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Reading the five-minute submission page on the MMP review submissions always makes me terribly anxious because there are people asking for ridiculous thresholds (10 percent!) and that the only representation that should be in Parliament is electorate. It's all overrun by (apparent) FPP supporters, with a smattering of balanced viewpoints and few that support more diversity in Parliament.
The full submission page is slightly better though. 

There is a horrible amount of people espousing that the threshold should be raised to 7.5% or even 10% to "keep minority parties holding all the power" and that a strong government needs decisive power not hampered by the opinions of smaller parties in order to act in the best interests of New Zealand.
No, no, no, no, no. I hate when John Key says he acts 'on behalf of the country' because 'New Zealand voted for him' whenever he makes a decision, as, in last year's election, the National party got 47% of the vote. 47% of half of the voting population voted for National. Only ~25% of the voting public actually elected him to act for New Zealand. Sure, one million people is a heck of a lot of people, but there are three million who didn't. No matter how you try to spin it three million is still vastly more than one million.
And yet that three million are the ~minority~.

No. As Voltaire, someone from the Bible and Spiderman said: With great power comes great responsibility.
And the responsibility of a representative, democratic government is to represent its people and to listen to them. Not swan off and do their own thing once the keys are handed to them.

Everyone is entitled to representation. You have yours, now let me have mine. )

So the amount of responses that do advocate a higher threshold and less list MPs is rather alarming for me. )

And now to decide if I want to badger the Greens party about their stance on other non-heterosexual, non-monogamous identities, and if 'potential parents' applies to everyone capable of having children in any capacity being allowed access to birth control. There is a policy point about infertility on their population policy, but nothing about reproductive health on the Women's policy page. Which really should be cross-referenced with the Health policy page.
Now it's really bothering me they don't have a statement along the lines of "endorsing the World Health Organisation's statement that a women has a right to safe and legal abortion". Really bothering me. Even if it is a case of "Please update your policy pages!".

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In response to this:

Every mid-year cinematic season feels like it's filled with comic book adaptations. And are mostly superhero ones at that, which is generally why I don't watch them. Thor is really the only one I was curious this time around in seeing that I hadn't already seen others of. Mostly because eeee! Norse Mythology! Also, Australian actor who vaguely kinda looks like this Wellingtonian cosplayer and thus makes me do a double take. But eeee! Norse Mythology! Even if people do confuse Thor for Odin more times than I can count... (And a friend will probably force me to watch Iron Man at some point. But that showed ages ago and thus doesn't count for this mid-year season.)

Anyway, that list is nice though. There's interesting back story and graphic novels and plain old interesting characters. (I would've liked to have seen more graphic novels personally, but that's mostly because I don't read many regular comics outside of webcomics.)

I do vaguely wish that the list composer hadn't dismissed manga and anime out of hand. )

I still want a 3D animated Pokemon film though. )
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I should do a proper what's been happening with me entry but the final xxxHOLiC (Rou) chapter has me whatting so much I need to just expunge all my frustrations in more than 140 characters.

Firstly, the time skip? There was a fic floating around reasonably recently in which Doumeki's grandson stepped up to do the groceries.
Which I can't find and is annoying me greatly. I want to point at it and laugh at how right it is.

Here be spoilers )
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Sometimes, when reading HOLiC fics, especially ones concerning Doumeki and Watanuki - though sometimes I get it when reading about Himawari and Doumeki - I get the urge to write a essay or fic or something about what they all have for each other. Like how Doumeki has loyalty-protection-love for Watanuki, while Himawari has fondness-notquiteyearning-love for him. And then Himawari and Doumeki have this weird relationship where they're figuratively each other's only port in a storm, as their third is too dense to figure out he has anything but fondness for both of them, and thus the only option for physical intimacy but they're still colluding together to make a happy OT3 work out.

I kind of wish everything HOLiC wasn't quite so angsty.

Oh England.

May. 9th, 2010 12:03 am
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So. The UK has a hung parliament.
I am vaguely proud of this, as maybe this means it will learn the error of it's electoral ways and switch to a more proportional voting system or that people will become more educated about such things. (Not entirely likely to happen, but one can hope.)

But basically I'm kind of sitting here looking goofy, because this is pretty much what always happens when New Zealand has an election. Split straight down the middle and the two major parties (Labour and National) are scrambling around trying to form coalition governments because no one ever really wants to run a minority government BECAUSE THEY JUST DON'T WORK.
In the meantime, the minor parties are kind of swaggering around self important and pushing the issues that they really want to pass because... well, they have the power votes the parties want. So they can insist on things like passing a home heating fund to reduce carbon emissions, improve the health of people around the country and help nudge the economy a bit in exchange for siding with one party.

Yes there is a lot of work and headaches in such a proportional system (we use MMP - Mixed Member Proportional, where we get two votes, one for our electorate and one party vote) but it means the minor parties (and theoretically a proportionate (and significant) amount of people) get a voice as well, which is much better than the alternative.

