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My parents and I had the most TERRIBLE luck when Children of Earth ran on TV2. It was on a 10:30 at night on a Wednesday, which is a bit too late if one intends to wake up at 6 the next morning, so we taped most of them.

First episode we completely missed, either to the fact I mis-read the day or that they changed the day at the last minute.
Then for the next two episodes, the video recorder chopped off the last five minutes because it ran past the time it said on the digital schedule thing.
For the fourth episode, my dad had left the TV on mute, so there was no sound. (Luckily, the episode had been subbed for the hearing impaired.)
And for the final one, we decided to stay up late, but if we hadn’t, the timer would have worked WONDERFULLY as I had figured out how to alter the digital schedule thing.

I almost ended up paying $50 for a Blu-Ray disc of CoE that I might not have been able to watch as well, except I nicely asked the lady behind the counter, and there was a regular version, so luck was with me then, fortunately.
So… it’s kind of pointless for me to do an episode by episode thing, seeing as I still haven’t gotten around to watching the DVD and what I did see was compromised in someway.
Thusly, in vaugely chronological order:

Warning, spoilers. But you know, mostly vague ones that are comments really and not too specific. )

All in all, I'm kind of glad that the current season of Doctor Who means that maybe Children of Earth never happened... )

Hilarious ETA )

The entry on The Sarah Jane Adventures should be up in a couple of days? Hopefully.
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I do think that if the media is government owned/funded, they do have the right to say what is acceptable to air and what requirements the media needs to fulfil. Like having a certain amount of locally produced programming for example.

However, I don't think cutting funding because they're a neutral news source or demanding unreasonable results is exactly the right way to go about owning something that is THE NATION'S NEW SOURCE IN TIMES OF EMERGENCY. *looks pointedly at the National government and their plans to cut funding to National radio*

Privately owned media companies do have the right to pretty much say what they want though, provided their Boards don't object. I do think however, that with that freedom, they should be as informative as possible. Not neutral, which applies to the government funded/owned media, but informative. (The Government funded/owned media somehow needs to be both informative AND neutral, but this is talking ideal here.)

Are there any situations where media should be censored... no. Absolutely not. Information is good, information should never be STRAINED of all particulates.

And for something entirely different and much more lighthearted – minus a completed webcomic about a girl who can talk to ghosts and do anything you can imagine.
I have also learnt that Sky's UKTV actually IS somewhat partially owned by the BBC. Which answers my general ponderance of why they're branding every BBC program so very throughly with 'BBC'. (The stuff you learn from TVTropes...)
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What it is a site for those dorky baby/pet print sets. However, that has to be one of the most unfortunate website name/website design combination I have ever come across. (The site owner gives a little blurb about why it's named 'jacobella' but really, the name and header had me going D: for a moment as to why a Twilight-related site was linked to in a fairly serious craft blog.)

Anyway... I passed my assessment on Monday. 84% or so. So yay!
Next week is fairly messed up schedule wise though. Two days 2:00pm to 8:00pm and two days 8:00am to 2:00pm.
Then the week after that is a mixture of production kitchen and front of house. Fun.

In slightly more exciting news, Neil Gaiman is coming to New Zealand!
Here's the link to the event details.
I shall have to see if I can make it at all, but either way, I'm still excited a FAVOURITE author is coming to New Zealand, to WELLINGTON even.

In yet more fandom related news, I'm right now composing a enquiry feedback form thing for TVNZ as they still haven't aired Torchwood: CoE three months after it's airdate in the UK and about seven months after they said they would when I sent my first feedback form to them.

This is my query... and I'll let you know when I get a response. )

Yes, I know I am being rather persistent in hounding them... )
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Firstly a goth goldfish plushie. I love the tail and obviously want to make a similar fishy. Except in bright colours.

Then there are brain cakes. Well, brain cupcakes, but you get the idea.

Cthulhu hat. Is epic.

And oh god, customising rubber ducks brings back so many memories.

The last of the deviantArt links is a Goldie plushie. I am seriously considering misusing my Tanpopo felt to make one of my own.

Now, onto the TVNZ rant.
When I was doing my little delve into what people were saying about TVNZ's pause of Torchwood over the summer, I found out that they had acquired this series called 'Primeval' as well. It vaguely rang a bell but I figured I had glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye while traipsing around fandom one day and wrote it off as something that probably aired on TV1 some time ago. Why else were fans angry at Torchwood being aired a year and a half after it had been acquired?
But it's only NOW it's playing on TV2. At 10:15, which is basically Torchwood's timeslot, if they aren't going to mess around with it with the new season.
Seriously TVNZ can you stop premiering shows you acquired TWO YEARS AFTER YOU GET THEM.

*tries to figure out which episode it is*
Oh, it's episode 1 of episode 2. And they have really small seasons, of which the third and last season only JUST stopped airing.
Okay, so not as big a yell at TVNZ, unless they are doing a run of the first and second season. IN WHICH CASE I'M YELLING AT YOU AGAIN.

And I'm not sure if it's because rips in time and space are in every other thing I read/watch, but it's kind of lame. Interesting but nothing to make a big deal about.
But if Torchwood does make its appearance after this run of it, that does mean there's only 6 weeks until it.


Jun. 24th, 2009 12:03 am
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There is a UK air date for Torchwood season 3. 4th of July running to the 10th. The US run is from the 20th.

Yes, I will be keeping an eye on the TVNZ website schedule for updates.

