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My parents and I had the most TERRIBLE luck when Children of Earth ran on TV2. It was on a 10:30 at night on a Wednesday, which is a bit too late if one intends to wake up at 6 the next morning, so we taped most of them.

First episode we completely missed, either to the fact I mis-read the day or that they changed the day at the last minute.
Then for the next two episodes, the video recorder chopped off the last five minutes because it ran past the time it said on the digital schedule thing.
For the fourth episode, my dad had left the TV on mute, so there was no sound. (Luckily, the episode had been subbed for the hearing impaired.)
And for the final one, we decided to stay up late, but if we hadn’t, the timer would have worked WONDERFULLY as I had figured out how to alter the digital schedule thing.

I almost ended up paying $50 for a Blu-Ray disc of CoE that I might not have been able to watch as well, except I nicely asked the lady behind the counter, and there was a regular version, so luck was with me then, fortunately.
So… it’s kind of pointless for me to do an episode by episode thing, seeing as I still haven’t gotten around to watching the DVD and what I did see was compromised in someway.
Thusly, in vaugely chronological order:

Warning, spoilers. But you know, mostly vague ones that are comments really and not too specific. )

All in all, I'm kind of glad that the current season of Doctor Who means that maybe Children of Earth never happened... )

Hilarious ETA )

The entry on The Sarah Jane Adventures should be up in a couple of days? Hopefully.
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So. Wait. Does the time rewrite thing mean that CoE could NEVER HAVE HAPPENED?
Because I think it does. Oh yes. I think it does.

Also, I will place something metaphysical down on Amy being the Pandorico/Pandorical.
I am also giggling somewhat over that it's a "Fairy tale" as the Trickster is apparently just that and... well he make Sarah Jane's life a misery on a regular basis, so... (And I so want to write little!Master and Doctor trying to scare each other by telling each other Gallifreyan fairy tales. I will, someday.)

River's teleport looked rather like Haineko's shikai release. You know, just randomly.

The end? Just. No.
I wanted to slap her but then the Doctor slithered out of it and I cheered for him.

possibly spoilery )

And the companions thing? Totally why this fic is one of my favourites.
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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There will be a fic post later. (First time in over a year~ oh god) Possibly just a link pointing to my fic comm, but maybe backed up here too.


I found one of Torchwood's only g-rated fics. Reception Difficulties

It was crossposted to [ profile] tardis_children, which is the cutest little comm in that it's for child friendly fic and discussion and things people have done with their kids and things their kids have done concerning Doctor Who.
There is a gorgeous illumination-style picture of the Bad Wolf.
There are some that I wouldn't let a five year old read because of big words and situations that I would just plain feel skeevy giving them to read or have read to them, but in general, it is very nice comm full of things to show to under-12s and perhaps a starting point for those a little older.

Oh and for those who are rather a bit older and just don't want to read porn.
(The second link there by the way, is a rather awesome Torchwood/Discworld crossover featuring the Nac Mac Feegle.)
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This is just a link dump. No ratings or warnings given for fic, so please read the headers/click at your own risk.

fanfictions (includes Torchwood, Doctor Who, Discworld, TRC, Harry Potter, Tortall series, xxxHOLiC, Naruto and/or crossovers of the above) )

fun things (mostly online flash games, although there are a few odd ones out) )

(I will likely do another one of these sometime in the future. This was simply getting a little long.)
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Straight forward commentary this time on things I found funny or liked or otherwise found noteworthy. I can’t be bother with anything else.

There are quite a few of these moments in Bay of The Dead. I assume this is because it’s pretty much Torchwood + zombies. Of the non-Owen kind.
Other points of note is that it is very Ianto/Jack and Gwen/Rhys. Also, Rhys gets to be a hero and is very much a pseudo team member. Which is always fun, as he is my third favourite character in the entire series. (And second favourite post-S2)

Onto the real commentary... )
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Which it isn’t, really. Graphic novel just sounds better than ‘the collected strips from the official magazine’. Which is what this is.
It’s a crack up really, even if I have heard/recognise the name of one of the contributing artists (D’Israeli). Except there are no proper title pages for the chapters, so I don’t know which chapter they drew.

