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So, I now have a sticky post, along with a nice 'grass_angel : semi friends only' banner type thing.

And you know, I was going to use a fandom image for it, except I change fandoms far too often, so I just went with something simply.

Except along the way, I had to play with an image of Yuuko's seiyuu cosplaying as Yuuko and...

these things happened )


But yeah, fic banner for a fic that doesn't exist.
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Today, something disatrous happened.

My phone's screen broke. Which kind of happens when you accidentally step on it.
But now the screen is quite fractured and while Obento (my phone's name, which I hardly ever use, but seems easier to use for the purposes of this entry) is fully functional, I can't READ half of what is on the screen.
Well, unless I tilt it towards a light source at a precise angle and the contrast between text and background is sufficient.

BUT. She is broken. My lovely Obento is broken. She was a wonderful Nokia 6288, all slidy and not a flip top. (I can't stand flip tops and after Obento, I think I'm spoiled for standard handsets.)
She's gotten through being dropped on concrete, damp shower hands and being slipped down my top. I'm going to miss her, if she can't get fixed.

But yes, my dad's going to see if she can get fixed first. And if it will cost less than $650, she will be, otherwise I'll be getting a new phone and I shall viscerally miss Obento.
If I do have to end up choosing a new phone... well, that'd be hard. It was hard when I was choosing Obento and it'll be hard this time too. I can't get a clone of her, as they aren't available in New Zealand anymore (Asia is a different matter altogether) and the nearest is kind of shit. I say kind of, because that's pretty much what you get for paying $650 (retail price) for a handset over here.

*checks TradeMe*
Oh wait, you can get a replacement LCD screen for only $85, so here's hoping that she can get repaired cheaply!
And even then, my replacement phones are much cheaper there too, as well as Obento clones. So hurrah for auction sites! (Although, I'm surprised no one is listing that phones are Vodafone, Telecom XT AND 2degree compatible. Just the first two at the moment.)

Oh, and tomorrow I have a big assessment for my course. *is nervous and sad and anxious and kind of utterly horrible in general*
*gets to use a shiny new icon*
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Specifically programs which are about the universe, physics and wormholes and such. And OH GODS saying wormhole brings back such memories. (My parents used to watch Farscape, a program I didn’t really pay much attention to the plot of, except that the ships were really cool and so were the aliens except for that one species that was mostly human in appearance but were an entire race of mercenaries.)

Anyway, The History channel over here has a show called ‘The Universe’ and is about black holes and the theory of relativity and fun stuff like that.
And so I learnt that wormhole is so named because it’s like a wormhole in an apple, spaghettified is a technical term, there’s like an actual physics law that states that if anything can exist, it MUST (rule 34 only… it’s SCIENCE); science also has something called a ‘giggle factor’ which used to be applied to black holes because no-one thought they could exist and that a white hole is like a black hole except in reverse.

The trouble with science, and I have to blame myself for this, is that whenever I learn something new, I need to anchor it in fandom so I can remember it.
So the Doctor is running around my head defending that spaghettified and ‘giggle' factor’ are real terms. (The law that anything that can exist MUST doesn’t really need something like that. It’s pretty much rule 34 after all.)


Also, Antiques Roadshow and Torchwood. If you have seen as much of it as I have and enjoy the times when they show a person who has brought something in and the experts have NO idea what it is, you could believe that sometimes Torchwood hangs around just in case someone has a heirloom alien artifact.
Early toasters also look REALLY cool. Especially the ones that are spring-loaded and flip around so it can toast both sides. I want one. Even it if would scare me in the mornings when I’m not quite awake.
I also want Captain Jack to have one, but that’s mostly ‘oh hey, right time period’ more than anything else.

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Sleipnir has updated and their new site is so fucking awesome.
It's properly translated and they've even got a segment just for New Zealand.


Yes, I am a program geek, but Sleipnir is the best browser ever! (And has an awesome name.) The plug-ins look awesome too.

This post contains too many instances of the word awesome.


Because in more awesome news, there's a new Artemis Fowl book out.

Somehow, an anti-hero genius boy and tough female fairy are so perfect together. *sighs again* The Last Colony was made of awesome~ and if Eoin Colfer continues in the same vein.... *drools*

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A quick note off my phone (gotta love it <3) to say my family/house is without internet for a couple of days. It seems to be the router's fault, although it may be the settings. Hopefully it will be resolved by the weekend.

Debbiechan: I've completed your birthday art, only, as I said, I've got computer problems. I may get it up via other means</>
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It's so shiny and pretty!

My tablet arrived today. I was spared the angst of choosing by my dad deciding for me. So... I now have the A5 intuous 3 Wacom tablet.

It's as large as my latop (that's saying something)  but it's so shiny and IT'S A TABLET. I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING THAT ISN'T A TOUCHPAD.

Sorry, but ever since my last one broke (it was a cheapish electric store brand one so no biggie, even if I did draw on it and create a masterpiece) I've had no mouse and have had only my touchpad.
It's okay... for icons and surfing, but I need mouse/input device for my colouring and manipulating. 

It was so not what I was expecting though. I think my dad kind of wanted it as a premature birthday present which is fine by me because I finally have my tablet. *is going to shower her father with baked goods*


Jun. 4th, 2007 02:21 am
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I need help deciding over whether or not I want a Graphire4 4x5 or a Genius Mousepen.

Pros and cons

Genius: Is larger. Comes with a free mouse. Has a higher pressure sensitivity. Is cheaper.
Is cheaper. Lower resolution. Needs a battery. 

Wacom: Has high lpi (but only just). Has eraser function. More buttons. Has the prestige of being a Wacom tablet. Needs no battery.
Is way more expensive. Is the same size as my late tablet. No mouse (although that could be remedied by buying off the buywacom website) Has lower pressure sensitivity

I want to get the Wacom, simply because I can say I've got one. But then I look at the cons and groan because I want something larger and better but the only way I could get that is to get the A5 intuous which is $700 and my dad will only pay up to $200 because anything over that is more professional. (Even though I'll probably be getting something over that $200 in the next five years as I plan to go on a graphics design course.)

Bu~t Wacom have dumbed down their Graphire page so it seems as if it's kid easy and SIMPLE and not good, so that you buy the intuous. I don't like that kind of marketing because it makes me want the expensive ones. AND I suspect they hype their prices because they're rather a monopoly.

So, in conclusion. I want to get a Wacom just so I can say I have one. But I don't like their marketing ethic. So I want to get the Genius just to snob them. But at the same time I want all the pretty features of Wacom though I know the performance may just be better on the Genius.

But then I laugh at the person on trademe who can't figure out how to make theirs work.

On a totally unrelated note, after seeing this art on my dA watchlist and probably combining with the hyperness over the latest Bleach chapter, I now want to draw a character (male) with tear marks.

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