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Hey, lucid dreamer here. Already do that. (Though not quite as good as my younger self, who was REALLY REALLY good at twirling her dreams around her finger.)

So er, I can, and I generally do if I know it's going to turn into a honest nightmare or something else seems more interesting. If it's just going down the path of weirdness, I generally leave it though, as I kind of liked having a dream with escape puzzle logic (ie, little to none) where two siblings are suspected of murder and the Doctor is the investigating detective.

I'm not sure if I would want to entirely construct my dreams, as it is a lot of work and sometimes letting your subconcious do all of that is nice. Especially when it actually makes sense.
(I really need to do more dreamlogs, seriously.)

On another subject, I find it very odd that there are people calling Abby Sunderland's parents 'neglectful' and all sorts of other things. It kind of illustrates the difference between Australian and New Zealand cultures and American culture, at least in terms of risk taking and adventuring.
I suppose it's the kind of "she'll be right" attitude that permeates the culture, but if Abby were from New Zealand or Australia, EVERYONE would be cheering her on, confident that she knew what she was doing and would be able to tackle the storms. They would also be commiserating over the destruction of the yacht and cheering her on in trying to do it again.
So it just feels kind of odd that her family is being condemned for supporting an independent, confident young woman who wanted to have and adventure on her own.
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I do think that if the media is government owned/funded, they do have the right to say what is acceptable to air and what requirements the media needs to fulfil. Like having a certain amount of locally produced programming for example.

However, I don't think cutting funding because they're a neutral news source or demanding unreasonable results is exactly the right way to go about owning something that is THE NATION'S NEW SOURCE IN TIMES OF EMERGENCY. *looks pointedly at the National government and their plans to cut funding to National radio*

Privately owned media companies do have the right to pretty much say what they want though, provided their Boards don't object. I do think however, that with that freedom, they should be as informative as possible. Not neutral, which applies to the government funded/owned media, but informative. (The Government funded/owned media somehow needs to be both informative AND neutral, but this is talking ideal here.)

Are there any situations where media should be censored... no. Absolutely not. Information is good, information should never be STRAINED of all particulates.

And for something entirely different and much more lighthearted – minus a completed webcomic about a girl who can talk to ghosts and do anything you can imagine.
I have also learnt that Sky's UKTV actually IS somewhat partially owned by the BBC. Which answers my general ponderance of why they're branding every BBC program so very throughly with 'BBC'. (The stuff you learn from TVTropes...)
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Um... does wanting an ice cream cafe which has a vegan/vegetarian/gluten/wheat/dairy-free friendly menu count as a 'theme'?
Because yeah. I'd so want to open that.
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Hip bones~
The sepia tone of the ink doesn't help that much.
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I have to have a spiral bookcase staircase tower. As in a tower, with a spiral staircase, that has a bookcase running up along the wall following the staircase. And at the top would be a library, with chaise longues to sit/lounge on and loads of books.

The rest is more or less optional )

So, bits of what a dream house of mine would look like. I don't actually imagine it as an entire whole, just... rooms, not connected or anything. Just rooms the way I would love them to be. Sofas and all.
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Although this is a very poorly worded question. I do believe it exists. You may have heard of the planet it exists on, Earth. You may even know a funny creature named a human who particpates in it. You may not know that it is supremely unnatural for a mammal like the human to practise it.

Joking aside, I don't believe it is the one size fits all of relationships. It seems to work for many people though and many people seem to believe is is one size fits all.
But I'm the person who doesn't fit the 'one size fits all' hat. So yeah, people can have just one partner. They can also have two or three or four... however many they want, like or need. My tendancies towards shipping threesomes quite clearly indicates my support. (I think I have more OT3s/OT4s than I do true OTPs.) *uses OT3 icon*

I actually think having more than one person to rely on emotionally is a great idea. Communal emotional support is great in a more general, less deep way too, which is why friends are all sorts of awesome. *gives hugs to everyone*


In other news, Fenrir Inc., the company who produced Sleinipr, my favourite web browser, has produced an image editor.
Nothing terribly sophisticated, better than paint, but since it isn't in English, I can't figure out how much so.