The reason why it’s a crack up is because… Rift War is a very weird little story. )

Whereas ‘Jetsam’ was kind of fantastic in comparison. )

So er… ‘Jetsam’ is awesome and would take someone only ten minutes at the most to read in a bookstore or at the library.
The rest, Rift War… well, if you do have 30 minutes up your sleeve and don’t mind being confused as to whether that person is Owen or Jack, you could read the rest as well.

Now… I wonder if they’ve done any compilations of the fiction in the magazines aside from Consequences….
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I could swear that the title of this book is also the name of a song that I had. Except it’s not.
Anyway, it’s from the first shiny new batch of novelisations set after season two. (I don’t think they’re going to do post-CoE, mostly because… these look to be tiring enough, what would it be like with an even more reduced cast?) And… I think I already see a pattern. Jack is Jack and tries to solve everything on his own, because he doesn’t want his precious people™ to die. Gwen is ~helpful~, or at least tries to be. And Ianto is left being the person everything happens to. No. Seriously. In Almost Perfect he was the one body-swapped and in all the other ones, it appears as if he’s the one who falls sick/is in a coma/picked on because he’s still, somehow, the teaboy.
I’d almost forgive this if, you know, everyone got vaguely decent attention and characterisation paid to them, like the other novelisations did. The authors loved Owen and sometimes Jack and the stories would be based around them and would be so much better for it.
Except this book and Almost Perfect try to concentrate on all three of them at once and T3 ends up having all the charisma and interest of a slug. The story itself is affected too, which is the really horrible bit. They kind of bumble along in a Simpsons’-like manner, the beginning only marginally related to the end.

Anyway, going back to the pattern. Ianto, of course, gets treated according to this pattern. Well, perhaps not quite as woobieish as falling sick, but Gwen does volunteer him to sing and put himself in the line of danger. Because, as everyone knows, all Welsh are good singers. *can only name two off the top of her head, which is not any great number* Although, earlier, he does admit to having done some singing before.
BUT Gwen does that weird trying to be helpful but just ends up being awkward and I never thought I’d see that characterisation of her outside of fanfic.
I’ve already mentioned the horrible characterisation, haven’t I?
I do have to admit though, all the sequences where Ianto does sing makes me smile and snigger. I know the not eating dairy (or having red wine or coffee) and the Italian terms because of all my friends who are musically inclined and sing.

But there are funny things... )

...and OT3 moments... )

...and luckily the bad characterisation doesn't affect Rhys and Gwen's relationship... )

...but it does to the one-shot character, for a certain value of 'bad characterisation'. )

Also of issue is the end. )

But the book adverts in the back for upcoming novelisations and info books is fun. One of the Victorian members has been unfrozen and everyone has to follow the 1901 edition of the Torchwood handbook. I’m hoping this means Gwen in a dress.
There’s also a short story collection ‘Consequences’ which looks really interesting. It’s not so much about Torchwood, but, as you may guess, the consequences of their actions. I so, so, so want to read/get that.
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Yeah, I got this one and Border Princes out at the same time. I went to go and pick up one about Ianto have to join a men’s choir a few weeks after. (Why yes, some of the summaries of these are so loltastic I HAVE to reserve them.)
Anyway, this is possibly one of my favourite novelisations. Everyone is decently characterised and Rhys gets involved. Not as much as say… Meat or Almost Perfect, although Almost Perfect does reference this particular novelisation in a kind of parallel/in joke kind of way, but Rhys does come startlingly close to Torchwood. And this book is set pre-Cyberwoman so it’s all the more fun and ‘yay!’ because FIRST SEASON INTERACTION.
It also seems to fit into canon fairly consistently as well.
Well, nothing contradicts it, it doesn’t contradict anything else and doesn’t have too close a resemblance to any episodes. I have noticed that the novels tend to like having people being affected by aliens and that sometimes this means they take chunks out of other humans but… not too similar to any episodes. ;)

Since I have so many book marks in this though, I won’t bother with telling you exactly why I like this novel so much because it’ll be evident in my commentary. (Which is completely out of order.)

