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and then I watched an episode of Above Suspicion and the main female character is a detective played by Kelly Reilly, who's the same person who played Mary Morstan in the Sherlock Holmes movies.

So of course I then plan out another Sherlock Holmes modern AU. )
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Sometimes, when reading HOLiC fics, especially ones concerning Doumeki and Watanuki - though sometimes I get it when reading about Himawari and Doumeki - I get the urge to write a essay or fic or something about what they all have for each other. Like how Doumeki has loyalty-protection-love for Watanuki, while Himawari has fondness-notquiteyearning-love for him. And then Himawari and Doumeki have this weird relationship where they're figuratively each other's only port in a storm, as their third is too dense to figure out he has anything but fondness for both of them, and thus the only option for physical intimacy but they're still colluding together to make a happy OT3 work out.

I kind of wish everything HOLiC wasn't quite so angsty.

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