It does have layers and layer modes. But it doesn't have image adjustments, just filters. And I haven't quite figured out how to make brushes.

I think the general progression of image editing programs on my computer thus goes: Photoshop > the GIMP > PictBear > Paint
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According to many late night discussions with my friends, yes, and once upon a time I was a cat. Other theories about past lives is that I've had a lot of them and had one particular friend as a sister or other close relative.

Um... but really, I believe that you do what ever you believe you'll do after you die. So, in my case, I will not go reincarnate or go to any particular place right after I die, but float around and spend time in people's imagination and dreams.
Then when I get bored, go do something else. Maybe then I'll reincarnate or something.

I do believe in an environmentally friendly soul that can get recycled or remade into something new but I don't really think you can remember past lives like you can remember plots from a book.
Deja vu, yes; but for me, that usually means it's cropped up in a dream or something before.
Anyway, this is making my head hurt a bit too much, early night for me.
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I'm pretty sure I have. Even if it is the 'okay here's what happens in the interesting parts' to get someone to read/watch something sense.
And I do make spoilery comments about things I've read/watched recently here on my journal, so I suppose, yes.

Sometimes people don't mind (usually because I've told them about the best bit and they can then tell me their feelings on it) and sometimes they go 'YAY! Spoilers!' but very rarely do I actually ruin something.
I think the last time I did that was with Breaking Dawn. And even then, she stopped me before I could spoil her anymore.

On the otherhand... I usually like spoilers. I don't care about finding out the ending beforehand, ESPECIALLY as this is my usual method of finding good books to read. Skim the end and if I can deduce what's happened from the last two pages, I don't buy/borrow it.
It's more the journey to me in that respect. However... if it's something fraught with tension I usually avoid the detailed spoilers, because that just ruins the fun.
Like how I generally avoid Bleach pic spoilers. As they're usually 10 or so camera phone pics and that's half the chapter, even if it is blurry.

Again, with Breaking Dawn, I didn't want anyone to tell me exactly what happened, but I was okay with people talking about Reneesme and stuff in a vague sort of way. (Or in a very small detailed way.)
Like how I read books. Sometimes I'll stop halfway and skim the rest and I know generally what will happen but sometimes the detail will suck me right back in as soon as I head back to proper reading.
(With Vincent, in The Mirador. My current head picture of him vaguely resembles Watanuki and it's making my HEAD HURT.)

Because I know exactly what kind of spoilers I like though, I can usually go 'lalalalala' and stick my fingers in my ears when the person's going into too much detail.

So, almost and not really is the tl;dr answer.
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Using my thumbnail as a screwdriver.

Or, alternatively, using the curly thing on the end of a pair of hairdressing scissors to open a door which had no working doorknob/pull. (It had a shallow hole where the old doorknob was, so I used the curly thing to get enough traction on it.)

Also, MacGyver was ♥s when I was little. I used to love watching that show.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]My username story is really rather simple. It started with a birthday card...

No, seriously, it did.  I was making cards for some relative of mine and going all out with my crafty stuff and you know how card companies have their little logo on the back? Well yeah, I wanted to do something like that too, so I signed it 'Grassangel cards' and did a little doodle of a bunch of grass.

Why 'grassangel'? Because among the many meanings of my name (verdant, lush, blooming, etc.) there's also "small green shoot" as in a bud or a... blade of grass. 

So there you have it, my username's story. Now... we'll get to song_of_fire or kusashi or one of the other ones later... (Well, actually, no. Kusashi is based on Grassangel. Kusa means grass and I added a part of the word 'tenshi' as in angel, to it. No idea if it'd make sense in Japanese, but it amounts to the same thing as Grassangel. Or at least is supposed to.)

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