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This is just a link dump. No ratings or warnings given for fic, so please read the headers/click at your own risk.

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(I will likely do another one of these sometime in the future. This was simply getting a little long.)
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*sobs* Tsubasa and HOLiC are finishing... Tsubasa very soon and HOLiC by the end of the year...
It's the end of an era. They're my first and second manga series that I've read and kept up to date with that are now FINISHING. (FMA doesn't count, really, as I'm about 15 chapters behind currently and probably won't catch up until it's finished.)

I may possibly be more broken up about the fact they're finishing than say, Yuuko and Watanuki's decision.

Also, this week's Bleach? Those wolves look AWESOME.
And Starrk is breaking my heart with that gorgeous face of his. Yay for begining to like a character just as he gets stabbed!

ETA: Watanuki's glare-y face? The hottest thing ever. Even more so than that semi-stoned colour picture. (Which, now, looking back on it, seems really relevant to current circumstances...)
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I think I get Tsubasa now. Kind of.

Basically we have Clow and Yuuko to blame for all of this and I'm not sure if this Clow and Yuuko are the Clow (and Yuuko) in CCS.
And er... when are we going to get back to the real Syaoran and Sakura? And their parents?

Poor Watanuki though, he can't squat at the shop anymore. (At least us xxxHOLiC readers know how that deal turned out...)
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Wait... reading [ profile] ashura_sama's spoilers made me realise something.

HOLiC AND TRC ARE SET IN ONE HUGE AU. (This is if you believe that for every decision made, a new universe is formed.)

Syaoran's decision split what should've happened from what did happen.
So somewhere out there, there's a universe where everything happened as it should. Whether that's good or not, I'm not sure.


Even if Watanuki doesn't really exist there... or maybe he does. The whole thing confuses me as only mutiple universes do.

I also have this nagging idea that FWR is actually Syaoran from the future trying to prevent his past self from doing everything in a kind of self-fufilling prophecy kind of way.

In other news, I'm totally freaking out over applying to Massey university.


Oct. 5th, 2008 12:57 am
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The TRC spoilers suck.

They suck so BAD.


Jun. 26th, 2008 09:14 pm
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Late commentary is late.

Why do I find Mokona's line "Ima no, Fai no mahou ma no" so ridiculously funny?
Must be because it's almost a tongue twister.

Kurgane's so cute protecting Fai~
And that endless yin yang orb is cool.

I like epic Syaoran vs. Syaoran fights.
They're awesome. They have exactly the same moves and know what the other one might do. It's epic, awesome and er... kinda hot.

I suppose the question to ask is... when did Syaoran get his father's sword?

I like the Clones, despite their evilness and stuff.

/random babble

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 Is that Touya wearing a skirt in 191?

Because that's what it looks like to me. (I know, I'm only just reading it now...)
BTW, there's a four leaf clover in that crown Sakura made.
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Caught up with the TRC (and FMA) manga scanlations. (As opposed to reading scripts and/or viewing raws.)

Sakura's dress is co cute! Even if I don't like that crenellation pattern, both outfits were adorable! Same with little!Syaoran's clothes. He looked just too cute in them.

I bet CCS!Sakura talked with Clow!Nadeshiko in her dreams because her Syaoran told her about the universes thing and she wanted to find another version of her mother. And so that's how Clow!Nadeshiko knows of how Sakura and Syaoran are ones meant for each other. (I have no idea how there were two 'Syaoran's in our world though. Unless that means CCS!Syaoran is somehow dead. Which should not be an option.)
Which makes me wonder if CCS!Tomoyo has had any strange dreams recently involving princesses, ninjas and flying cars.

Somehow all this is related to a 'what if' thought of that if Ishida had wandered into Yuuko's shop and wished for something 'unpayable' and had to work for her AND Yuuko pondered on what task to set him, teasingly suggesting that maybe he should be her personal tailor, he'd pounce on the offer, just as long as she payed for all the fabrics.
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Or at least when his memories were removed.

It was during that 'dream volume' the twelve or so chapters which were all a dream. In one of the he meets with Sakura and I believe he says something along the lines of "I wish the best for Sakura-chan"


It was then! 

EDIT: NO! Yuuko's gonna die! But Syaoran's still short. *snicker*

EDIT2: Kurogane can always find Tomoyo because of those damn hair jingles.
Voluminous robes: not just handy for hiding your feet, can also be used to hide seven foot long swords! 

