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The Tumblr implosion is giving me hella anxiety, but please say hi if you're coming over here from there. (also, a lot of this is archived LJ entries from the mid-00s. I didn't do a brilliant job of crossposting from tumblr to here.)

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Title: a little quickens, but much extinguishes

Series: Doctor Who
Character/Pairing: Thirteen/Missy, cameos from the series 11 team
Genre: Angst, fluff
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1747
Dedication: for the soulmate AU prompt given by [ profile] zahniethe one where you and your soulmate share an emotional link“ and completed for [ profile] AceMcshane

The Doctor and the Master are bound to feel each other's emotions. They've gone through periods of delighting in this connection and through periods of denying what they feel isn't their own.
After the colony ship, after regenerating, the Thirteenth Doctor struggles to relearn how to ignore the longing in her hearts.

It works until it doesn't.

previously published as an ask on tumblr, but now edited and available on AO3

Once, their bond had made them inseparable. It had given them strength, the disapproving mutterings only driving them closer together, to the only other person who truly understood. Even the attempts to appeal to their pride as Time Lords in potentia and their duty to their Houses could not drive them apart.

No. They had driven each other away instead.

They eventually learned the ability to ignore the emotions that filtered through across time and space. It was easy to disregard the acrid resentment they shared, that mutual bitterness making it easier to believe that the emotion was their own. But it was harder to bury the desperate longing they each had, hide it deep enough they could pretend they didn't reciprocate the aching desire that drifted through the link between them like smoke.

Eventually they could even manage to disregard the blaze of emotion that flared into life when they stumbled across each other's paths. A task made easier if they each pretended the hurt and hope that flickered in the hearts of the other was their own.

Except it could never be easy for them to forget one another, to deny their connection to the only other person who could understand them. But they tried.

The bond between them had almost been doused on the shore of a lake, on a planet devoted to trial and execution. The light between them forever extinguished by her death, until she had offered up the tiniest spark of hope. A spark they hadn't been aware they both sheltered.

They had seventy glorious years, nurturing and fanning that glowing point of hope. Until it had grown out of control and consumed them both.

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So, my thoughts on the River Song & Master box set, and the shiny brand new Missy set:

The River Song set is a lot of fun. The )

The Missy boxset? Unlike with the River Song release there is sort of an arc, and as such there is some nice character development. It's delicious and intriguing character development. )
And ponderings on what could happen next. Sort of )
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Title: A Proposal

Series: Doctor Who
Character/Pairing: Twelve/Missy
Genre: Fluff, humor
Rating: G
Wordcount: 274
Dedication: For [ profile] AceMcshane

The Doctor asks Missy to marry him one night when they're walking through the University grounds. It's mostly by accident.

available on AO3

They're walking the University grounds, the night quiet, when he asks her. Missy has her arm through the Doctor's, wearing the bracelet that tethers her to his side, a security measure to keep Nardole satisfied, the Doctor rambling about some past adventure.

"This is nice," the Doctor interrupts himself mid-story.

"Excuse me?"

"This. Nice. Being together. Seeing the stars," the Doctor grins at her, eyebrows raised, as he gestures toward the sky with a wave.

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Title: an echo of the promise we made

Series: Doctor Who
Character/Pairing: Twelve/Missy, Thirteen/Missy
Genre: Romance, fluff, mild angst
Rating: G
Wordcount: 1709
Dedication: For [personal profile] zabbers and [ profile] AceMcshane
They've made so many promises to each other other the years. It's time to make one final vow.


As children they promised to marry. Millennia later, in the Vault, they finally do so.

also available on AO3

She's playing a Gallifreyan wedding song when he enters the vault sometime in the nineties. It's meant for four hands, but she does a remarkable job of condensing it for two, the melody and rhythm reduced down to their essential parts and free of the usual trademark flourishes of Gallifreyan music. The result is pleasing, and the Doctor finds it more enjoyable than the march played at his own wedding millennia ago, his steps lightening as he makes his way to the centre of the Vault.

"What's the occasion?" he asks, setting the tea tray down on the table nearest the piano and beginning to empty out his pockets. There's a couple of novels today, a half finished piece of crochet and a still warm soft boiled egg.