I may prod my dad in the general direction of the shiny new radio plays. Thank the BBC for their online radio service which is available ANYWHERE in the world. *dances*

Also, as I was screen capping randomly the other day, happy!Tosh is adorable.
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All I have is tears for Tosh and an bizarre mental link between Jack, Grey, Yuui and Fai.

Oh and finger pointing at Gwen taking charge and going yay! because that must’ve been what it was like in the three month or so absence of Jack that marked the period of time between seasons 1 and 2.

But really, I don’t have much to say except I’ll really miss Tosh, and, to a certain extent, Owen. (Who only had half a season of me actually liking him.)

And the Jack+Grey = Yuui+Fai is totally because Grey was surrounded by dead bodies and there was mental trauma because of this and Jack’s “leaving behind” of Grey.
Except of course, they aren’t twins or princes and Jack doesn’t have a ninja handy to keep him from emoing. Nor circumstances that actually allowed him to let his brother die, because that was the stupidest decision EVER.


Okay, there were some other things I found amusing. )

Next week is… nothing interesting, seeing as season three has been pushed back to June or July in the UK and TVNZ is most likely not going to run it concurrently. Most likely. (They seem to be re-running that Terminator spinoff though.)
Wait, what. Naoko Mori was in Absolutely Fabulous? Do not want. *randomly looked at the Torchwood profile on TVNZ and actually read it* Gareth David Lloyd in The Bill however? Hilarious.

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I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

TVNZ should know the popularity of Torchwood. The Acquisitions administrator KNEW what she was getting when she made the deal.

*is absolutely boggled*

Still, I am excited. Because it’s showing again and while I doubt anything could top my love for Meat THIS'LL BE GOOD.

Surprised to find not that many angry blogs were written about it. I only found a few on NZ news sites (one where TVNZ even promised they’d put up an article when Torchwood returned) and general ‘grrr’ at TVNZ and how we should all send them TURNIPS, possibly even rotten ones, to make them stop this nonsense.
I’d rather send them some jellyfish or something else that looks appropriately alien-like.

Or perhaps everyone who would’ve written an angry blog/called them up downloaded after being fed up after waiting a year for it. And now resolutely snob TV2.
I don’t blame them.


I also find the lack of the season two box set on the Whitcoulls website intriguing. Slightly fishy too.

Though the season two box set doesn’t quite have the extensive extras that season one did, for which I am sad.  Extras make DVDs awesome. However, it does mean the set is 2 discs smaller and about $30 cheaper.

Need to prod the father figure about that.


Oh! Am I glad I delayed the posting of this. (All of the above was written yesterday and the day before.)
This morning, I got a response to my angry letter, and although it says nothing about WHY Torchwood has been given little advertising material, it does say they hope to run immediately into season three.

The response )

Isn’t that awesome? You get points for trying TVNZ. You get points for trying.

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*is too happy about some fanfictions being updated than should be allowed*

But ahem. Watched Shadow in the North today. My mum is now going to read the books (and I shall re-read them) so she can get the story better. (As I mentioned in a tweet, she needs a summary from either me or my dad to get it sometimes.)

Even though it's been... five-four years since I've read them, I could SWEAR that Sally and Fred got married in one of the last two books. So now I'm all confused~

I liked Fred. Both in the book and in this adaption. And Rosa. Not too sure about Sally and Jim though. Mostly "THEY'RE TOO OLD ASDSK;FLJGD". Okay, for Shadow in the North Billie Piper was okay, as she does a mid-twenties looking girl okay, but not quite a 18-19 girl, even if it IS Sally.
But Jim... I always imagined him to be 16-18 in the first book and maybe mid-twenties at the end of the series.

Poor Matt Smith, he's too old for Jim but possibly too young for the Doctor.

Also, minor hilarity: there was a Mr. Harkness who had epic beard and sideburns. At least, I think it was Harkness. We were watching the first part through the TV, which has lousy quality. Usually doesn't affect the sound though.

My mum still needs explanations and I find TVNZ's timing impeccable, but still rather fishy. )

ALSO. While I'm on the topic of Dr Who actors, David Tennant randomly bursting out into a song and dance SHOWDOWN in the middle of an arcade against its owner in some weird detective show is... beyond weird.
This happened while I was making Coconut ice cream (which you, T and Rhi, need to try, as it's totally dairy-free) and I stopped paying attention to it for the five-ten minutes it was going on. I WAS MAKING FISH FACES AT THE TV IT WAS SO RANDOM.

I kinda wish I had looked up what the title of the show was...
Just looked it up. David Tennant was guest starring on a show called Blackpool. A small fit or two over British TV )

EDIT: THIS, or this
Tried to find clips with as much of the scene before the random dancing/singing.
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Is it so sad that the only mention of TV2 running the remainder of Torchwood season two comes from the WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE?

But, regardless, the season comes out on DVD tommorrow. Over the next few days I will be going into town to get my camera.
This equals me doing the mental equivalent of 'up yours' at TV2. Not that they didn't already get one for NOT replying to my query.

They might very well start airing it in a couple of weeks time, but still. The sentiment is there. You screwed us kiwi Torchwood fans by not saying much at all about this, we get you back by buying the DVDs and not watching your ads.

That being said, they're apparently airing the Catherine Tate show on the 20th, at an equally (if not moreso) irritating time slot. 11:40!?
[here is the TVNZ profile]
Not that I really want to watch it, as I really don't like the humour. *goes off again in her rant about how she initially didn't like Donna because of this program*

Anyway, nice going TV2. *gives a sarcastic thumbs up*
Also, who the HELL categorises titles beginning with "The" under 't'?

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