norse mythology and prose is the best ever. If only for the fabulous verses like these:

Contains such great lines as 'My mighty hammer, Mjöllnir, shall stop thy prating.' )

And then I'm also reading about Homosexuality in Viking Scandinavia, realising that the description of Hel being "half black and half flesh-coloured," could just mean she's dark skinned as the Vikings were trading with the Middle East, and that there were ravens? (ornithology is not a strong point of mine) flapping around in the Avenger's movie when Thor chewed out Loki.
I like Hel as a goddess. She's the most 'normal' out of Loki's kids by Angrboda and gets the cushy job of presiding over all those who died of old age or outside of battle, rather than being chained up or made to encircle the world. Then there's the fact that Queens of the underworld are always cool and willing to let people live again if you can melt their hearts. (See Persephone)

Mini link dumpery relating to Norse myth and the Marvel adaptation and the Avengers movie )

I kind of love that it's so easy for me to slip back into Norse mythology geek mode. Now I'm going to go see what fabulous crossovers I can manage to find...
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There's a lot of stuff here. But rather well organised I think.
There will be more posts, of things I have read and seen a while back, as well as photostuff and what I am doing now, but there will not be much reading of things you have written.

But never mind, I still love you all.

Fic/fandom stuff )

Music/videos )

Food )

Science and other interesting things )

Art )

Blogs & webcomics )

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Firstly, go check out the Pixiv tag for Doctor Who. (You need an account to see the pictures large. I trust you can google how to sign up.)
It's only six pages but that isn't too bad for a foreign import with amusing dubbing (for those who know the original actors' voices anyway).
Of particular note are these fanarts. (There's stuff by feriowind, there's Amy and PLENTY of Ten. Oh, and of Eleven too. But mostly, almost entirely Ten.) The Amy + Doctor stuff is awfully cute though.

Secondly, I just discovered this, which is basically Paul McGann showing off the 'new' costume for Eight at Armageddon Auckland and a 11-ish Sonic apparently made by Weta.

I'm a little wary, as Armageddon Auckland is kind of a small 'con' (it's technically an expo) internationally, despite being the largest in New Zealand. (Stats for Saturday put attendance at 45k.) And it is, in the words of Bill (the event organiser, whom all the NZ cosplayers seem to know) "Pauls costume is not BBC approved, it's his interpretation of what he wants the costume to be" and "the new Paul McGann costume is totally unofficial. It was designed by Paul and arranged by bill Geradts in NZ" but Weta were involved, as was Bill but I just can't help but be excited.

Because while all of it may turn out not true or not eventuate, I am exploding with glee at the mere thought of Doctor Who, Eight/Paul McGann (who seems a wonderfully nice person and is now rather quite sad that Eight didn't get picked up for a series) and Weta Workshop possibly planning something, which may be happening in my country.

*should stop being so excited at this time of night*

Here, have more pics from the tweetstream: Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4, Photo 5, Photo 6, Photo 7, Photo 8, Photo 9.

In related, but different news, Robert Llewellyn - the guy who was Kryten on Red Dwarf and hosted Scrapheap Challenge and currently does the odd presenting job, including his own chatshow and green car promoting - is attending next year.
This means I might be able to persuade my dad to come along.

Also of interest to Wellingtonians, The Dreamstress' talk 'From Pompeii to Paris' is having a redux at Massey on the 18th of November.
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The Fic; a smallish selection )

The Videos; a good sized selection of music and music videos )

The Rest - assorted stuff ranging from interesting links to tutorials; rather long... )

A good couple of months worth of links. Including a lot of miscellaneous that I couldn't be bothered sorting into other categories.

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I know there are people on my friends list who have things about accents and being read bedtime stories. Which I totally do not fault them for, as being read bedtime stories is nice and accents can be cool.

Which is pretty much why I went *FLAIL* over these videos when I found them.

David Tennant reading bedtime stories. Yes. EXACTLY. )
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I do think that if the media is government owned/funded, they do have the right to say what is acceptable to air and what requirements the media needs to fulfil. Like having a certain amount of locally produced programming for example.

