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Title: the space between days (is the only time they can ever meet)

Series: Original
Character/Pairing: the (slightly) anthropomorphic representations of Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday/Thursday
Rating: PG
Genre: General, bittersweet romance
Spoilers/Warnings: anthropomorphism of concepts ahead
Wordcount: 198
Theme/prompt: 25. come the morning and the day winding like dreams
Author's Notes: I seriously thought I was joking with this but then the plot bunny hit me out of nowhere.

It is close to midnight and out here, in the suburbs, there is quiet. )
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Title: Burning

Day/Theme: May 29, 'blow out the candle, I will burn again tomorrow'
Series: Original (based on history)
Characters/Pairing: random woman
Rating: PG+
Genre: Dark


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Title: By the sea

Day/Theme: May 11, 'all other perils and misfortunes of the sea'
Series: Original (although features elements from the classical telling of 'The Little Mermaid')
Characters/Pairing: er.... none? An entire town?
Rating: PG+
Genre: Gen, speculative

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Title: Another spring morning

Day/Theme: May 21, 'the chocolate revolution begins'
Series: Original (Thomhas Delvewood universe)
Characters/Pairing: Thomhas, Ascot, hapless messenger
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour

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Title: Flames in darkness

Day/Theme: May 2: one by one the nights will fall
Series: Original (abstract)
Characters/Pairing: None, just some candles
Rating: PG?

Snip snip )
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Title: In the halls of the gods

Theme: 22, 'I swear, that you are godless'
Series: Original/Mythology
Characters/Pairings: Odin/Athena, Artemis; mentions of Anansi, Aphrodite, Hera, Apollo, Helios
Rating: PG?
Note: Yes, this was constructed out of boredom and bad pun-manship. I do know that Helios and Apollo are practically the same person as well.
And yes, this is set in a highschool. *headdesks*


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Title: Hopeless; Winds

Theme: 13, 'the human race is a non-stop race'
Series: Original (Winds series)
Character/Pairing: The wind
Rating: G

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Title: Happily never after

Theme: 14, 'I see my life in shades of rose'
Series: Cinderella (traditional fairy tale version)
Characters/Pairing: Cinderella
Rating: PG+ (contains dark themes, although nowhere near as bad as having toes cut off)

Note: This is just... really really odd. I blame it on deadline nerves.

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Title: Dance dance, baby

Theme: 07, 'the bong in this reggae song'
Series: Original
Caracters/Pairing: None
Rating: PG+

Notes: And yes, I am getting rather weary of interpretting my themes.


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Title: untitled

Theme: 29, 'meanwhile the statues are bleeding green'
Series: Original
Characters/Pairing: Thomhas Gregroir Delvewood, Uncle Ascot
Rating: PG

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