I'm still boggling over how Tomoyo and Kurogane are about the same age. HE'S GIANT and seems so much more mature than her.
I think his name is supposed to be something like Ōō or Houou or Ho-ho (if you want to use the Pokemon romanisation) except with a y instead of h.

EDIT3: Uh... I thought they didn't have their original clothes because they had to flee a country before changing back to them after donning the local ones. Or that they had sold their clothes in a country for other ones.
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OMG  the horitsuba drama CDs. I'm currently reading translations and WTF? Fai wants to dress up in a maid costume, Yuuko is the classics teacher, teachers come and go through windows, the Mokona have genders, Syaoran is schizo, there's implied Touya/Yukito, Watanuki sews, Fai lives right next door to Kurogane in the staff housing, Fai knows his music, Yuui appears (yay!) and is going to teach cooking and there's a really cute bit at the end of the third drama where Kurogane recognizes Fai because of his buttons. And they share sake.

OMG TOO MUCH FUN. Especially since there are two sets of twins running around. AH THE CONFUSION.

I think, if anything, KuroFai would become canon in Horitsuba.
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Just ramblngs for the most part, but someone might find it interesting.

* Clone-y paid Yuuko his relationship with Sakura in return to travel and get her feathers.
While I did assume this meant that Sakura would never see him in the same light again because she didn't have any memories of him, it seems a rather slim payment. Especially as they developed a new one.
So, rather than just the missing memories, I think Clone-y also paid with his actions. His betrayal of the group separated him from them and ruined his relationship with Sakura.

* Clone-y is different from Real.
Even though they share some of the same memories, Real is very concious of what his actions mean. He treads very lightly, as he doesn't want to set something off.
Sure, I think that deep down they're the same person with the same feelings, but it's how they interpret, process and act on things that make them different. 

* Clone-y is obsessive over Sakura and is bat-shit crazy over her
He's going around killing and ravaging countries to get her feathers. HE'S MAD!

And I think that's all. I mostly wanted to ramble about how Clone-y can never get back with Sakura because he paid and how Real could. For the most part. 

EDIT: World Cosplay Summit is crackier than the Eurovision song contest. 
However, the team from Spain are doing the Tsubasa one of Syaoran and Sakura reaching for each other and Sakura's in a pretty white dress and Syaoran is in a black knight outfit.

84 icons

Nov. 5th, 2007 09:58 pm
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84 icons

[40] Bleach
~ Nel
~ Hinamori
~ Ishida
~ Keigo
~ Shirosaki (Hollow Ichigo)
~ Tatsuki
~ Orihime
~ Ichigo
~ Szayel
~ Pesh
~ Yachiru
~ Kenpachi
~ Gin
~ Hitsugaya
~ Hisagi
Also includes: Spoilers for Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arc (especially chapter 290+), Hichi/Tatsu shipping, GinHitsu, one-sided IchiHime, the gang, notebooks, mentions of pr0n and stealing of lines from FMA.

[09] xxxHOLiC
~ Yuuko
~ Watanuki
~ Pipe Fox
~ Doumeki (in a corner)
Also includes: Alternates

[10] Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
~ Fai
~ Kurogane
~ Tomoyo
~ Sakura
~ Syaoran
Also includes: Kuro/Fai, Infinity arc, alternates and abuse of black letter fonts

[24] Miscellaneous
~ Sukisyo
~ Oh! My Goddess
~ Galaxy Angel
~ Cardcaptor Sakura
~ Chobits
~ TRC/holic horitsuba
~ Fooly Cooly
~ My Neighbour Totoro
~ My Chemical Romance
~ Text icons
Also includes: Alternates, rain animation and rainbow balls.


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Eh what?

Oct. 17th, 2007 09:44 pm
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Translations for Tsubasa are out. Not only is there slightly more KuroFai-ness (Fai says he now won't give up his life! No more depressed Fai!) but we find out why Watanuki's eye is so treasured. 

It's because it's blue. And blue eyes have power. Apparently.
Fai now has a pretty golden eye. He'll have pretty heterochromatism if/when he gets his other eye back. (Which makes a grand total of how many characters with that?)