However, I don't think cutting funding because they're a neutral news source or demanding unreasonable results is exactly the right way to go about owning something that is THE NATION'S NEW SOURCE IN TIMES OF EMERGENCY. *looks pointedly at the National government and their plans to cut funding to National radio*

Privately owned media companies do have the right to pretty much say what they want though, provided their Boards don't object. I do think however, that with that freedom, they should be as informative as possible. Not neutral, which applies to the government funded/owned media, but informative. (The Government funded/owned media somehow needs to be both informative AND neutral, but this is talking ideal here.)

Are there any situations where media should be censored... no. Absolutely not. Information is good, information should never be STRAINED of all particulates.

And for something entirely different and much more lighthearted – minus a completed webcomic about a girl who can talk to ghosts and do anything you can imagine.
I have also learnt that Sky's UKTV actually IS somewhat partially owned by the BBC. Which answers my general ponderance of why they're branding every BBC program so very throughly with 'BBC'. (The stuff you learn from TVTropes...)
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There will be a fic post later. (First time in over a year~ oh god) Possibly just a link pointing to my fic comm, but maybe backed up here too.


I found one of Torchwood's only g-rated fics. Reception Difficulties

It was crossposted to [ profile] tardis_children, which is the cutest little comm in that it's for child friendly fic and discussion and things people have done with their kids and things their kids have done concerning Doctor Who.
There is a gorgeous illumination-style picture of the Bad Wolf.
There are some that I wouldn't let a five year old read because of big words and situations that I would just plain feel skeevy giving them to read or have read to them, but in general, it is very nice comm full of things to show to under-12s and perhaps a starting point for those a little older.

Oh and for those who are rather a bit older and just don't want to read porn.
(The second link there by the way, is a rather awesome Torchwood/Discworld crossover featuring the Nac Mac Feegle.)
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This is just a link dump. No ratings or warnings given for fic, so please read the headers/click at your own risk.

fanfictions (includes Torchwood, Doctor Who, Discworld, TRC, Harry Potter, Tortall series, xxxHOLiC, Naruto and/or crossovers of the above) )

fun things (mostly online flash games, although there are a few odd ones out) )

(I will likely do another one of these sometime in the future. This was simply getting a little long.)
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Lace trimmed scarves

Ruffly umbrella
I want to do this. When I get an umbrella that isn't plastic. Isn't it the cutest?

Button brooches
Yay, something to do with the buttons in the button tin. Even though I don't have any really pretty shank buttons. (Unless kitties count.)

Not a specific tutorial link, but a blog's tag for 'dolls' and awesomely cheap ways to make clothing and accessories for dolls. (The dolls the posts are written for are American Girl style dolls, but dolls are dolls, right?)

And that is it.

ETA: Except this is a rather fascinating photo. You can see a fake tooth!
Also, 'x-ray kissing' sounds like the name of a band.

My feet are still recovering from this last week in the bistro at course. Spending four days in which 6-7 hours were spent on my feet has convinced me that I really do not want to do restaurant work.
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Firstly, have an actual link.
Yet another reason why kissing is good for you.
If science is not wrong and you are female and plan to have kids some time.

Then have some videos.

First is Lil' Cthulu, which is absolutely adorable. And the thing I was talking about at Jenny's birthday. )

Second is a really weird, but hilarious video on how to make a McNuggetini )

Thirdly is... a remix of John Barrowman dancing set to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'. About two thirds of the way through, there is something resembling an Irish dance step. )

In RL news, today/Monday I am front-of-housing. For dinner. *dies*
Also, never have a barbeque with twelve chefs. Too many chefs, while not spoiling the broth, does make it rather awkward as everyone wants to do something and actually knows how to do it, but there isn't enough things to do.
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So. Not dead. Nor a zombie, but hey, it's Halloween and I thought it'd be fun to use that as a subject title.
I've just been very, very busy.