So, in five or so days time, when everyone is really nervous about whether or not this is going to work... there will be an agreement made. Hopefully, because calling another election isn't exactly good and the person who had to call it almost always ends up loosing because they weren't persuasive enough or something.
Also, Governments are like that, trying so very hard to make things work, even when they don't.

This is a rather nice, simple, easy to understand video about the entire UK voting situation.
I have none for New Zealand, but it's one of the most proportional parliaments around and I am rather happy with that. Even if John Key is stupid and all of his announcements make my head hurt.

Have I mentioned that the proposed Goods and Services Tax change would be phenomally stupid because there is no easy way to add 15% to a figure? 12.5% is much easier, because you only need to add another 1/8th to the price you already have.
Also, the University thing goes entirely against his spiel about how people need to be educated because well... University IS education. It also means smart people doing smart things in businesses which hopefully means more money in the country and his party is the more right-wing party and why CAN'T HE SEE THIS LOGICAL CHAIN OF EVENTS?
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Apparently young people do not read Greek myths any more. Which is why critics say Percy and the Lightning Thief is a good thing, as opposed to Hercules or Xena.
I am vaguely confused by this, as I knew who Zeus was before I was eight. Okay, so I can't name all the Argonauts but the fact that I know what the Elysian Fields are is apparently ODD.

Basically what I really wanted to say is: I'VE READ HERODOTUS, I KNOW MORE PLACE NAMES THAN YOU DO.

(This is vaguely aimed at the Doctor Who fandom/canon where appropriation of Greek names is rampant.)
(Also, the all-caps statement above does not apply to about half of my flist, as I know some of you could name all the Argonauts.)
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I find it disappointing there are hardly ANY Montessori communities aimed towards students, past, present or future. They're almost all aimed towards parents and usually lumped in with homeschooling and liberal values. There are a couple aimed towards teachers as well as a general one.
But not one for students.

I'm sure if I looked at some of the homeschooling ones, they may have something there but... it just makes me sad. :(
Parents talking about the benefits is good enough, but seeing actual students talk about it is wonderful. And I'm not talking about people who once went to a Montessori pre-school, I want primary-schoolers, secondary-schoolers.

(This is kind of brought on by Saturday's browsing of Montessori philosophy and equipment videos on YouTube.)
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I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

TVNZ should know the popularity of Torchwood. The Acquisitions administrator KNEW what she was getting when she made the deal.

*is absolutely boggled*

Still, I am excited. Because it’s showing again and while I doubt anything could top my love for Meat THIS'LL BE GOOD.

Surprised to find not that many angry blogs were written about it. I only found a few on NZ news sites (one where TVNZ even promised they’d put up an article when Torchwood returned) and general ‘grrr’ at TVNZ and how we should all send them TURNIPS, possibly even rotten ones, to make them stop this nonsense.
I’d rather send them some jellyfish or something else that looks appropriately alien-like.

Or perhaps everyone who would’ve written an angry blog/called them up downloaded after being fed up after waiting a year for it. And now resolutely snob TV2.
I don’t blame them.


I also find the lack of the season two box set on the Whitcoulls website intriguing. Slightly fishy too.

Though the season two box set doesn’t quite have the extensive extras that season one did, for which I am sad.  Extras make DVDs awesome. However, it does mean the set is 2 discs smaller and about $30 cheaper.

Need to prod the father figure about that.


Oh! Am I glad I delayed the posting of this. (All of the above was written yesterday and the day before.)
This morning, I got a response to my angry letter, and although it says nothing about WHY Torchwood has been given little advertising material, it does say they hope to run immediately into season three.

The response )

Isn’t that awesome? You get points for trying TVNZ. You get points for trying.

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The Blood donation centre are having a holiday break and don't open again until the 5th.

BUT before I go afurther, I must mention, with complete spazziness, that Terry Pratchett has made it onto the New Years honours list. This means he is, more or less, officially a knight.

Back to failed attempt at donating blood: so me and my dad will go back again on Monday, get me all signed up and maybe I will be able to donate blood then, maybe not. But my dad will at any rate.
Reason why I'm going to donate blood )

Upside of getting up early = I did some baking and ice cream making. The ice cream is double chocolate swirl. Haven't had the chance to taste it, but the custard was good, so I'm betting the final product will be heavenly.
The baking was some bizarre mix between apple pie and apple crumble and a slice. It turned out surprisingly good.

I shall have to take pictures of both when I get my new camera. (Which should arrive soon~)

Random stuff on way to closed donation centre:
There was a shop called "The Lily Shop". I did a double take for a moment, to make sure the name was not 'Yuri' (because, I believe, that is the translation of yuri...) and then to see what it actually sold.
It sold flowers. It was a florists.
Obviously I have dug far too deep into the depths of anime/manga pervertism.

