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So. Wait. Does the time rewrite thing mean that CoE could NEVER HAVE HAPPENED?
Because I think it does. Oh yes. I think it does.

Also, I will place something metaphysical down on Amy being the Pandorico/Pandorical.
I am also giggling somewhat over that it's a "Fairy tale" as the Trickster is apparently just that and... well he make Sarah Jane's life a misery on a regular basis, so... (And I so want to write little!Master and Doctor trying to scare each other by telling each other Gallifreyan fairy tales. I will, someday.)

River's teleport looked rather like Haineko's shikai release. You know, just randomly.

The end? Just. No.
I wanted to slap her but then the Doctor slithered out of it and I cheered for him.

possibly spoilery )

And the companions thing? Totally why this fic is one of my favourites.
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So, End of Time and the start of a new season. Be warned, spoilers and opinions ahead.

End of Time, part one. )

End of Time, part two. )

On Matt Smith as the Doctor... )

TARDIS and other technical stuff )

On the episode itself )

Yes, EoT write up horribly late (and the Sarah Jane and Torchwood ones shall be done eventually I promise) but first episode of the new season... a bit less so.
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Straight forward commentary this time on things I found funny or liked or otherwise found noteworthy. I can’t be bother with anything else.

There are quite a few of these moments in Bay of The Dead. I assume this is because it’s pretty much Torchwood + zombies. Of the non-Owen kind.
Other points of note is that it is very Ianto/Jack and Gwen/Rhys. Also, Rhys gets to be a hero and is very much a pseudo team member. Which is always fun, as he is my third favourite character in the entire series. (And second favourite post-S2)

Onto the real commentary... )

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Mar. 31st, 2010 10:55 am
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So, I saw this a while ago. Not so long a while ago that I saw it when it was recently released but enough that I am very thankful to have typed down points of interest to me.

Firstly, the 3D was kind of really awesome.
It was awesome because it made a movie that was mostly constructed using polygons on a computer so much more immersive. Secondly, it allows the film makers/directors/etc COMPLETE control over what people focus on. Because you know how you always want to oogle a secondary character or someone’s tattoo while completely ignoring the main dialogue? Well, now you won’t be distracted in such a manner!
Unfortunately, this also means you’ve got to bear with the twenty second long kisses.

And that’s where the praise ends for 3D. Because I love world building and while 3D did make Pandora ‘pop’, it looks equally good in 2D. Because yes, I did take off the 3D glasses for a couple of minutes to see exactly what they did to achieve the 3D effect. (And to see how good it would look in 2D.)
It was pretty much how they’ve always done 3D, offsetting images. Except this time they were ‘layered’ and blurred; like how you learn to draw mountain ranges by draw the mountains in front in sharp relief before making them smudgier and smudgier.
It also REALLY made my eyes hurt (new glasses eyehurt) during the 3D previews as my eyes got used to it. To be fair, the first trailer was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and probably not the best choice to start newbie eyes off with.
The cinema I saw the movie at also had anti-theft tags on their glasses. Which was kind of stupid, as the lenses (i.e. the things you’d want if you were to steal ‘em) were simply held in by plastic clips. They also didn’t fit nicely over my glasses, and I had to perch those plastic clips on the top rim of my glasses to make them comfy.

ANYWAY, onto actually talking about the movie… )
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22nd )
23rd )
25th )
28th )
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Which it isn’t, really. Graphic novel just sounds better than ‘the collected strips from the official magazine’. Which is what this is.
It’s a crack up really, even if I have heard/recognise the name of one of the contributing artists (D’Israeli). Except there are no proper title pages for the chapters, so I don’t know which chapter they drew.

The reason why it’s a crack up is because… Rift War is a very weird little story. )

Whereas ‘Jetsam’ was kind of fantastic in comparison. )

So er… ‘Jetsam’ is awesome and would take someone only ten minutes at the most to read in a bookstore or at the library.
The rest, Rift War… well, if you do have 30 minutes up your sleeve and don’t mind being confused as to whether that person is Owen or Jack, you could read the rest as well.

Now… I wonder if they’ve done any compilations of the fiction in the magazines aside from Consequences….
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Once upon a time, I read the book before this, Evil Genius. I liked it, and was vaugely sad that there appeared to be no plans for a sequel.
Fast forward a couple of years and, as I’m browsing in a book store, I spot The Genius Wars, which aside from being by the same person also had ‘genius’ in the title and a similar cover to Evil Genius. I then pick this up and discover that HOLY CRAP, it’s the THIRD book in the series. As in… she’s not just written a sequel BUT A SEQUEL TO THAT.
Cue me reserving at the library.