This weekend is, thankfully, mostly free, but the second weekend of October was my birthday, the weekend after that was DubDub's birthday party and the weekend after that was my mum's.

Couple with the fact this week I had my first proper driving lesson, that MONDAY is the last assessment for the diploma part of my course (and yeah... we need to do a lot. INCLUDING CANAPES, the most fiddly thing ever. Even if they are pretty.)

Uh... I also have some other things hanging over my head, like correspondance work that I should be doing and finishing and putting up fic and... just writing in general; sewing, although it's mostly altering, not crafty stuff :(
I should also make some ginger choc chip cookies sometime again.
A couple more birthdays coming up too...

Why does life have to be so full? *is doing displacement activities with Facebook games and crossover fanfiction*

Which reminds me, I found some gems of crossovers and regular non-crossovered fanfiction! )

Also, I have new pyjamas (I do not look good in pyjama SHORTS but eee, new pyjamas!) and have Unseen Academicals and the new Audrey Niffenegger book to read. *is excited*
Oh and there may be a few secrets popping up on fandom_secrets that are very obviously me. If you pay attention to these entries that is.
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Firstly a goth goldfish plushie. I love the tail and obviously want to make a similar fishy. Except in bright colours.

Then there are brain cakes. Well, brain cupcakes, but you get the idea.

Cthulhu hat. Is epic.

And oh god, customising rubber ducks brings back so many memories.

The last of the deviantArt links is a Goldie plushie. I am seriously considering misusing my Tanpopo felt to make one of my own.

Now, onto the TVNZ rant.
When I was doing my little delve into what people were saying about TVNZ's pause of Torchwood over the summer, I found out that they had acquired this series called 'Primeval' as well. It vaguely rang a bell but I figured I had glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye while traipsing around fandom one day and wrote it off as something that probably aired on TV1 some time ago. Why else were fans angry at Torchwood being aired a year and a half after it had been acquired?
But it's only NOW it's playing on TV2. At 10:15, which is basically Torchwood's timeslot, if they aren't going to mess around with it with the new season.
Seriously TVNZ can you stop premiering shows you acquired TWO YEARS AFTER YOU GET THEM.

*tries to figure out which episode it is*
Oh, it's episode 1 of episode 2. And they have really small seasons, of which the third and last season only JUST stopped airing.
Okay, so not as big a yell at TVNZ, unless they are doing a run of the first and second season. IN WHICH CASE I'M YELLING AT YOU AGAIN.

And I'm not sure if it's because rips in time and space are in every other thing I read/watch, but it's kind of lame. Interesting but nothing to make a big deal about.
But if Torchwood does make its appearance after this run of it, that does mean there's only 6 weeks until it.

*is bored*

Jun. 24th, 2009 11:46 pm
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So, I am being bored and looking up random book fanart on DeviantArt. I can only be bothered to look at stuff I'm actually reading/have near me, so this means Corambis, Deep Secret and The Nickle Nackle Tree.

I've seen all the DoL fanart as it's a tiny fandom, there's only a few good arts of it and pretty much everything is posted to [ profile] the_mirador anyway. I also can't be bothered to search for terms like 'Mildmay' and 'Felix', as those would throw up heaps of results.
There's one sketch that I am desperately waiting to be completed and I know of one that is supremely awesome that I stumbled across that is lurking in my favourites.
It also vaguely amuses me that people draw the brothers' hair the same. It's not. Mildmay's hair doesn't seem to frizz and seems happy to be braided back. This means his hair is fairly straight and tameable. Felix's isn't. (He's cut it short at the end of Corambis, which makes me weep a bit. Partly because he cut his pretty hair and partly because I was at a loss of what my mental image would look like. Short! Curly! Orange! But then I had a brainwave and now mental image!Felix is wearing your hair from last year [ profile] shadowsinfire, when it was short.)