I saw a dog.
This is not an unusual occurrence, but the thought process was not and went something approximately like this: We go on and on about animal cruelty, especially to unwanted kittens and puppies being abandoned but we're also comitting animal cruelty by spaying and neutering. We're denying them the right to reproduce and if you went up to people and said "Sorry, but we're going to have to sterilise you because there are too many humans on the planet" (and then proceeded to do so) you'd get tried for human rights violation.
However, I do understand why (In a whole prevention rather than reaction thing. Condoms vs. abortions, that kind of thing.) so, if I ever get a cat or dog I will do my bit and have it spayed/neutered. But I'll still get a bit sad that I'm denying it the right to procreate.
(However, I will do my best to prevent any such pet from killing birds, especially if I don't move overseas.)

Also, see previous entry. That Tui ad was so asking for me to go fangirl on it's ass. (Literally, I think?)

more ramble )


Oct. 5th, 2008 12:57 am
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The TRC spoilers suck.

They suck so BAD.


Sep. 7th, 2008 01:18 am
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Just as I posted my last entry, ANN's Answerman answered a question about kids and fandom.
basically an extension on my previous entry )

This still doesn't answer the question of when dressing up becomes cosplay.
But at least that lesbian couple who cosplayed as Naruto and Sasuke (raising yet again the question of if that's yuri or yaoi) for an informal marriage ceremony (gay marriage wasn't legal where they were) won't be at risk of having any kids spontaneously.
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I might as well treat all of you OL friends with a rant by me. 
Really this is a post to say I'm alive and not doing much and there hasn't been anything interesting going on in my life. Well, except for the fact I'm procrastinating over posting icons because OHGOD I have something like two hundred. 
I think I'll go sort out my Photobucket before I do anything....

Anyway, my lovely rant about small things handed out in paper tubes and ipods follow. Plus my commentary on Bleach episodes 118 and 119. If you want those screencaps I took, just tell me. I'll upload 'em somewhere and tell you where.

iPod rant )

Note to self:
Finish writing crack!bleach fic
Finish Reminisces on a train
Finish Lina's avvie art
Scan in Sin!EdWinry
Work on everthing else including: Eato's art, second Ibelongtoyou IchiIshi and er... icons, icons icons. 
Watch: Hajime no Ippo, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Deltora Quest. Bleach 120
Read: Making History (get other people to read it too), xxxHOLiC
Post: Icons, anything else I can think of.

Oh and Lege, Lina, Stae? My meme thingy with ten things is the post that was made on the first.

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You find some pretty cool stuff. ESPECIALLY if you look in the artisan crafts under tutorials. The tutorials section is pretty cool anyway.

Tutorials (please look, they're fun) )

A rant on technique tutorials )
And on that note I leave you with this thought:

"There is nothing like forbidden fruit in our relationship, only fruit."
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I'm getting irritated. And it ain't pretty.

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Oh, that was too good.
I've just finished watching Bleach eps 104 and 105.

And they were HILARIOUS.

104: There was Hitsugaya wearing Claude-san (but only in Rangiku's imagination) and Renji not so discreetly looking at Rangiku's breasts. (Time signatures for the bleach portal release 4:21 and 5:01 respectively)
There was crappy animation, which I feel sorry for the voice actors because they've got to go through all the filler, while the artists don't.

Crappy Hitsugaya shots, but lots of Hyourinmaru. (Rhiannon, you'll like the Hyourinmaru stuff) There were some pretty crappy ones of Matsumoto as well….

And there was music I haven't heard before so we're due for another OST.

105: There was more hilarity. Ishida with stubble, PRETTY shots of Ishida and Hitsugaya, plus some pretties of Nanao and Isane. There was random crack pairings of the moment Ishida/Hitsugaya, Matsumoto/Isane, Kurotsuchi/Soifong. More random IshInoue.

There was boiled rice potluck in the tenth division and an omake based around that. Startling revelations about Kariya and Ran'Tao too.

And then the omake…. The omake was even funnier.

First off, we get to see Matsumoto make boiled rice potluck. And she goes all starry eyed because Orihime asked her to make some red bean dishes. (Eww! Everyone exclaims) Then there's the man-slave Shuuhei who Matsumoto dragged in to help. (And it looks like he likes their cooking too. 0_o)

So all in all much fun. Even though I'm sad that my CD drive ain't working.

Oh and did I mention that Ishida is an idiot for leaving the after party mess? Well he is.

And there's a scary~ Ryuuken look-a-like espada in the latest chapter. With pink hair.
And I figure that most of the Espada look like some of the Sereitei captains.

Just loook!!! And I want more Nell and Wanderweiss!

Plus Gin. 'Cos I'm sure he's up to something.

Oh and go read

[profile] _debbiechan_'s rant on IshiHime. It's good.


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