I have now obviously finished it and I’m reading the third currently. (And hee, it only comes out in the US this year, in October. A year after its release over here and in Australia. Yay~)
it was a bit disconcerting reading this though, as I had mostly forgotten what had happened in Evil Genius aside from the fact that the main character was an awesome anti-hero and the story in general was good and contained chases and explosions and mind-fuckery.

So it was a little confusing when it kept referring to events in the previous book )
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I tend not to do write ups for the Jaz Parks series, mostly because they are delicious literary junk food for me* and because I read through 1-4 in the space of a month or so and you probably didn’t want to read about me spazzing about how I loved the action and the romance was smushy, but not overly so and the characters had a laugh at themselves too.

But this is the latest book, just released, so I feel as if I should give some points of note (that aren’t commentary).
Some points of note... )

...a few annoyances... )

and some commentary )

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I got to watch ‘Waters of Mars’ last Sunday.
And it was good. As good as people were saying.

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I could swear that the title of this book is also the name of a song that I had. Except it’s not.
Anyway, it’s from the first shiny new batch of novelisations set after season two. (I don’t think they’re going to do post-CoE, mostly because… these look to be tiring enough, what would it be like with an even more reduced cast?) And… I think I already see a pattern. Jack is Jack and tries to solve everything on his own, because he doesn’t want his precious people™ to die. Gwen is ~helpful~, or at least tries to be. And Ianto is left being the person everything happens to. No. Seriously. In Almost Perfect he was the one body-swapped and in all the other ones, it appears as if he’s the one who falls sick/is in a coma/picked on because he’s still, somehow, the teaboy.
I’d almost forgive this if, you know, everyone got vaguely decent attention and characterisation paid to them, like the other novelisations did. The authors loved Owen and sometimes Jack and the stories would be based around them and would be so much better for it.
Except this book and Almost Perfect try to concentrate on all three of them at once and T3 ends up having all the charisma and interest of a slug. The story itself is affected too, which is the really horrible bit. They kind of bumble along in a Simpsons’-like manner, the beginning only marginally related to the end.

Anyway, going back to the pattern. Ianto, of course, gets treated according to this pattern. Well, perhaps not quite as woobieish as falling sick, but Gwen does volunteer him to sing and put himself in the line of danger. Because, as everyone knows, all Welsh are good singers. *can only name two off the top of her head, which is not any great number* Although, earlier, he does admit to having done some singing before.
BUT Gwen does that weird trying to be helpful but just ends up being awkward and I never thought I’d see that characterisation of her outside of fanfic.
I’ve already mentioned the horrible characterisation, haven’t I?
I do have to admit though, all the sequences where Ianto does sing makes me smile and snigger. I know the not eating dairy (or having red wine or coffee) and the Italian terms because of all my friends who are musically inclined and sing.

But there are funny things... )

...and OT3 moments... )

...and luckily the bad characterisation doesn't affect Rhys and Gwen's relationship... )

...but it does to the one-shot character, for a certain value of 'bad characterisation'. )

Also of issue is the end. )

But the book adverts in the back for upcoming novelisations and info books is fun. One of the Victorian members has been unfrozen and everyone has to follow the 1901 edition of the Torchwood handbook. I’m hoping this means Gwen in a dress.
There’s also a short story collection ‘Consequences’ which looks really interesting. It’s not so much about Torchwood, but, as you may guess, the consequences of their actions. I so, so, so want to read/get that.
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Yeah, I got this one and Border Princes out at the same time. I went to go and pick up one about Ianto have to join a men’s choir a few weeks after. (Why yes, some of the summaries of these are so loltastic I HAVE to reserve them.)
Anyway, this is possibly one of my favourite novelisations. Everyone is decently characterised and Rhys gets involved. Not as much as say… Meat or Almost Perfect, although Almost Perfect does reference this particular novelisation in a kind of parallel/in joke kind of way, but Rhys does come startlingly close to Torchwood. And this book is set pre-Cyberwoman so it’s all the more fun and ‘yay!’ because FIRST SEASON INTERACTION.
It also seems to fit into canon fairly consistently as well.
Well, nothing contradicts it, it doesn’t contradict anything else and doesn’t have too close a resemblance to any episodes. I have noticed that the novels tend to like having people being affected by aliens and that sometimes this means they take chunks out of other humans but… not too similar to any episodes. ;)

Since I have so many book marks in this though, I won’t bother with telling you exactly why I like this novel so much because it’ll be evident in my commentary. (Which is completely out of order.)

