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It was mostly disappointing. Mostly because I had spoiled myself more than a little, but also because it just couldn't compare to the fast paced action and mystery of the first two episodes.
It also doesn't quite compare to the PotC movie. Which has more awesome mermaids, although I did catch the lullaby/anaesthetic thing with the siren in Doctor Who about thirty minutes before it was figured out. And the actress playing the siren has a face which seems familiar, but I can never remember the name of the actress and even though I made a point of looking at the credits... I've still forgotten what it was.

Eyepatch lady did pop up again, which was vaguely exciting, though I did have to point her out to my dad and rewind the recording.
(Who reads while watching Doctor Who? Okay, so it wasn't the most exhilarating episode ever, but there might be something you blink and miss that'll be important later on. Or you get caught by angels. Whichever one you think is more appropriate.)

It is vaguely amusing to look at the episode though and go 'Oh, so this is the episode they had to make on a quarter budget'.
Not at all related, but I read someone referring to the gestating/nongestating fetus inside Amy as "Schroedinger's pregnancy". I will be using that term from now on.

I also kind of wish the Doctor would acknowledge, on screen, not in interviews with cast or writers or directors or producers, the sheer AMOUNT of humans who have ended up wandering the universe before... whenever we're supposed to in the Doctor Who timeline.
There's Captain Avery (whose name seems like it should be an important pirate name in RL history) and his crew of six or more in a space ship near the Sirius star, Adam and the fairground groundsman from that episode in the Sarah Jane Adventures and there's probably more from the new series that I'm forgetting and I'm sure there's some from the old series as well.
Anyway, that's still a lot of humans out there having sex and getting their genes everywhere. As the Doctor would say.

Until next week then... which I will be squeeing so LOUDLY over.


Why isn't LJ auto-posting my tweets? I don't want to back these up by hand AGAIN.
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