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So Campbell Live, a post-news opinion/fluff show did an informal poll last night asking whether New Zealanders supported same sex marriage. This is relevant because yesterday the Marriage Equality act was drawn from the ballot box to be discussed and voted upon next month.
The results were a disappointing 42% in favour and 58% against. However, that was an informal poll weighted towards those who don't immediately switch channels after watching the news and who cared enough to text in. There may have been some voting no because of how TV3 used 'same sex marriage' rather than 'marriage equality'. Other polls, including a formal one, have 63% in favour, 6% undecided and 31% opposed, with the undecideds flopping one way or another if only two options are given. The TV3 interview polling also had similar numbers, although they only interviewed like sixty people.

But it was really disheartening to see those numbers. I returned to some thoughts I had previously – that for all that New Zealand loves to project this warm and welcoming, clean, green and liberal image, there are still some nasty pockets of xenophobia, sexism, classism and other types bigotry lurking in our society. It was nice to see that most of the under-30s interviewed were all 'why not?' but quite a few of the older people interviewed were "I don't like that sort of thing, it doesn't belong here" in that supercilious tone that grates on my nerves.

I also wonder if the thing that discomforts people about marriage equality, is that the 'traditional' marriage has a man owning a woman (for... most of history actually) and having power over her, and what brings them to say that 'marriage should be between a man and a woman' is that the thought of a man owning another man is bizarre and why would one man submit to another? A woman having ownership and power over another woman is just as bizarre a thought and both of these situations are as inconceivable as the idea that maybe, perhaps, both parties in a marriage should have equal power and that marriage is a mutual agreement.

I'm just rambling now, but it honestly scares that this thought process might actually be valid for some people, tucked away deep in their minds, not even conscious of how they've reached the conclusion that marriage equality is a bad thing. I have no words as to how incredibly sad that the issue may just revolve around deep-set misogyny and sexism and not religion. I can respect religion, I think people who have unshakeable faith in their chosen belief are pretty cool and that people who fight with their beliefs, e.g. Picasso, are some of the most amazing people, but it isn't churches and religious institutions who are arguing whether or not marriage equality should be a thing.
It's government. It's a law that sets out how a contract between two people exclusively (for the moment) is to be constructed and what lawful and monetary benefits and privileges are obtained as a result of that contract and partnership. It's not asking for a god's blessing over a union, it's a legal binding of two otherwise unrelated people (well, first cousins maybe, depending on local laws and no one really keeps track of second cousins let alone third cousins) done primarily out of love. If it had a different name and you could get a similar contract with your flatmate or best friend, nearly no one would complain.

Marriage used to be a mechanism to ensure that a man had a child who was his that he could pass on his land to. It's not like that any more. We have wills and other complex legal documents that mean that blood and birthright isn't how property is divided any more. Some people don't even want to pass on property. Marriage, in the 'traditional' sense between a man and a woman, is socio-legally outdated.
And yes, I do hope that with marriage equality for homosexual couples there's move toward the concept of marriage beginning to step away from the sexual/romantic concept it currently is to something much more pragmatic that allows for best friends to be labelled as next of kin or long term house mates to manage their house and finances more easily or perhaps plural marriages. But marriage equality for all gender combinations is a good start.
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Reading the five-minute submission page on the MMP review submissions always makes me terribly anxious because there are people asking for ridiculous thresholds (10 percent!) and that the only representation that should be in Parliament is electorate. It's all overrun by (apparent) FPP supporters, with a smattering of balanced viewpoints and few that support more diversity in Parliament.
The full submission page is slightly better though. 

There is a horrible amount of people espousing that the threshold should be raised to 7.5% or even 10% to "keep minority parties holding all the power" and that a strong government needs decisive power not hampered by the opinions of smaller parties in order to act in the best interests of New Zealand.
No, no, no, no, no. I hate when John Key says he acts 'on behalf of the country' because 'New Zealand voted for him' whenever he makes a decision, as, in last year's election, the National party got 47% of the vote. 47% of half of the voting population voted for National. Only ~25% of the voting public actually elected him to act for New Zealand. Sure, one million people is a heck of a lot of people, but there are three million who didn't. No matter how you try to spin it three million is still vastly more than one million.
And yet that three million are the ~minority~.

No. As Voltaire, someone from the Bible and Spiderman said: With great power comes great responsibility.
And the responsibility of a representative, democratic government is to represent its people and to listen to them. Not swan off and do their own thing once the keys are handed to them.