And so I start )

And... that's it. Late I know but I'll post up the choir boy YATN installment next.
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This is one hell of a weird novelisation. And another one that should probably be shelved in the “not canon” part of Torchwood media. Because, basically, it’s Adam 1.0. There’s a mysterious sixth member of the team who apparently has been there since forever and we play along with that until it’s revealed that he’s actually an alien.
Except there’s not retcon at the end and there isn’t any Jack!angst or goggleboy!flashbacks. Except there is a temporary split up between Gwen and Rhys and kind of makes it seem she really sleeps around in the first season if you do shelve this under “canon Torchwood media”.
Also, there were several odd phrasings that totally threw me off. Or maybe it was poor characterisation. IDK, especially as there was one scene where Ianto was playing basketball with Owen. Which is pretty blink, what? As is Tosh accompanying Jack on most of the excursions.

Not to speak of the other plot threads either. I know a lot of shows like using rather contrived Chekov’s guns, but… the two big alien tech threads have very little to do with the greater plot aside from ‘oh noes, the team is in danger!’. Then the plot thread that did relate to the main one was rather weak. Although it was kind of fun pointing and shouting loudly when very obvious hints were dropped.
But er, anyway, comments on little bits that happened in the book which I haven’t already mentioned.

It’s set pre-Cyberwoman, so Jack’s all srz, which is kind of painful, yet hilarious. )
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So… I’ve finished it. And I would do my usual thing, commenting on interesting bits and then giving a more general squee, BUT I’VE PRETTY MUCH MARKED EVERY OTHER PAGE.
Seriously, this book provoked so much squee from me. The brothers were brothers and were cute and actually got along and resolved all that tension between them. It’s a little sad that I’m so deliriously happy at them having a healthy relationship, but it’s so squishy and good. Even though the downside is that I’m shipping them together again, they’re HAPPY.

And yes, I thought I had gotten over shipping Felix/Mildmay because I could handle siblings being cute together but then they started SMILING at each other and joking. I just want that to continue but with things like hugs as well. Of course, the no-touchy rule is there, but they’re just so cute and I’m not sure if I’m only wanting fluffy cute sibling stuff from the pairing or something like a de facto pairing and I so blame FMA in part for being so confused over Mildmay and Felix because the only way I can get fluffy Ed/Al!brothers stuff is by turning to Elricest because apparently siblings don’t hug each other unless they’re having sex.
YES, I am confused and in conflict over this, just like I am over another handful of ‘ships where there is no-touchy but they work so well together~ *cries in frustration*

Shipping frustrations aside, there was other cuteness as well, such as Mildmay learning how to read (link is to Sarah Monette’s 2009 International pixel-stained technopeasant day entry) and Corbie’s crush on Felix, which is all kinds of cute but kind of brain-hurty when it’s revealed she has sex with Mildmay because she couldn’t have Felix. I am also very amused at the glimpses of the bizarre ménage a trois (in the strictest sense of the term) that occupied Felix’s rooms. We had Gideon taking care of Mildmay when he’s sick and in general those two being nicer to each other than either of them were with Felix, despite their relationships with him.
And here is where I should just get on with the comments…

There are a lot of them. No, seriously, there's a lot of them. )

So, overall, very cute and fluffy and I love this book so much more than the other three, except they’re all good and I love those ones too, so it’s kind of a moot point.
And why yes, I am finally posting this after having finished Corambis over two months ago.
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I read these two books shortly after each other and now I am dead from it.

Ink Exchange, along with Wicked Lovely, are the two stand alones in the series. Meaning you can read those independent of each other and still get what’s going on. The other three, you need to have read those two books to understand.
With that in mind, yes you can read Ink Exchange first but then you don’t get a superior feeling of knowing what happened with Aislinn and an ‘oh!’ when you realise who was in the tattoo shop that time.

So... on Ink Exchange... )

Now, Fragile Eternity. This was… interesting and made me yo-yo between being angry at Seth and squeeing at him. It also made me really dislike Keenan as well. Not that I ever liked Keenan in the first place, but it drives home the fact he’s a manipulating bastard, which we only got to see a little bit of in Ink Exchange. (And not at all in Wicked Lovely, which makes sense as Aislinn is completely blind to that side of him and that book is hers.)
I found more to comment about in this book. I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s Seth’s book or because it’s the first book that is actually part of the series rather than a stand-alone. Because on one hand it’s SETH and I usually find something to say about my favourite characters but on the other there’s PLOT and threads of war and betrayal. Or perhaps it’s got characters becoming a bit more human as well as becoming a bit more inhuman.

So, as I mentioned above, Seth was my favourite character and this book made him swing rather violently in and out of my good graces... )
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This one has Gwen (in boots), a tiger and oversized collectible card game cards on the cover. All of which are in the book, just not in that proximity. The presence of the tiger should tell you how silly bits of this is though. Not all of it like Almost Perfect just… bits.
Not so much monster/alien of the week either, just alien tech of the week. Which is a bit weird for the novels, but not too badly.
Also, rather oddly, Tosh and Ianto get the spotlight for this novel.