"Our marriage, silly." There's a purposeful flourish, a flick of the wrist to ruin his enjoyment of her playing.

The Doctor turns to face her, the tail end of the crochet still leading to the ball of wool in his pocket. "We're not married." It comes out cold and stern, something that seems to come easily to this body. He doesn't mean to sound so harsh, but he's surprised at her claim.

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I am very much not emotionally up to looking at this episode critically.
But I can still go yeah and ehh and nah
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I had to inhale through my teeth when I realised which three episodes fall last in my ranking of this series )
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There is, hilariously, nothing about what people liked about the Witchfinders in the email, but they did have a newsletter which had the following gems:

Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor has been warmly received in the title role. Graham is also highly rated, being named by one viewer as “the standout character of this season”. Viewers are generally enjoying the mix of both historical and futuristic storylines across episodes. The historic third episode Rosa has been described as “a stunning and emotional glimpse into the past…it was beautiful television”.

Plus they apologised a little about the repetition in the Doctor Who surveys, though they tried to spin it as consistency, and how the almost real time feedback helps them understand the performance of the series.

(Though since I keep track... the first three had questions about the core cast and Whittaker as the Doctor, but not the rest.)

Also, I did rewatch the episode, so bonus bits I picked up from this episode will be included. )
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Asked by [ profile] zabbers:I think it's actually canon-compliant! But: your puddle AU?

For those who don’t know, this is an AU/interpretation of canon that imagines that puddle of ‘oil’ from an alien ship is actually what happens when you leave a Time War TARDIS unattended for 70 years, which is what I headcanoned when I answered a question about where Missy keeps her TARDIS on a Master meme on twitter

So, and this is all preamble: Humanoid TARDISes are a thing.
Idris had The TARDIS consciousness placed inside her and there’s the whole holographic interface. Plus, when I saw this ask made to @evilqueenofgallifrey (which definitely influenced this headcanon/AU), I sort of went down the lore rabbit hole and found out that the TARDIS can appear in/have a humanoid form and that a companion had been changed into one. (There’s apparently more lore that the Master’s former TARDIS, a twin to the Doctor’s, was very fond of appearing humanoid and basically staged a coup on Gallifrey? but I didn’t find that out until after this headcanon had started to seed in my head)

These humanoid type TARDISes were involved in The War/War in Heaven, not The Time War, but if the Daleks can have puppets with eyestalks in their foreheads, the Time Lords can have their genetically modified, bred and enslaved humanoid TARDISes. Obviously being used in a war doesn’t necessarily make them a War TARDIS but-
In the Doctor Falls, Simm!Master confirms he took a TARDIS, one heavily implied to be a War TARDIS. Not all TARDISes used in the war are these humanoid TARDISes but TARDISes are sentient enough to communicate with one another, perhaps enough to give each other ideas…

So Missy has a War TARDIS. It’s probably well kitted out, plenty of defences, definitely has a working chameleon circuit, and certainly isn’t a type 40. We never see her TARDIS though, as apparently she parks well away from whatever scheme she has going on and instead uses a Vortex manipulator to travel short distances.

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I think the little things about the previous week’s responses are just bland, rather than their blandness being indicative of anything

You loved seeing and learning more of Yaz’s story.
A historical Doctor Who setting can be great for learning something new.
An emotionally engaging storyline makes for an exciting episode!

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I don’t know what this means about the reactions to the Tsuranga Conundrum. 

  • A strong core cast with more complex dynamics make for a more interesting watch!

  • Doctor Who fans LOVE a mix of monsters, both familiar and new.

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Two things we've learnt from your responses last week were:

• You loved that the 'scare' factor played a major part in this episode.
• Doctor Who fans do love a good, "traditionally" scary monster on occasion!

I see the if you can’t say something nice, say something general rule is in effect. (I’m... not surprised.)

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Fan panel time! And it’s sweet they still internally name the surveys as Fan Panel.


The email was also very sweet, and enthusiastic about the response to Rosa!