And so I start )

And... that's it. Late I know but I'll post up the choir boy YATN installment next.
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This is one hell of a weird novelisation. And another one that should probably be shelved in the “not canon” part of Torchwood media. Because, basically, it’s Adam 1.0. There’s a mysterious sixth member of the team who apparently has been there since forever and we play along with that until it’s revealed that he’s actually an alien.
Except there’s not retcon at the end and there isn’t any Jack!angst or goggleboy!flashbacks. Except there is a temporary split up between Gwen and Rhys and kind of makes it seem she really sleeps around in the first season if you do shelve this under “canon Torchwood media”.
Also, there were several odd phrasings that totally threw me off. Or maybe it was poor characterisation. IDK, especially as there was one scene where Ianto was playing basketball with Owen. Which is pretty blink, what? As is Tosh accompanying Jack on most of the excursions.

Not to speak of the other plot threads either. I know a lot of shows like using rather contrived Chekov’s guns, but… the two big alien tech threads have very little to do with the greater plot aside from ‘oh noes, the team is in danger!’. Then the plot thread that did relate to the main one was rather weak. Although it was kind of fun pointing and shouting loudly when very obvious hints were dropped.
But er, anyway, comments on little bits that happened in the book which I haven’t already mentioned.

It’s set pre-Cyberwoman, so Jack’s all srz, which is kind of painful, yet hilarious. )
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Firstly, have a link about how commuters read on trains. It is not why commuters do not read as the title states, but it is kind of neat to read through. And wonder why people don't finish books.

This week in course was stocks and sauces. Do you KNOW how long it takes for some sauces? SIXTEEN HOURS. PLUS.
Thankfully, tomato sauce doesn't take that long... only about an hour, maybe.
This coming week is about stewing. The next couple of assessments seem as if they'll be a bit difficult in terms of timing... (2 hours cooking in a three hour window?)

Yesterday, [ profile] shadowsinfire came over and we watched the first six episodes of Torchwood. [ profile] dawnduskdancer will watch them and we shall watch them again in a few weeks time.
It's fun times, but you do realise that the actual stories in season one are horrible and absolutely silly, but at least it doesn't have delusions of plot. Because I do love season two, except for the three episode arc where they decided it was time for plot, but the stories weren't as silly. And I happen to understand that season 3 is filled with plot but no silly at all.
Rewatching also makes me want to write that Ianto/Gwen AU fic that's been lurking around my head. But then I'll remember Ianto/Tosh is also kind of cute and then wander off track with how Jack is such a father and it's a shame he can't have a name like Kuro-papa. And Gwen's kind of mother-y except not and then I'm back to giggling about how obvious the Jack/Gwen subtext is.

Off tangent again, I go on about Farscape and 'Calculating God', the latter of which is a book. )

Now, off to get clean~


Jul. 1st, 2009 03:39 pm
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Amidst all the tweets I saw on Saturday, one made me squeal and be entirely too happy.

Cut for the SQUEE )

In other news, I went to donate blood on Monday. The previous attempt failed miserably, but this time, as people who are Facebook friends know, I actually succeeded.
Well, the nurses succeeded. I just kind of sat there and bled for them. But that’s totally cool.

But it seems that even if I do warn them that my veins are hard to find, they don’t bother looking to the side of where they usually look. Where there apparently IS a nice large vein that is very visible. *head desks*
The first person did find a vein in both my arms, but they were too deep. The one he thought was better and tried to get to just ended with the needle missing and my arm feeling very weird for a couple of minutes. Then another nurse came and tried finding one on the other arm, except couldn’t. So they then brought over another nurse who apparently is quite skilled at these things and SHE found the one to the side of my arm.
I suspect that something similar will happen the next time I go, unless I manage to get the same nurse. Or they make a note in my file.
For those who are curious, I am not particularly phobic of needles. Getting injections or IVs is no big deal for me, but I do NOT like seeing the needle actually go into my skin. I suspect this would be the same of any needle to pierce my skin except for sewing ones. In which case I am glad that I don’t particularly want any piercings below my neck. (Except for nail piercings, which are weird but absolutely painless and use a drill bit instead.)

