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When Merida was giving her mother's "Actually, let's just choose for love" speech, I was half-expecting two of the sons of the clans to turn to each other and sling arms around one another and go "Cool, 'cos we like each other, sorry dad." Even though, yes, medieval Scotland. But it's a fantasy medieval Scotland and we had kilt jokes anyway.

I'm still expecting if there's an extra epilogue for the triplets to be married off to the daughters of the three other clans and Merida just becomes an awesome queen who sometimes takes a consort. Because no, I am not expecting any of the sons courting to go well. Also, Merida came off as a happily single forever kind of character.
Which is kind of terribly neat, as the demographic who will probably walk away with the biggest emotional hit is the post-tween girl. And there kind of needs to be a media influence saying that ending up without a boyfriend is okay as well.

Although it was a really dirty narrative twist with how you expected that Mor'du would be transformed back into a human and that narrativium would throw him and Merida together. I'm torn between it being excellent story telling that the twist was expected but never happened, or really sad that narratives have trained me (and my friends) to expect such an ending.

Also, I am terribly bereaved that the stone circle can never be used as a doorway into the sidhe again.

Oh, and go see Brave as the emotional plot line is more mature than you think, the animation and music are gorgeous, there are hilarious moments and yay! Two wonderful female main characters as well.

ETA: There's entries under the TBA section of future Disney films for Into the Woods and The Graveyard Book. Eeeee! (Okay, so the Mary Poppins spin-off, Oz prequel, Maleficent, the unannounced Marvel character and Doctor Strange movies are also exciting to hear about, but nowhere near as much as the above two are.)

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Also, I am terribly bereaved that the stone circle can never be used as a doorway into the sidhe again.

Can it not? Admittedly, it did get broken, but I would expect that if anything, it would lose two doorways (the ones on either side of the fallen stone) - or swap them for one new one that goes somewhere different - or possibly throw the whole thing out of alignment and start opening doors to all sorts of strange places.

Date: 2012-06-25 11:06 am (UTC)
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It's more that everything would be thrown out of whack and be terribly unstable.

In magic, circles are outright broken if the smallest portion of it is removed or erased. Like scuffing a salt circle instantly breaks its protection, even if most of it stays intact. It's rather superstitious of me to do so, but I do take great pleasure in breaking 'fairy circles' made of mushrooms or daisies.
However, in ritualised Wicca/Pagan practises, circles have to also be broken with a ritual.

So it feels to me that there wouldn't be individual doors between stones any more, just one into the sidhe which changes location and is incredibly random. Which things can pass out into the stone circle easy enough, but which things find it very hard to pass out into the sidhe if they didn't come from there originally.

Date: 2012-06-29 08:20 am (UTC)
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Yeah I just have this image in my head of the stone circle coming un-grounded and spinning off wildly through space connecting at random with other dimensions.

Also continuity-wise, does Elinor have scars now from her fight with Mordu? I feel like that would be logical.

Date: 2012-06-30 12:31 pm (UTC)
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I have no idea. But it would be neat and she and Fergus could argue over whether a missing leg and fighting him with weapons beats a few scars and fighting him bare/bear handed.
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