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So a week ago I watched the new X-men movie.
Which is supposedly bad if you follow the comics at all, but I've only really seen the first and third movies and a sizeable chunk of the animated series in 2005. So to me as a person not too invested in the series, it was fairly shiny and explody but not BAD even though there wasn't quite enough focus on the parts I wanted.

I still tightened my slash goggles though, you know, just in case it was bad as people had been screaming on the internet and I needed some hilarity.

As a result, I kinda ship Darwin/Havoc and of course Erik/Xavier. The latter of which had a similar amount of subtext supertext the level of the Doctor/the Master.
Especially in the final scene. Oh god, I was trying so hard not to giggle or laugh outright as it was pretty much exactly like the end of the third season of Doctor Who. Right down to the "We could be together if you just changed your mind" and "We could travel together!".
Not to mention the roadtrip across America, just the two of them, which included a visit to a strip club and a very long cab ride. Oh and scenes where Xavier's constantly going "You can do it!" and keeps digging up happy memories for Erik to concentrate on and er... yeah. There were a lot of scenes with just the two of them.
Amusingly, the actor who plays Xavier also ships them. (The title of that article LIES. He is not classy. And his comments about how he ships them is face palm inducing, but it's absolutely adorable that he DOES. It's kind of like the actor who's playing Grindlewald. It's very yay the actor has come out and said, 'Their relationship should have happened' but you know they're going to get flak and screaming fangirls for it.)

I didn't only have eyes for slash. Hank and Raven were also adorable, both together and acting as eyecandy. I was a sad panda though at how just one conversation with Erik though suddenly had Raven going after him. That was a bit what. I just don't get that relationship. *thinks Erik, Raven and Xavier would've made a very happy family with two elder brothers and a younger sister if damn theology hadn't gotten in the way*
Also, the fact that in the bedroom scene between Erik and Raven and he's going on about how mutants are gorgeous, he refers to her as a 'beautiful CREATURE' and ugh... she's a person. And you just showed how much you don't think of her as such.

Not terribly pleased with Mystique's hair either. Straightened and slicked back and longish. Why destroy the pretty hair? Why?
I was lol-ing at her constant refrain of "I'm not pretty" though. Simply because I'm pretty sure Mystique is like number 1, maybe 2 on the list of Hottest Mutants from X-men. Her character design is pure fanservice.

I wasn't so sad at Hank turning into Beast though. Beast is cool.

The itty-bits of science included were kind of cool. There was much whooing over the talk of genetics and mutations. Except the credits, with the pictures of chromosome pairs, was probably as hard as the science got.
Oh and there was stuff about radiation! And how nuclear energy was the cause of the mutants.
That had me very amused. Just walking around in the sun is enough radiation for mutations to happen. You don't need to go overboard and get radiation poisoning.

And! Towards the end I started to refer to Erik's powers as metal-bending. Because I was wondering how he was levitating. Obviously there are metal bits on their suits (the scene in which we first see them suited up was also hilarious btw) but I was wondering if he was also controlling the metal in his BLOOD. *now has to go see if there are any X-men/ATLA crossovers because Toph meeting Magneto would be kind of cool and beyond awesome*

Go into a movie expecting it to be crap and with your slash goggles strapped on very firmly and a movie will be HILARIOUS. Even when it isn't bad and actually kind of fun because you don't care too much about the canon anyway.

Date: 2011-06-12 08:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Who DOESN'T ship Erik/Charles?

Don't even need to see the new movie to figure that out!

Date: 2011-06-15 04:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think the sheer SUPERTEXT in this movie though makes it um... super obvious. And er may prompt normal people who don't usually go "Oh, it'd be nice if those two actually did get together" to do exactly that.

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