So, needle problems aside, I actually donated blood. Hurrah! This also means I eventually get to find out what my blood type is. Either by getting a letter in the mail or when I visit next time.
Also, no vampire jokes please. I'm reading my way through Vampire Knight again. Missing kick-ass vampires currently and girls who have will. Yuuki, after reading about Maree? She can't even hold a candle to her. (Pun not intended but a very nice one regardless.) Will post about that later.


Jun. 24th, 2009 12:03 am
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There is a UK air date for Torchwood season 3. 4th of July running to the 10th. The US run is from the 20th.

Yes, I will be keeping an eye on the TVNZ website schedule for updates.

I may prod my dad in the general direction of the shiny new radio plays. Thank the BBC for their online radio service which is available ANYWHERE in the world. *dances*

Also, as I was screen capping randomly the other day, happy!Tosh is adorable.
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This one has Gwen (in boots), a tiger and oversized collectible card game cards on the cover. All of which are in the book, just not in that proximity. The presence of the tiger should tell you how silly bits of this is though. Not all of it like Almost Perfect just… bits.
Not so much monster/alien of the week either, just alien tech of the week. Which is a bit weird for the novels, but not too badly.
Also, rather oddly, Tosh and Ianto get the spotlight for this novel.

A quick sum up of this would be: pre-wedding, Ianto’s invisible for a portion of the book, Tosh is her adorable self, Owen doesn’t get much of a spotlight except as a person who makes jokes and the balance between ‘ships is almost on target.
Anyway, this’ll be mostly comments… onwards!

Onwards )
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This one gets creepy points for having Bilis on the cover. That and Ianto with half a clown face. No one likes Bilis and Ianto just looks silly with that Photoshopping. (Never mind that it’s unintentionally hilarious, what with all those Joker manips people were making last year.) Oh and about ten minutes after you’ve looked at the cover, you realised they’ve altered the Jack of Hearts on the cover so that it has Jack’s face.

It’s definitely a weird book. The dream futures can never happen, although they could’ve where the novel is placed. Which kinda makes your head hurt all kinds of upside down, but because in general it’s extremely weird, I’m gonna take it as not canon. I mean, Bilis shows up again.
And in ONE page, three fourths of the way through, the entire story shifts from “Bilis is evil” to “He’s actually trying to save us”. Wut.

Anyway, that’s all I can say about it. Mostly just comments that you won’t get if you haven’t read the book.

And I ramble about the SUV, some of the team dynamics and Ianto's characterisation, chocolate, dream sequences, languages which aren't pronounced the way they spell and a bit about Foyle's War which is only vaguely relevant )

Now, a bit of a ramble.
“Everyone had that chance to turn left rather than right.” is one of the phrases that struck me as odd. I know that symbolically speaking, right is almost always considered the ‘light’ path and left the ‘dark’ path, but Turn Left had the ‘light’ path as left and the ‘dark’ path as right. I have no idea if there are any other Doctor Who episodes with a similar ‘left is good’ thing going on but… this book and it’s right=light theme AND The Wizard of London’s, which I was reading at the same time, seemed very odd after I remembered that episode.
After all, the sinister isn’t always wrong and bad, something I learnt from reading Margaret Mahy’s The Two Sisters, which I absolutely loved. (Which apparently has a chamber opera written for it.) It can be just as beautiful and good as the dexter, even if they are different. Lessons in fairytales 101.
So yes… felt a bit weird about this book and The Wizard of London keeping close to the usual narrative of light and dark/right and left-hand paths. Especially considering Turn Left.

Er... over all? I think I've already mentioned this, but it's weird. But I did like the funny bits.
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This book is pretty much for all the Owen/Toshiko shippers who were never quite satisfied that all they ever got was episode 13 of season 2. Pretty much.
It focuses more on Owen than Tosh though, which makes this the THIRD Owen-centric novelisation that I’ve read in their little series. I’m beginning to think the authors really like him. Or his sense of humour. One of the two.