Everyone is entitled to representation. You have yours, now let me have mine. )

So the amount of responses that do advocate a higher threshold and less list MPs is rather alarming for me. )

And now to decide if I want to badger the Greens party about their stance on other non-heterosexual, non-monogamous identities, and if 'potential parents' applies to everyone capable of having children in any capacity being allowed access to birth control. There is a policy point about infertility on their population policy, but nothing about reproductive health on the Women's policy page. Which really should be cross-referenced with the Health policy page.
Now it's really bothering me they don't have a statement along the lines of "endorsing the World Health Organisation's statement that a women has a right to safe and legal abortion". Really bothering me. Even if it is a case of "Please update your policy pages!".

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Filling out the New Zealand election review submission form like it's an exam. Because I'm awkward like that and with questions phrased like "Should the 5% threshold be kept or changed? Why? If you recommend change, what should it be and why?" it's really hard not to. Although some questions are poorly worded, such as "Is this a problem, and what should be done to fix it?", as that invites people who don't think it's a problem to not even answer and thus makes it a question where there would be informal opinions/votes.

I love democracy though. It allows me to do such a thing as tell the electoral comission that I'd really like a lower threshold and that publicly alterable party lists would be rather nice. 

Even if almost all the names on both the five-minute and full submissions pages seem to be men. :/

And yes, I'm not dead. Mostly because I am in an ongoing battle to clear my Chrome tabs out, and I log into LJ on Sleipnir. Also, all the fandom noise seems to have moved elsewhere/Tumblr, which makes me sad. Because Tumblr definitely has pretty, but it's so... noisy.
There is a link post burgeoning with links in the works though and several well overdue media-response posts. 

But in the meantime, if you are a New Zealand person, go say something in the MMP review. Also, my tumblr is csgcreative. Note that I will only follow you if you reblog/post interesting things, so uh... yes. Please tell me if you have a tumblr anyway!

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Hey, lucid dreamer here. Already do that. (Though not quite as good as my younger self, who was REALLY REALLY good at twirling her dreams around her finger.)

So er, I can, and I generally do if I know it's going to turn into a honest nightmare or something else seems more interesting. If it's just going down the path of weirdness, I generally leave it though, as I kind of liked having a dream with escape puzzle logic (ie, little to none) where two siblings are suspected of murder and the Doctor is the investigating detective.

I'm not sure if I would want to entirely construct my dreams, as it is a lot of work and sometimes letting your subconcious do all of that is nice. Especially when it actually makes sense.
(I really need to do more dreamlogs, seriously.)

On another subject, I find it very odd that there are people calling Abby Sunderland's parents 'neglectful' and all sorts of other things. It kind of illustrates the difference between Australian and New Zealand cultures and American culture, at least in terms of risk taking and adventuring.
I suppose it's the kind of "she'll be right" attitude that permeates the culture, but if Abby were from New Zealand or Australia, EVERYONE would be cheering her on, confident that she knew what she was doing and would be able to tackle the storms. They would also be commiserating over the destruction of the yacht and cheering her on in trying to do it again.
So it just feels kind of odd that her family is being condemned for supporting an independent, confident young woman who wanted to have and adventure on her own.
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Well, it isn't pictures of ladies scandoulously dressed in floor length night gowns, but it is pretty much Victorian (and Edwardian) slash in America.
Actually it's more EPIC BROMANCE. With, you know, men draping themselves over other men.

A lot of text to accompany the photos but it's interesting historical stuffs.

I would kind of love to see a steampunk photoshoot based on the attitudes of the era. Just, you know, for the applied subtext of our era.
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I've more or less just come back from watching a performance of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

Oh god the lulz. We're talking crossdressing because Mozart wanted a mezzo and then CROSS CROSSDRESSING because Cherubino crossdresses in the plot. Said Cherubino is maybe something like fourteen and is hopelessly infatuated with every female he sees (but only pays attention to Susanna and Rosina/Lady Almaviva.)
Susanna is kind of awesome. Just, downright awesome. She outwits the Lord and confuses her husband (who is in turn trying to outwit the Lord Almaviva) and do I really need to say anything more.
Figaro himself was rather okay, but more because he was rather amusing and was a perfect match for Susanna than anything else. (Also, he recognises Susanna in the fourth act because of her slaps voice. This is AMAZING in opera terms but fun because it's obvious they have a Slap Slap Kiss relationship.) Figaro apparently also has a birthmark in the shape of a spatula, which I have only just learnt.

There was of course, the many humorous moments in the play (it is a comedy) but I particularly liked the moment when Marcellina and Bartolo realise they're Figaro's parents and there is a round of "She's his mother? *nod* His mother" x5 because Susanna steps in at exactly the wrong moment and there is a REASON why soap operas are called soap operas. (Knowing the meta makes it funnier.)
There was also the scene in which Rosina and Susanna attempt to dress Cherubino as a girl. Cherubino sings one of the more famous songs from the opera beforehand but as they're stripping him down... Susanna gets to sing something involving the line "Kneel down in front of me". So, funny because it's crossdressing and cross crossdressing and all the implications that stripping down a rather pretty fourteen year old to his underwear entails.
Also funny was in the last act where the Lord Almaviva was doing a very good BATMAN impression with his cloak. Though that might have been more to do with technical aspects...

