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once again I am looking for a classy word for something decidedly unclassy. I decided upon 'ministrations' for 'feeling up' but I fear I can't come up with something that doesn't sound contrived for stripper poles.
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Hey~ I already know of two people who have volunteered for Pastry course overflow duty, does anyone else want to volunteer?
Participants must be willing to receive texts between 12-1:30 and be willing to receive such goods via pick up or drop off that day. (Drop offs only possible if you reply by 1:30)

Disclaimers apply - generally not suited for vegans, dairy/wheat/gluten intolerant unless you are willing to suffer etc etc. I need to have your number if you want to be contacted. You need to be living in Wellington/Lower Hutt. (As much as I would love to send some of you other guys tasty food that I've made.)

Keep in mind that this won't be everyday, just when I have too much stuff that my family can't eat.


Aug. 24th, 2008 11:34 pm
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Okay, since I know a decent sized lot of you are avid readers, I hope that you can help me with this.

I'm currently doing a theme reading study for school and my theme is: 

The interactions of people with time and their perspectives on its effect.
Time being both an intangible force and an object one can manipulate and change with ones actions.

I have the two written texts I need as well as the two visual and I'm pondering over some oral (songs, speeches, plays, etc) that I might do. However... I need my cultural perspective.

It can be written (a book) or visual (a movie), or an oral text. I just need a cultural perspective that isn't Western or heavily influenced by the Western perspective. (My teacher suggested South America, Indian, Native American and Aboriginal cultures as widely varying from the bunch of Western texts I've got already.)

So, anyone got suggestions? It's got to tie (somehow) to the theme. (And honestly, I'm willing to take all suggestions that sound partway good)

My current choices are 'Making History' by Stephen Fry, 'The Timetraveller's wife' by Audrey Niffenegger, 'Atonement', and 'The Butterfly effect'. And yes, I am allowed to ask people for suggestions.


Jun. 4th, 2007 02:21 am
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I need help deciding over whether or not I want a Graphire4 4x5 or a Genius Mousepen.

Pros and cons

Genius: Is larger. Comes with a free mouse. Has a higher pressure sensitivity. Is cheaper.
Is cheaper. Lower resolution. Needs a battery. 

Wacom: Has high lpi (but only just). Has eraser function. More buttons. Has the prestige of being a Wacom tablet. Needs no battery.
Is way more expensive. Is the same size as my late tablet. No mouse (although that could be remedied by buying off the buywacom website) Has lower pressure sensitivity

I want to get the Wacom, simply because I can say I've got one. But then I look at the cons and groan because I want something larger and better but the only way I could get that is to get the A5 intuous which is $700 and my dad will only pay up to $200 because anything over that is more professional. (Even though I'll probably be getting something over that $200 in the next five years as I plan to go on a graphics design course.)

Bu~t Wacom have dumbed down their Graphire page so it seems as if it's kid easy and SIMPLE and not good, so that you buy the intuous. I don't like that kind of marketing because it makes me want the expensive ones. AND I suspect they hype their prices because they're rather a monopoly.

So, in conclusion. I want to get a Wacom just so I can say I have one. But I don't like their marketing ethic. So I want to get the Genius just to snob them. But at the same time I want all the pretty features of Wacom though I know the performance may just be better on the Genius.

But then I laugh at the person on trademe who can't figure out how to make theirs work.

On a totally unrelated note, after seeing this art on my dA watchlist and probably combining with the hyperness over the latest Bleach chapter, I now want to draw a character (male) with tear marks.

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