It was... not the most flattering response )
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Something went wrong with sending out the surveys? I got 1 & 2 all at the same time.
Actually, no. Checking the forum and apparently they were spaced out in order to give time for airings that occur later in the week. Which obviously changed as 1 and 2 went out within hours of each other.

Onwards, with my responses for S11e1 )
And then my response for S11e2 )

Tags, if this were tumblr: reading this back after watching two more episodes, I'm quite happy with those responses, especially in regards to the team dynamic.
(but also like... if any of these responses get shared around production, I don't know whether I'd be pleased or embarrassed if they included some of the gushing I've done)
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So the first two arrived like busses, all at once. However, I am being a bit decent and only letting them post until the surveys are officially over. Which is into November, unlike this one for Rosa. So I'll be rambling on about usual questions and oooh, this is different than last week, even though you lot haven't seen my responses yet.

One of the last questions did seem like it was weeding out the haters/non-watchers, so a reminder: you can sign up here-ish. (It’s not guaranteed you’ll be approved, and there is a waiting period, but they are open that it’s a thing you can sign up to.) Be a part of thing that's shaped Doctor Who more or less since it's started. Not sure how much Chibnall et al will be relying on the surveys, but Moffat did listen (and hey! I got a Muslim female companion. Jury's still out if we'll get a classic non-binary joke about titles made by the Doctor but a girl can hope.)

So onwards with how I responded to the official survey about Rosa )
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It’s apparently pitch season, so two concepts were sent my way. One interesting, one not.

One was about football. Sports things are not that interesting to me, but hey, a female aspiring coach, a foreign player and a potentially gay character are somewhat interesting to me and I made that feeling clear, saying that I would like the diversity and range of stories told and that those characters were the ones I was most interested in.

Second was about Noor Inayat Khan, which was much more interesting. 

snip snip )

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Watching the Master’s death from LotTL, as it’s on the official YouTube channel now, and I’m honestly proud that Moffat made the Doctor and the Master’s relationship text, rather than relying on uncomfortably extreme close ups to imply the literal closeness of their relationship.

Because, yeah, the Master dying in Ten’s arms was ICONIC and made me ship it, never mind what fandom told me afterwards about their previous history and intimacy with each other. Or that bit about being kept and taken care of, which still fascinates me and I’m still not over. (In fact I find that moment even more enthralling in the wake of the Vault arc and how it ended. Death doesn’t stop me wanting to see it being explored even MORE.)

But Missy slamming the Doctor against a wall and snogging him? Then, hours later, kissing her back in gratitude? And then they both state it’s complicated between them, but implying that it’s definitely a Thing, even if neither of them are ready to commit to defining what it is? That happened. Doctor/Master is a thing in the canon of the show now. It’s real in a way that makes a part of me slightly confused and have a hard time processing that it is canon because this doesn’t happen. My ships don’t become text like this.

Because it’s now possible for the Doctor to get all teary about their friend, about how they had 70 years together and how it wasn’t, will never be, long enough and it wouldn’t be new or contradictory. The nature of the relationship may be ambiguous, but it’s CANON.

And, perhaps importantly, it’s a current relationship. Not something that happened a long time ago that has been buried by enmity, but something they were both trying to build together. They were both using present tense when talking about them being friends. It’s not something that can be swept away by saying that it was in the past, or skimmed over due to lack of detail. Those kisses happened! The dinner date in the vault happened! Those clasped hands happened!

It’s canon.

Though points to Moffat for doing it in the most Moffat-y way possible. I poke fun at the acronym for not accepting the Sherlock s4 ending as basically a marriage anyway, but I got duped by basically all of 12’s era doing the same thing
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It’s 2009. David Tennant has announced he will be leaving the role of the Doctor. The 11th Doctor is still unknown, a year of specials still to go. The regeneration looms large on the horizon. It’s not your first regeneration, but it is your first with a Doctor that is your Doctor, and one that is properly into the two digits. 
You are aware, of course, of the piece of lore that says Time Lords only have twelve regenerations, thirteen incarnations and wonder what that thirteenth one will be like. Eleven is too near, too soon to predict. Twelve is unknowable, an uncertain quantity. But Thirteen, ten or so years away, the end of a cycle and potentially the start of a new one?

