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I should do a proper what's been happening with me entry but the final xxxHOLiC (Rou) chapter has me whatting so much I need to just expunge all my frustrations in more than 140 characters.

Firstly, the time skip? There was a fic floating around reasonably recently in which Doumeki's grandson stepped up to do the groceries.
Which I can't find and is annoying me greatly. I want to point at it and laugh at how right it is.

Here be spoilers )
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Sometimes, when reading HOLiC fics, especially ones concerning Doumeki and Watanuki - though sometimes I get it when reading about Himawari and Doumeki - I get the urge to write a essay or fic or something about what they all have for each other. Like how Doumeki has loyalty-protection-love for Watanuki, while Himawari has fondness-notquiteyearning-love for him. And then Himawari and Doumeki have this weird relationship where they're figuratively each other's only port in a storm, as their third is too dense to figure out he has anything but fondness for both of them, and thus the only option for physical intimacy but they're still colluding together to make a happy OT3 work out.

I kind of wish everything HOLiC wasn't quite so angsty.
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So, I now have a sticky post, along with a nice 'grass_angel : semi friends only' banner type thing.

And you know, I was going to use a fandom image for it, except I change fandoms far too often, so I just went with something simply.

Except along the way, I had to play with an image of Yuuko's seiyuu cosplaying as Yuuko and...

these things happened )


But yeah, fic banner for a fic that doesn't exist.
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*sobs* Tsubasa and HOLiC are finishing... Tsubasa very soon and HOLiC by the end of the year...
It's the end of an era. They're my first and second manga series that I've read and kept up to date with that are now FINISHING. (FMA doesn't count, really, as I'm about 15 chapters behind currently and probably won't catch up until it's finished.)

I may possibly be more broken up about the fact they're finishing than say, Yuuko and Watanuki's decision.

Also, this week's Bleach? Those wolves look AWESOME.
And Starrk is breaking my heart with that gorgeous face of his. Yay for begining to like a character just as he gets stabbed!

ETA: Watanuki's glare-y face? The hottest thing ever. Even more so than that semi-stoned colour picture. (Which, now, looking back on it, seems really relevant to current circumstances...)
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ETA: HOLiC spoilers )
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Oh Watanuki, you are such a shonen hero.

And OSHIT, I hope this doesn't mean Yuuko/Watanuki is kind of canon...

... TT__TT Yuuko~ *wails*
We still don't know what your wish is though...

ETA: Also, because a friendspost reminded me of this, the National government of New Zealand is planning on abolishing trial by jury for all but the most important cases. My reaction to this is a violent NO. Trial by jury means we don't get corrupt judges. Trial by jury means that a judgement is reached by a consensus of OTHER citizens and not just one person who may or may not have an agenda.
If they want people to get out of jury service, just put in more loopholes. (Most juries are already skewed anyway, so I don't see much point in this. It's rare for a person to be called to jury duty more than once in five years.)
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Title: wine and silken strands

Series: xxxHOLiC
Character/Pairing: Clow, Yuuko; Clow/Yuuko
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Spoilers/Warnings: None!
Wordcount: 200
Theme/prompt: 28. real faith, my dear, is just a dream

The sound as is he does so is like the rustling of silk... )
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Title: Eventually wakes the dreamer

Series: xxxHOLiC
Character/Pairing: Watanuki Kimihiro, Ichihara Yuuko, brief appearances by Doumeki Shizuka and Kunogi Himawari; vauge DouWataHima
Rating: PG
Genre: Speculative, AUish
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for most recent chapters I guess
Wordcount: 706
Theme/prompt: 6. one night I dreamt I was a butterfly
Author's Notes: Every bad meta-horror ends like this, and I thusly apologise. Somewhat.

There was a disquieting feeling, as if he were expecting something else aside from the usual.. )
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D: What is this about the shop maybe becoming one of Watanuki's reasons for staying?

And Yuuko's wearing that butterfly obi again.


Don't die Yuuko! Don't end (just yet) xxxHOLiC!

EDIT: Wait, what, Watanuki's drinking? He doesn't [normally] DO THAT!
Also, if it weren't for the Kohane was there, I'd totally think the cooking together thing was something more shippy.
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Title: last bluebells

Series: xxxHOLiC
Character/Pairing: Watanuki Kimihiro, Mokona (Ichihara Yuuko)
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Spoilers/Warnings: None?
Wordcount: 250
Theme/prompt: June 30 - a little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now
Author's Notes: Not betaed yet, still a little clunky in places, but it's late...

