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Firstly, have a link about how commuters read on trains. It is not why commuters do not read as the title states, but it is kind of neat to read through. And wonder why people don't finish books.

This week in course was stocks and sauces. Do you KNOW how long it takes for some sauces? SIXTEEN HOURS. PLUS.
Thankfully, tomato sauce doesn't take that long... only about an hour, maybe.
This coming week is about stewing. The next couple of assessments seem as if they'll be a bit difficult in terms of timing... (2 hours cooking in a three hour window?)

Yesterday, [ profile] shadowsinfire came over and we watched the first six episodes of Torchwood. [ profile] dawnduskdancer will watch them and we shall watch them again in a few weeks time.
It's fun times, but you do realise that the actual stories in season one are horrible and absolutely silly, but at least it doesn't have delusions of plot. Because I do love season two, except for the three episode arc where they decided it was time for plot, but the stories weren't as silly. And I happen to understand that season 3 is filled with plot but no silly at all.
Rewatching also makes me want to write that Ianto/Gwen AU fic that's been lurking around my head. But then I'll remember Ianto/Tosh is also kind of cute and then wander off track with how Jack is such a father and it's a shame he can't have a name like Kuro-papa. And Gwen's kind of mother-y except not and then I'm back to giggling about how obvious the Jack/Gwen subtext is.

Off tangent again, I go on about Farscape and 'Calculating God', the latter of which is a book. )

Now, off to get clean~
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Not too many, but they are of varying geekiness.

How to make K9 from Doctor Who in Lego
There's also designs for the TARDIS and a Dalek there.

A Star Trek ship (I can't remember the names, ever) and made from random bits and pieces.

(From the same blog) Fixing sandals OR how to use a leather sewing awl

Felted animals! I'm pretty sure this guy has also posted his stuff on DeviantArt, but I can't be bothered checking.

Vampire cupcakes I just really want to try the cherry/vanilla flavour combination. Bonus vampire biscuits/cookies

I really wish this was a real product: Aerosol scents: book-lover style

Particles larger than galaxies

The perfect poached egg. Although I'm not sure about using glad wrap/cling film. That stuff is NASTY when heated.
The website that its hosted on also has a weekly newsletter filled with links and stuff.

And the link de resistance. An amazing site with not-so-serious experiments
Seriously, you've heard of nailing jelly to a wall and how impossible that is? Well, following on from this guy's experiments the people behind decided to follow it up. That experiment is here.
But what's of more interest, possibly, is the sucession of Jell-o/jelly shot experiments they did.
First is about how to increase the alcohol content without compromising structure or taste.
They try to up the results, which just ends up with them setting the shots on fire.
Then it's how to make the best tasting jelly cocktails, followed by a kind of footnote on blue flavoured jell-o/jelly shots.

I'm not too sure on the cocktails, but the chocolate/cherry confection they made looks really tasty.
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Chloe reads non-fiction too!
But seriously, even though I have no green thumb at all (the best I can do is bulbs, which require NO work at all) this is a book partially about biology and about unnatural selection of plants by humans.
So I got out the book for this fact alone. That and that humans have co-evolved with not ONE other animal or plant but many is a pretty interesting though.

It is popular science though, which means there’s maybe a dozen or so pages worth of actual science in a 250 page book. The rest in author anecdotes, history, hypothesis and a bit of explanation.

There were a couple of things that struck chords in me, like monoculture is a bad thing and there should be variety in all our food crops (and I suddenly understand why heirloom foods are ‘fashionable’ now), that genetically modified crops were considered pesticides even though they were meant for eating and that the American potato farming method is rather scary (the ‘ideal’ is for a field to be clear of any organism except the crop that is to be grown).

Other things were interesting too. )

Ummm, yes. Interesting read. You get to find out a bit more about apples, tulips, marijuana and potatoes. Fun.

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Specifically programs which are about the universe, physics and wormholes and such. And OH GODS saying wormhole brings back such memories. (My parents used to watch Farscape, a program I didn’t really pay much attention to the plot of, except that the ships were really cool and so were the aliens except for that one species that was mostly human in appearance but were an entire race of mercenaries.)

Anyway, The History channel over here has a show called ‘The Universe’ and is about black holes and the theory of relativity and fun stuff like that.
And so I learnt that wormhole is so named because it’s like a wormhole in an apple, spaghettified is a technical term, there’s like an actual physics law that states that if anything can exist, it MUST (rule 34 only… it’s SCIENCE); science also has something called a ‘giggle factor’ which used to be applied to black holes because no-one thought they could exist and that a white hole is like a black hole except in reverse.

The trouble with science, and I have to blame myself for this, is that whenever I learn something new, I need to anchor it in fandom so I can remember it.
So the Doctor is running around my head defending that spaghettified and ‘giggle' factor’ are real terms. (The law that anything that can exist MUST doesn’t really need something like that. It’s pretty much rule 34 after all.)


Also, Antiques Roadshow and Torchwood. If you have seen as much of it as I have and enjoy the times when they show a person who has brought something in and the experts have NO idea what it is, you could believe that sometimes Torchwood hangs around just in case someone has a heirloom alien artifact.
Early toasters also look REALLY cool. Especially the ones that are spring-loaded and flip around so it can toast both sides. I want one. Even it if would scare me in the mornings when I’m not quite awake.
I also want Captain Jack to have one, but that’s mostly ‘oh hey, right time period’ more than anything else.

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