Jun. 10th, 2010

grassangel: (my other ship let me show you it)
I am talking of course, about the rather frightening level of subtext displayed between Maria and Sarah Jane in the first/second season of The Sarah Jane Adventures.
If you know the story of how I got into slash (namely I realised that there was something going on between Touya and Yukito (but with their English names) in Cardcaptor Sakura when I was eleven) then you should assume that I have no problem with such a thing as slash in children’s programming. I’m all for subversive messages that promote liberal thinking, especially if they’re a bit of a parental bonus.

There is just something creepy with the way that Maria is apparently the person Sarah Jane trusts the most... (a minor diversion about the role of Maria and Rani) )

... which gets derailed by me talking about shipping. )

Shipping isn’t probably what you wanted to hear about the Sarah Jane Adventures though, right? So I'll talk about the show itself. )

BECAUSE I actually managed to watch all of the episodes released thus far, you get some nice episode commentaries. )

So yes. My general opinion is that this is FUN. )

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