There is a dearth of Deep Secret fanart on dA as well, which doesn't surprise me. *mutters about book fandoms and obscurity of stuff that hasn't been made into a movie*
BUT, I did find an artist who does DWJ, Diane Duane AND Tamora Pierce fanart. alidaART has a unique style, but I'm mostly just jaw dropping over the fandoms they draw for.

Of course, there was NO Nickle Nackle Tree fanart. But I did learn there's a South park Character named Tweek.

Here, have a cute, disgruntled tapir.
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Not too many, but they are of varying geekiness.

How to make K9 from Doctor Who in Lego
There's also designs for the TARDIS and a Dalek there.

A Star Trek ship (I can't remember the names, ever) and made from random bits and pieces.

(From the same blog) Fixing sandals OR how to use a leather sewing awl

Felted animals! I'm pretty sure this guy has also posted his stuff on DeviantArt, but I can't be bothered checking.

Vampire cupcakes I just really want to try the cherry/vanilla flavour combination. Bonus vampire biscuits/cookies

I really wish this was a real product: Aerosol scents: book-lover style

Particles larger than galaxies

The perfect poached egg. Although I'm not sure about using glad wrap/cling film. That stuff is NASTY when heated.
The website that its hosted on also has a weekly newsletter filled with links and stuff.

And the link de resistance. An amazing site with not-so-serious experiments
Seriously, you've heard of nailing jelly to a wall and how impossible that is? Well, following on from this guy's experiments the people behind decided to follow it up. That experiment is here.
But what's of more interest, possibly, is the sucession of Jell-o/jelly shot experiments they did.
First is about how to increase the alcohol content without compromising structure or taste.
They try to up the results, which just ends up with them setting the shots on fire.
Then it's how to make the best tasting jelly cocktails, followed by a kind of footnote on blue flavoured jell-o/jelly shots.

I'm not too sure on the cocktails, but the chocolate/cherry confection they made looks really tasty.
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Firstly, I rediscovered the Hubble Site in my bookmarks! So that means I spent an hour downloading gorgeous pictures of nebulae and galaxies.
My favourite has to be this nebula: Pismis 24 and NGC 6357

Secondly, blood stain pillows. I seriously want to make one. I may very well do.
(I like the 'Wish' laser-cut card as well.)

I love this site. So many links.
Transforming furniture
Unique bookcases II
Unique bookcases I
Weird bedroom design For some reason I can imagine Gwen liking the bat and sheild table.
Chairs! Interesting ones!
Interesting lights!
I could continue linking to that site, but I shouldn't. It is amazing though.

And I've done some more tag organising...
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Oh, I am filled with geeky love for the internet today. There are carved pumpkin Daleks, edible flying spaghetti monsters, pacman crackers, Pokemon pulsh patterns and Doctor dolls.

Strangely, the last one reminded me that for this week's Torchwood, near the end, when John said goodbye and scolded Capt. Jack, I spent a good while admiring shirt and waistcoat combination that Jack was wearing. Both the shirt and waistcoat were a nice shade of dark blue, enough so I almost didn't realise that there was a waistcoat, except the back was made of some shiny satin-like fabric and, after noticing that, I noticed the pocket watch chain hanging between buttons and pocket on the matte front.
(Despite watching Antiques Roadshow many times, I've never quite figured/remembered how they're supposed to be attached to one's clothing.)

I SHOULD retrieve fishy from my dad's office and finish it up and take plenty of photos. And decide what geeky thing I should make next. Aside from moar Tanpopo, Mokona and Mugetsu of course.
And damnit, all those geeky fathers and mothers make me want to have geeklets. It's all very well to use your crafting powers for evil yourself but... the geeky toy possibilities! (Also, this should also be covered in a book: Geeky toys you can make with or for your kids, just like 'Useful techniques in constructing cosplay and accessories'.
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You find some pretty cool stuff. ESPECIALLY if you look in the artisan crafts under tutorials. The tutorials section is pretty cool anyway.

Tutorials (please look, they're fun) )

A rant on technique tutorials )
And on that note I leave you with this thought:

"There is nothing like forbidden fruit in our relationship, only fruit."

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