A quick sum up of this would be: pre-wedding, Ianto’s invisible for a portion of the book, Tosh is her adorable self, Owen doesn’t get much of a spotlight except as a person who makes jokes and the balance between ‘ships is almost on target.
Anyway, this’ll be mostly comments… onwards!

Onwards )


Jun. 3rd, 2009 10:28 pm
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Eh, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been kind of meh. Been pottering around baking and doing some school work here and there, as well as doing some sewing. Made a dent in the pile, but then the wind in my sails stalled and it’s all meh.

Meeting up with people on Sunday was good though. Although the book I gain from that wander around Wellington means I should really get rid of some of the books I don’t like on my bookshelf.
Don’t suppose anyone can tell me if Terry Goodkind’s book “Confessor” is any good and I should try reading it, even though I haven’t read the others?
If not, I’m selling it and a couple of other books my grandmother got me and I read once before shelving it away. Not any of the books I actually liked though.

Watched the Doctor Who Easter Special on this Monday, which was Queen’s Birthday Monday. )

Other lessons learnt from TV is that the writers of Bones, or possibly the editors who cut together the previews for the channel it shows on, are really really really pushing the Booth/Bones envelope. (NZ is a month or so behind in episodes, it’s the one right after the mascot murder one. You should know the one I'm talking about.)
Also, if you are going to fake archaeological finds, at least stratify them will you? Salting brooches willy-nilly over a farm is not how you hoax things up.
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Phoenix and Ashes – Mercedes Lackey

I had Phoenix and Ashes in my bookpile when I rambled about The Wizard of London and I didn’t even remember that I had it. Oh well…

Anyway, this book is better than that one. )

House of Many Ways – Diana Wynne Jones

I finally got around to reading this sequel to 'Howl’s Moving Castle'... )
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This one gets creepy points for having Bilis on the cover. That and Ianto with half a clown face. No one likes Bilis and Ianto just looks silly with that Photoshopping. (Never mind that it’s unintentionally hilarious, what with all those Joker manips people were making last year.) Oh and about ten minutes after you’ve looked at the cover, you realised they’ve altered the Jack of Hearts on the cover so that it has Jack’s face.

It’s definitely a weird book. The dream futures can never happen, although they could’ve where the novel is placed. Which kinda makes your head hurt all kinds of upside down, but because in general it’s extremely weird, I’m gonna take it as not canon. I mean, Bilis shows up again.
And in ONE page, three fourths of the way through, the entire story shifts from “Bilis is evil” to “He’s actually trying to save us”. Wut.

Anyway, that’s all I can say about it. Mostly just comments that you won’t get if you haven’t read the book.

And I ramble about the SUV, some of the team dynamics and Ianto's characterisation, chocolate, dream sequences, languages which aren't pronounced the way they spell and a bit about Foyle's War which is only vaguely relevant )

Now, a bit of a ramble.
“Everyone had that chance to turn left rather than right.” is one of the phrases that struck me as odd. I know that symbolically speaking, right is almost always considered the ‘light’ path and left the ‘dark’ path, but Turn Left had the ‘light’ path as left and the ‘dark’ path as right. I have no idea if there are any other Doctor Who episodes with a similar ‘left is good’ thing going on but… this book and it’s right=light theme AND The Wizard of London’s, which I was reading at the same time, seemed very odd after I remembered that episode.
After all, the sinister isn’t always wrong and bad, something I learnt from reading Margaret Mahy’s The Two Sisters, which I absolutely loved. (Which apparently has a chamber opera written for it.) It can be just as beautiful and good as the dexter, even if they are different. Lessons in fairytales 101.
So yes… felt a bit weird about this book and The Wizard of London keeping close to the usual narrative of light and dark/right and left-hand paths. Especially considering Turn Left.

Er... over all? I think I've already mentioned this, but it's weird. But I did like the funny bits.
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Oh Watanuki, you are such a shonen hero.

And OSHIT, I hope this doesn't mean Yuuko/Watanuki is kind of canon...

... TT__TT Yuuko~ *wails*
We still don't know what your wish is though...

ETA: Also, because a friendspost reminded me of this, the National government of New Zealand is planning on abolishing trial by jury for all but the most important cases. My reaction to this is a violent NO. Trial by jury means we don't get corrupt judges. Trial by jury means that a judgement is reached by a consensus of OTHER citizens and not just one person who may or may not have an agenda.
If they want people to get out of jury service, just put in more loopholes. (Most juries are already skewed anyway, so I don't see much point in this. It's rare for a person to be called to jury duty more than once in five years.)

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