...trying to dispel rain that is not there. )


May. 1st, 2008 04:22 pm
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 Oooooh, spoilers/chapter for HOLiC is out and... dawnduskdancer, I think you were right about that thing where the shop is based in the past.
(But gah, I now want to know why there isn't a kind of circle for drawing the power of belief of those who want wishes granted to sustain the shop.) Unless of course, Watanuki, Doumeki, Himawari and all that are going to be roped in to provide the base for a new shop tied permanently to a time/place with Kohane as the new Witch. (What? Don't look at me that way, I was totally expecting Yuuko to tell Kohane that the price for her happiness was to sacrifice it later on to become the Witch of the Dimensions. (I so want to write that.))
It looks like Yuuko, Maru and Moro might not be getting their happy ending... 

Mweh, I've also been persuaded to do a OT3+ blogcrew sometime. Yay for OT3s!
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Title: words

Series: xxxHOLiC
Character/Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Rating: PG
Genre: General
Spoilers/Warnings: n/a
Wordcount: 256
Author's Notes: Minimal beta by [ profile] shadowsinfire and [ profile] fae_elric
Written because hitsuzen really is a perfect word.

Words define a person, people define words )
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Or at least when his memories were removed.

It was during that 'dream volume' the twelve or so chapters which were all a dream. In one of the he meets with Sakura and I believe he says something along the lines of "I wish the best for Sakura-chan"


It was then! 

EDIT: NO! Yuuko's gonna die! But Syaoran's still short. *snicker*

EDIT2: Kurogane can always find Tomoyo because of those damn hair jingles.
Voluminous robes: not just handy for hiding your feet, can also be used to hide seven foot long swords! 

I'm still boggling over how Tomoyo and Kurogane are about the same age. HE'S GIANT and seems so much more mature than her.
I think his name is supposed to be something like Ōō or Houou or Ho-ho (if you want to use the Pokemon romanisation) except with a y instead of h.

EDIT3: Uh... I thought they didn't have their original clothes because they had to flee a country before changing back to them after donning the local ones. Or that they had sold their clothes in a country for other ones.


Feb. 3rd, 2008 05:30 pm
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This photo post gets a special entry.

Mokona abound! )
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Title: chains 

Series: xxxHOLiC
Character/Pairing: Clow/Yuuko
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Dark (-ish), Romance
Spoilers/Warnings: Allusions to a sexual relationship
Wordcount: ~100
Author's Notes: No beta this time around. No real notes either, except I kinda went tangential...


84 icons

Nov. 5th, 2007 09:58 pm
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84 icons

[40] Bleach
~ Nel
~ Hinamori
~ Ishida
~ Keigo
~ Shirosaki (Hollow Ichigo)
~ Tatsuki
~ Orihime
~ Ichigo
~ Szayel
~ Pesh
~ Yachiru
~ Kenpachi
~ Gin
~ Hitsugaya
~ Hisagi
Also includes: Spoilers for Arrancar and Hueco Mundo arc (especially chapter 290+), Hichi/Tatsu shipping, GinHitsu, one-sided IchiHime, the gang, notebooks, mentions of pr0n and stealing of lines from FMA.

[09] xxxHOLiC
~ Yuuko
~ Watanuki
~ Pipe Fox
~ Doumeki (in a corner)
Also includes: Alternates

[10] Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
~ Fai
~ Kurogane
~ Tomoyo
~ Sakura
~ Syaoran
Also includes: Kuro/Fai, Infinity arc, alternates and abuse of black letter fonts

[24] Miscellaneous
~ Sukisyo
~ Oh! My Goddess
~ Galaxy Angel
~ Cardcaptor Sakura
~ Chobits
~ TRC/holic horitsuba
~ Fooly Cooly
~ My Neighbour Totoro
~ My Chemical Romance
~ Text icons
Also includes: Alternates, rain animation and rainbow balls.


Bleach icons )

xxxHOLiC icons )

Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE icons )

Miscellaneous icons )

You can: Credit and/or Comment
You can't: Hot-link and/or Claim you made them
You may: Alter (but no claiming the base is yours), look at my
resources, look at resources I've made to share, look at my previous icons and ask questions about the icons! I'm more than happy to answer.

Et cetera: Coloured manga icons are usually coloured by me unless specified.
Friending me just for my icons is acceptable, though you will often get random stuff instead.
Constructive critiscism is lovely ♥ (or even just saying which ones you liked)

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