The technical bits being the gorgeous stage which had lovely vertical 'rooms' that could move and rearrange, a corridor wall-like curtain which had doors in it, A CONVEYER BELT TO MOVE FURNITURE DURING ON STAGE SCENE CHANGES and Rosina's bedroom which had a window that looked like the moon and whose back doubled as the garden.
And the costumes. They had a corsetier on production staff. That should give you an idea of the visual style of the costumes. Even the men's pants and waistcoats had lacing up the back. *swoons* My father thought that keeping the late 18th century costumes was a very good idea – I agree as well, but mostly because they're so PRETTY. (Have a link to the dress rehearsal photos so you can see how awesome they are. The back-stage video is equally hilrious.)
Oh, and Cherubino wears baby blue Converse. And Lord Almaviva looks a bit like Lord Vetinari.

So, reasons to see if you are in Wellington (they had a few seats spare tonight and I think there is another day or two to go): the costumes and set are amazing. The performers are similarly amazing.
Reasons to see it in your lifetime: It's better than The Magic Flute. Seriously. Half the play is spent on switching clothes with other people and LYING, not on religious allegory. (Although you do kind of need awesome performers.) Nor is half the opera devoted to someone going mad.
The meta is fun too, especially all the tropes.

Now I wish there was an opera fandom which wasn't based on the performers.
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So, the aftermath of the busy-ness is that I am up one cat tail and useless set of cat ears and have 87.5% (or 17.5 out of 20) on my assessment.

The picnic was fun, as all cosplay events usually are, and for once I did not crash and sleep for two hours afterwards.
Both of these facts are probably influenced by the fact that it wasn't exactly sunny on Saturday.

I still need to finish my kitchen design.

*may spam later on with book posts*
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80% or 24/30 (give or take a mark)
And the assessed items were very tasty. Although I got pinged for seasoning, yet again.

Here, have some music to celebrate.

The Brunettes - If you Were Alien )

Blood Red Shoes - It's Getting Boring by the Sea )

Minuit - 25 BUCKS )

Giana Factory - Bloody Game )

Lucid 3 - AM Radio )
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So, the above link popped up in my twitter feed this morning.

Now, I'm the kind of girl who despairs at the clothing choices males don't have and sincerely wish that they'd make cool boots and shoes for men and have other clothing choices aside from t-shirts, shirts, jeans, pants, shorts and jackets.
That and it's so contrasting to the choice they had historically. Men wore thigh high boots two hundred years ago. They had five different types of jackets to choose from and loads of choice in style and colour. THEY COULD WEAR FRILLS. (Okay, I admit the five-year old boys wearing dresses is slightly silly, but mostly because they look so heavy and cumbersome.)

So, seeing a man in a skirt and female shoes is decidedly a non-issue to me, especially since I have seen guys in girls' skirts before and some of them actually suited it.
My first thought upon scrolling down those photos was still "OH GOD NO. NOT ORANGE SHOES WITH THAT SKIRT" though.
My second thought was that some of those skirts really need to be taken in.

I am generally all for males getting to get more stuff to wear and for people in general to wear what they want. (Just like they should believe what they want, etc.) So this guy gets a round of applause for doing just that. Except... orange shoes. The only bright thing in that outfit.
I'm even kind of okay with some of the clothes not quite fitting right, as lots of people wear stuff that doesn't fit right, except the difference between how those skirts are supposed to hang and how they do hang makes me want to take a needle and thread to them. People look good when their clothes fit them properly. (And the overall design suits them and so on...)

I'm... not quite sure why I'm reading so many things about clothes recently. Yesterday I was flicking through a book about Western fashion from 1200-1980. It was quite fascinating and I learnt that Elizabeth the First liked pocket watches as accessories (they were just invented) and that a full faced riding mask was called a vizard.
There was this thing called a peascod which basically gave men a pot belly and was definitely a fashion disaster. (The fashion lasted for quite a few years too.)
We have also the American colonists to thank for the fact that wool (and dark colours) was/is dominant in men's outerwear. It's ALL YOUR FAULT that there's no variety in menswear.
Oh, and boys were forced to wear ridiculous dresses until they were eight or so.
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I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.

TVNZ should know the popularity of Torchwood. The Acquisitions administrator KNEW what she was getting when she made the deal.

