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Whoo! My bi-yearly icon change around. I still need a few more I think. Something slashy, switch around the Pokemon one, another cute thing and maybe either something shiny and sciency.

ANYWAY. The episode.

Which had gloriously Neil Gaiman-y music even. All fantastic-y and not really the usual fare.

Even aside from the delightful little bits that he's been talking about for ages and the bits he hasn't which was mostly the horrifying bits and the bits that reminded me a little of Death, because time and death are sort of similar, aren't they?, it was so obviously written by Neil Gaiman - the fan of Doctor Who from a very young age.
And it was BRILLIANT like that. Really, for most of the episode I was grinning madly and clapping and laughing with delight. I am quite sure my dad was in a similar mood, and I would like to think that is mostly because Mr. Gaiman is a fan of a similar vintage.
Not quite sure what it means though that I can more or less imagine the scenes that were unfortunately left out though. And that I apparently hallucinated the bit where TARDIS!Idris clicks her fingers and all the chameleon circuits in the junkyard flicker off. Because I was certain that was in one of the videos on the BBC website.

It does amuse me though that the TARDIS is so obviously gendered female by referring to Rory as the pretty one. The fact that the Doctor was so obviously befuddled as to why Amy wasn't was also amusing. Even though he has said that he rather likes Rory. (Oh. Oh! Now I've thought of something and how the TARDIS knows the Doctor better than he knows himself and there has been rather a lot of Doctor/Amy so far this season, but um, this thought is INTERESTING.)

Favourite lines: When Doctor is talking to House and (that is an incredibly weird sentence to write, sorry) House goes on about killing a lot of Time Lords and the Doctor replies he's killed all of them.
The bit where TARDIS!Idris says that the Doctor's always had her.
The line in the confidential/behind the scenes where Neil compliments Matt Smith on his rather tame hair.
And where Charlie McDonell in his behind-the-scenes says "Really, just look at his hair". (Which is mostly made funnier by the fact that Neil has reposted that same video with the warning to NOT look at his hair.)
Pretty much all of TARDIS!Idris' lines.
Any other particular scenes I have referred to so far or later on.

The set dressing.
Is gorgeous.
So pretty!

Both the junkyard and the bit at the end with the repair sling and tool belt. (Also, cables. Lots of them. And I can't help but think about the thing where laptop cables like to trip you up and how easily that could be perverted. And I am deeply sorry for any images you are now thinking of.)
The heavy use of glowy golden light/artron energy sparkles in this episode though still makes me go "What have you been doing to Amy TARDIS?" Even more so than before.

I am generally quite pleased at the amount of fic that will be produced as a result of this episode. I have read almost none of it, but it makes me giggly with all the possibilities that Neil Gaiman's gifted the fandom and future productions with. He's packed an amazing amount of story and material that's just begging to be played with. And I can only hope that it will.
So there is that to look forward to. Some of the things I am hoping to see is some elaboration on who some of these other Time Lords that got trapped were. Especially the Corsair. Oh, and what their symbols/pictorial signatures were and what the Doctor's is.
And we got confirmation that Time Lords can regenerate into Time Ladies! YUS. I so so so so want to see more things riffing on that. If there is one thing out of all that Neil Gaiman contributed to the Doctor Who universe, it is that throw-away line. I am very pleased it made the cut.

So so happy Neil Gaiman got to write an episode. He got a wish come true, and so did the fans.
Now if only Stephen Fry could be persuaded again to write an episode, or Diane Duane or Terry Prachett were approached...
I am rooting particularly hard for Diane Duane. She's a fan too and she's got a wonderful sci-fi background. And apparently once did a script for My Little Ponies/worked in the same office as people who did. Which has nothing to do with why she should write an episode, just a particularly bizarre fact I wanted to throw out there.

As a consequence of the TARDIS being put into a human, I now kind of ship (aside from well... Doctor/TARDIS, but hasn't that always been a canon-verified ship? Even if the fic for that is disturbing?) GLaDOS/TARDIS, or TARDIS/GLaDOS, depending on which way you want to put it. I mean, a person put into a computer which is then put into a potato and then back into a computer isn't that much different from a dimensionally transcendent, sentient, intelligent, inanimate life-form being squeezed into a human and then dying and going back into its original multi-dimensional inanimate form, is it?
And they both have that same asynchronous, slightly fallacious - but logical way of thinking that comes from thinking in circuits and ill-defined definitions. Except the TARDIS' morality filter or equivalent works better and wouldn't lead to things like "Science must advance. Science includes testing. Testing involves results. Results from testing, no matter what they are, is science and advances it. Even if the result is human fatalities, science has been advanced."
Which is good because then they could have wonderfully intellectual arguments.

Some Portal/Doctor Who crossover fic, because there are a grand total of two on and I can't be bothered looking anywhere else at this point in time:
A Meeting of Minds - TARDIS materialises in the Enrichment Centre, GLaDOS is curious and the TARDIS and Doctor give her a good talking to.
Strays - More a coda to the episode and Portal 2's ending, but the TARDIS picks up Wheatley.
And a relink of that wonderful 'A Partial Map of your TARDIS (Subject to change)' that I posted in a linkdump.

I feel I should also mention here that because Suranne Jones (who seems to be more popular in the UK than over here? Idk.) has been compared to Lady Bonham Carter, that TARDIS!Idris may or may not be added to my possible cosplays list. My hair can do crazy. It can do "Look at that amazing hair".
And that leads to the rather uncomfortable thought of those amusing gender-switched comic author drawings that were floating around.

But TARDIS!Idris wears striped socks/stockings and boots! Which I just find delightful and fun and rather Doctor's TARDIS-y.

Small point, but if I ever got a ride in a TARDIS, I would want to go to the Tower of London during Richard the third's reign, right at the beginning when Edward the fourth and his brother were imprisoned in the Tower for their own safe-keeping and mysteriously vanished, never to be heard from again. Well, except for some years later when someone claiming to be Edward appeared.
And the UK isn't incredibly interested in possible murder cases 500 years after they were committed. They have two DIFFERENT sets of bones which they could test! But yet they haven't been and there is probably some ridiculous law (and I know there is at least one) which would probably get in the way, but it would be REALLY nice to know by TARDIS or by modern science whether either set of bones are the Princes of the Tower or whether they disappeared completely and thus remain a mystery.

Yes, I am on the side of Richard the third. I dislike Elizabeth Woodville and her family were really power hungry and did all sorts of down and dirty grabs for wealth and power. I also agree with separating the princes from her and her family's influence, I just wish they hadn't mysteriously disappeared. I mean... Richard the third contributed not only to a couple of colleges (which are still standing today, might I add) but also to the judicial system and... he just can't be the image painted by the following sovereigns. Especially those Tudors, who took an exceptionally dirty brush to his image. (And Shakespeare. Don't get me started on him.)

There is apparently a Doctor Who radio play where the princes are princesses. This amuses me more than it should, especially since the synopsis seems to make it sound rather lame.

The unrelated bits at the end:
I keep hearing dubstep in TV programs. This is somewhat disconcerting, as it's a very NOT mainstream kind of genre. Except it kind of is, but not... it's somewhere between popular and obscure and bits of it float through and those floating through bits mystify me. Especially because they're original bits of dubstep, not dubstep mixes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory songs or the lines the turrets say or Nyancat.

There should be a "I Want You Gone" and a "The Humans are Dead" mashup. I keep listening to the former and partway through singing "Binary solo! Zero zero one." during an instrumental bit.

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