You think you know who they will be.

It’s 2009. Gallifrey is dead and the Doctor has held his friend and his enemy as he died. The Doctor is alone again, the last of the Time Lords once more. But fandom is wise and tells you that the Master always comes back. (And besides, you’ve read rumours of who has been seen on set.) 
You think about what the Master said to the Doctor about being kept, the way the Doctor said they were the only two left.

You know that sexuality is fluid, that sex and gender are not binary. Last year’s biology textbook outlines reproductive strategies that species take to ensure they will survive. You wonder what strategies a species that can die so many times would have to survive and propagate.

You may be one of those fans, but you know who you want Thirteen to be.

It’s 2009 and you know this thought is not unique. You know of Tom Baker’s joke, you know what path Sydney Newman thought the casting of the Doctor should eventually take. You’ve seen, embedded in someone else’s journal entry, a grainy video of Patrick Troughton entertaining the idea. 
But it’s only a joke, a suggestion, a theoretical possibility. A curiosity at best, at worst a fantasy by teenage fangirls.

In ten years time you think it won’t be a peculiar thought at all, and you think you know who Thirteen will be.

It’s 2009. It doesn’t matter that you have not seen the beginning or middle of River Song’s story, even though you have seen her end. You’ve never heard of the Corsair, never seen the General. It doesn’t matter that Amy hasn’t yet sat at a table with Silurians, or that Clara and her bravura are still to claim to be the Doctor and steal a TARDIS. You have not yet seen the Master waltz into the Doctor’s life again, skirts swirling and a new moniker on painted red lips.

Because you’ve seen Sarah Jane, a companion from an era of Who derided for screaming girls that get captured, have adventures with companions and a sonic of her own.
You’ve seen Martha, a black woman and a doctor in her own right, who walked into the TARDIS and then left for her own reasons, save the Earth. 
You’ve heard of Romana, who once stood tall and proclaimed herself Time Lord and now President of Gallifrey. 
You’ve met Jenny - a duplicate, a clone, a daughter twice over - and Time Lord enough to live and continue having adventures. 
You’ve wept over Donna; an equal and a friend to the Doctor and so bound up in his story they were the DoctorDonna, who was for one shining moment part Time Lord - as intelligent and brilliant as the Doctor.

You’ve seen them, and think you know who Thirteen will be.


It’s 2017. Years have passed. Eleven has gone and Twelve is heading out the door as well. You’ve fallen in love again with an idiot with a box and the adventures they have across time and space. The world has changed and so have you, but as you watch a hood pushed back, you aren’t surprised.

Because you knew long ago, and finally, you get to say hello.

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The fan panel shared results of that survey about monsters and companions

as well as stuff I haven't documented yet, like the ones about books

(and like, if you too want to give feedback and make baseless speculation based on what they ask, go here or message me an email you use.)

Image description )
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So a delight of listening to fannish podcasts is hearing different perspectives and recontextualising stories in a new light. A few nights ago I realised Clara was Twelve's version of Barbara&Ian(&Susan). Clara taught him how to human and how to care and be less alien.
If you want to get fan wanky about it, Twelve is the first body of a regeneration cycle, so it's a giant character reset button. It makes Missy's inclusion in his narrative interesting, as the Master has never learnt & perhaps even relates better to a Doctor that's prickly.

Last night, listening to #81 of [ profile] VerityPodcast, it was the observation on how the Doctor stayed with Amy & Rory and let them have their lives and the way it let him allow Clara hers that made me look at what's happened since then in a new light. Because the patience learned from those periods obviously helped with, or was the cause of, those 24 years spent with River and the 70 at the University with Missy.
The Doctor's learnt patience and to manage their time with their loved ones better.
It's a lovely message about relationships and the spaces they need.

(I know I say that & referenced the long periods spent with River & Missy. But I don't for one second think either was non-stop sex against all the surfaces.
The Doctor asks if he can come into the Vault. That implies the Doctor gave Missy space & did the same with River too.)

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