*is absolutely boggled*

Still, I am excited. Because it’s showing again and while I doubt anything could top my love for Meat THIS'LL BE GOOD.

Surprised to find not that many angry blogs were written about it. I only found a few on NZ news sites (one where TVNZ even promised they’d put up an article when Torchwood returned) and general ‘grrr’ at TVNZ and how we should all send them TURNIPS, possibly even rotten ones, to make them stop this nonsense.
I’d rather send them some jellyfish or something else that looks appropriately alien-like.

Or perhaps everyone who would’ve written an angry blog/called them up downloaded after being fed up after waiting a year for it. And now resolutely snob TV2.
I don’t blame them.


I also find the lack of the season two box set on the Whitcoulls website intriguing. Slightly fishy too.

Though the season two box set doesn’t quite have the extensive extras that season one did, for which I am sad.  Extras make DVDs awesome. However, it does mean the set is 2 discs smaller and about $30 cheaper.

Need to prod the father figure about that.


Oh! Am I glad I delayed the posting of this. (All of the above was written yesterday and the day before.)
This morning, I got a response to my angry letter, and although it says nothing about WHY Torchwood has been given little advertising material, it does say they hope to run immediately into season three.

The response )

Isn’t that awesome? You get points for trying TVNZ. You get points for trying.

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*is too happy about some fanfictions being updated than should be allowed*

But ahem. Watched Shadow in the North today. My mum is now going to read the books (and I shall re-read them) so she can get the story better. (As I mentioned in a tweet, she needs a summary from either me or my dad to get it sometimes.)

Even though it's been... five-four years since I've read them, I could SWEAR that Sally and Fred got married in one of the last two books. So now I'm all confused~

I liked Fred. Both in the book and in this adaption. And Rosa. Not too sure about Sally and Jim though. Mostly "THEY'RE TOO OLD ASDSK;FLJGD". Okay, for Shadow in the North Billie Piper was okay, as she does a mid-twenties looking girl okay, but not quite a 18-19 girl, even if it IS Sally.
But Jim... I always imagined him to be 16-18 in the first book and maybe mid-twenties at the end of the series.

Poor Matt Smith, he's too old for Jim but possibly too young for the Doctor.

Also, minor hilarity: there was a Mr. Harkness who had epic beard and sideburns. At least, I think it was Harkness. We were watching the first part through the TV, which has lousy quality. Usually doesn't affect the sound though.

My mum still needs explanations and I find TVNZ's timing impeccable, but still rather fishy. )

ALSO. While I'm on the topic of Dr Who actors, David Tennant randomly bursting out into a song and dance SHOWDOWN in the middle of an arcade against its owner in some weird detective show is... beyond weird.
This happened while I was making Coconut ice cream (which you, T and Rhi, need to try, as it's totally dairy-free) and I stopped paying attention to it for the five-ten minutes it was going on. I WAS MAKING FISH FACES AT THE TV IT WAS SO RANDOM.

I kinda wish I had looked up what the title of the show was...
Just looked it up. David Tennant was guest starring on a show called Blackpool. A small fit or two over British TV )

EDIT: THIS, or this
Tried to find clips with as much of the scene before the random dancing/singing.
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Okay, so everyone in New Zealand now knows about the tuis in Inglewood who sing the Pizza Hutt jingle.

But.... it only sings the "oh-eight-hundred" part right before going onto the eight (not eighty) before pausing and going horribly off tune on the "THReeeeE!!"

Here's the link (with link to audio clip) for you to see what I mean:
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I love Tui ads. And the one above is just...
And elicits the response "Well, can you at least leave the flap open so we can watch?"
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Crossposted this like crazy, as it's something I think most people I know would be interested in. (It's about education)

Day cinq

Dec. 12th, 2008 01:15 am
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1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it’s just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

What Made Me Happy Today: MY TEETH ARE GOOD.
I went to the dentist today for a check up, and he says my wisdom teeth are fine, I just need to check no food gets stuck under the gum and need to brush towards the back more.
Also, the build-up behind my retainer wire got removed. YAY! It was annoying me.
I MAY have to get my lower wisdom teeth pulled, but only if they get infected or make things sore, etc. Wisdom teeth are not dying out in my genetics...

Also, Callum was even more sad today that we'd all be leaving and that made me feel loved. (If not a bit sad as well.)


I note that I have never kicked up a fuss about going to the dentists. (I'm a good girl like that.) This may be because my first dentist had these little bottles that fake teeth came in or something and would randomly give one to me sometimes. And I could see all the cool equipment but never got to see it used because it was all for dentures or something.
Generally, because I enjoyed my visits to the dentist when I was little, I brushed my teeth and don't really have dental problems. Well... that and I thought toothpaste tasted good.

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