Um… it’s set RIGHT after episode 9 of the second season and the plot is pretty much set up by Rhys dragging Gwen to look at a show apartment. During the show-around though, the real estate agent ends up disappearing. With no signs of Rift activity, it’s investigation time!
Unfortunately, this means Owen and Tosh have to play house (for all of six hours, maybe) as cover.
Yes, this is rather amusing and they fail rather spectacularly.

As it is set after the wedding, there are some very forceful reminders that Gwen is unlikely to ever be with Jack. There’s some rambling about how Rhys is so accepting and is her hero, plus some general cheekiness when they’re being shown around the shiny apartment. (Including what they do on the kitchen counter that is NOT chopping up vegetables.) Oh, and a moment when both Capt. Jack and Gwen are exposed to psychotropic gas and he has to restrain her.
In general it’s a very Rhys/Gwen, Owen/Toshiko, Ianto/Jack book as far as shipping goes, although you barely see any of that last pairing. There’s one scene in the Hub, where Capt. Jack is doing up his shirt buttons and Ianto adjusts his tie (there’s more context in the actual book, but you get the idea it’s just very lightly touched on) then there’s another slight reference when Ianto’s trapped in the elevator and there’s a couple across from him and he hopes that Jack’s all right.
No writer seems to be able to strike a balance that pleases me. *sighs*

Eh, at least there’s plenty of humour scattered about. )
There's actually nothing really outstanding concerning OwenTosh except for this one bit... )

The ending is completely anti-climatic though and Tosh was the damsel in distress, which distressed me a bit, because while she isn’t the brawn of the team by any means, but Tosh =/= helpless.
And er… that’s it? My dad is currently stuck halfway through it, but I managed to finish it in less than 24 hours? (It’s a really slim book, only 250 pages.)

*goes back to reading*

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Oh, I am filled with geeky love for the internet today. There are carved pumpkin Daleks, edible flying spaghetti monsters, pacman crackers, Pokemon pulsh patterns and Doctor dolls.

Strangely, the last one reminded me that for this week's Torchwood, near the end, when John said goodbye and scolded Capt. Jack, I spent a good while admiring shirt and waistcoat combination that Jack was wearing. Both the shirt and waistcoat were a nice shade of dark blue, enough so I almost didn't realise that there was a waistcoat, except the back was made of some shiny satin-like fabric and, after noticing that, I noticed the pocket watch chain hanging between buttons and pocket on the matte front.
(Despite watching Antiques Roadshow many times, I've never quite figured/remembered how they're supposed to be attached to one's clothing.)

I SHOULD retrieve fishy from my dad's office and finish it up and take plenty of photos. And decide what geeky thing I should make next. Aside from moar Tanpopo, Mokona and Mugetsu of course.
And damnit, all those geeky fathers and mothers make me want to have geeklets. It's all very well to use your crafting powers for evil yourself but... the geeky toy possibilities! (Also, this should also be covered in a book: Geeky toys you can make with or for your kids, just like 'Useful techniques in constructing cosplay and accessories'.
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All I have is tears for Tosh and an bizarre mental link between Jack, Grey, Yuui and Fai.

Oh and finger pointing at Gwen taking charge and going yay! because that must’ve been what it was like in the three month or so absence of Jack that marked the period of time between seasons 1 and 2.

But really, I don’t have much to say except I’ll really miss Tosh, and, to a certain extent, Owen. (Who only had half a season of me actually liking him.)

And the Jack+Grey = Yuui+Fai is totally because Grey was surrounded by dead bodies and there was mental trauma because of this and Jack’s “leaving behind” of Grey.
Except of course, they aren’t twins or princes and Jack doesn’t have a ninja handy to keep him from emoing. Nor circumstances that actually allowed him to let his brother die, because that was the stupidest decision EVER.


Okay, there were some other things I found amusing. )

Next week is… nothing interesting, seeing as season three has been pushed back to June or July in the UK and TVNZ is most likely not going to run it concurrently. Most likely. (They seem to be re-running that Terminator spinoff though.)
Wait, what. Naoko Mori was in Absolutely Fabulous? Do not want. *randomly looked at the Torchwood profile on TVNZ and actually read it* Gareth David Lloyd in The Bill however? Hilarious.

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