And Fuuma is apparently another errand boy for Yuuko. He's on a similar scheme to Watanuki I suspect.

Kurogane does indeed have automail now, although it's the Piffle world equivalent, so I doubt he needs surgery. Or maybe it'll attach itself like a leech. (It does)
Whatever, it looks WAAAAAYYYY cooler than Ed's. Sleeker and more bionic. (It would've been so cool if the skin covering had been put on it) It's got patellas phalanges! FINGERNAILS
Which admittedly look creepy, but the biology nerd in me is drooling. (Just like the Japanophile got excited over Isshin's sword and Ishida having epatulets on his cape)

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 There's been a partial translation of text and OMG they're in Nihon and 
OMG OMG OMG Fai gave Kurogane a suffix again.

And er... Tomoyo also went on about how Kurogane couldn't be parted from 'the important person"


And Fai knocked Kurogane over the head as well. 

So happy~ Bleach pales this week in comparison.
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Another dump. Of almost centurian proportions.
99 icons
[30] Bleach
~ Rukia
~ Hitsugaya
~ Keigo
~ Karin
~ Ryuuken
~ Hiyori
~ Shinji
~ Love
~ Mashiro
~ Cirruci
~ Renji
~ Aaroniero
~ Yachiru
~ Orihime (or at least her lips)
~ Szayel Apollo
~ Nell
Also includes: Spoilers for Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arc (especially chapter 290), swear words, lewdness, alternates, tiny text, vague H2G2 reference, colonoscopy, random cities and weird facial expressions

[15] Cardcaptor Sakura
~ Tomoyo
~ Sakura
~ Yue
~ Syaoran
Also includes: Alternates, Syaoran/Sakura

[15] xxxHOLiC
~ Yuuko
~ Watanuki
~ Himawari
~ Zashiki Warashi
Also includes: Alternates, Watanuki/Zashiki Warashi

[10] Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
~ Sakura
~ Kurogane
~ Fai
~ Tomoyo-hime (or at least her hair ornaments)
Also includes: Alternates

[10] FMA
~ Roy
~ Riza
~ Ed
~ Hoenheim
Also includes: Alternates and the state alchemist watch.

[10] Miscellaneous text
~ The origins of slash
~ Sandman quotes
~ The word "Fluffy"
~ Coconuts
~ Instructions
~ Manga related saying
Also includes: Variations, an outlook on reading raw manga.

[9] Assorted anime
~ Sukisyo/Sukisho
~ Galaxy Angel
~ Fooly Cooly
~ InuYasha
Also includes: Alternates, shonen-ai


Bleach icons )

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I don't know if I can find any other videos like this but it's kind of fun seeing the seiyuu for Fai, Kurogane, Syaoran, Mokona and Sakura in the studio.

I got there via a medly of the character songs, (Namikawa Daisuke is NOT the best singer on earth, whereas Kurogane makes me crack up and Mokona is SO CUTE) and I'm going to try hopping around to find more seiyuu videos.

EDIT: New Zealand won their first game in the Rugby World cup!
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I stared at this for about thirty seconds before my jaw started dropping and I began to drool over R!Syaoran.

It must be the eyepatch.

*gives people time to consider eyepatches in anime*

I want to see Fai so badly now~ I want to see the major pretties~ And AAAAANNNGGGSSSTTTT because angst in anime is hot, as opposed to angst in stationary media which just sucks.
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Title: Mokona go 'puu!'

Day/Theme: May 22, 'onomatopoe(t)ic'
Series: Tsubasa (Reservoir Chronicle) and Magic Knight Rayearth
Characters/Pairing: Mokona, mentions of Yuuko, Kurogane
Rating: G
Genre: Introspective?


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A post reposting icons I've made before and new ones. New ones are at the bottom of each table.

7 Tsubasa Resvoir Chronicle
~ Fai
~ Tomoyo
~ Syaoran & Sakura
~ Sakura

42 Cardcaptor Sakura
~ Sakura
~ Tomoyo
~ Sakura & Tomoyo
~ Sakura & Eriol
~ Eriol
~ Kaho
~ Ruby Moon
~ Yue
~ Naoko
~ Chiharu
~ Rika
~ Flower card

5 Miscellaneous
~ Text
~ Stock
~ Manga stock

~ Mamimi

1 Fruits basket
~ Machi

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